Vaagdevi College of Engineering – An Identity of Heritage & Commitment


Since the time engineering has existed in this world, it has always been a solution to all our problems in conjunction with the different disciplines of science and technology. Even during a pandemic crisis knocking on our doorsteps, the true combining of various branches of engineering and science resulted in the saving of a million lives. Reimagining the engineering terms and technologies and building towards a better reality of medical and tech amenities is the need of the hour for our country and the world. Engineers of today need to be more than just engineers, perhaps be someone who can compete on a global market level. Giving society the engineers and scientists, who have the best problem-solving abilities required in this time of crisis and beyond, Vaagdevi College of Engineering excels at benchmarking talent and technical education, beyond textbooks and classrooms.

Established in the year 1998 and sponsored by Viswambhara Educational Society of Warangal, a hub of philanthropists and elite people, the main goal of the college was to impart technical education to people, irrespective of the backgrounds they come from. A college known for its academic excellence and well-planned infrastructure, all the students who enter the campus are converted into technically sound engineers, ready to take their spots in the ever-changing dynamic world of outside.

A constantly expanding institute, Vaagdevi College of Engineering has so far produced 15,000+ graduates, who now are pursuing their dream careers in corporations and organizations worldwide. Located on a sprawling campus of 25.4 acres of land with picturesque surroundings prevailing a serene and calm atmosphere, the college is home to well-equipped labs, seminar halls, and an auditorium. Also, thanks to the impressive ICT-enabled facilities and amenities available on the campus, the transitioning phase from face-to-face to online teaching/learning was made convenient and effortless.

From being the first autonomous engineering college in Warangal to becoming a CISCO (CCNA) affiliated center of excellence, Vaagdevi has many achievements and laurels to its credit in this long journey towards excellence. Continuing on the path of imparting all-round development to all its students, the college houses various student clubs, such as NCC, NSS, IEEE, IoT, Robotics club and many more. Also, adding leverage to the already existing brand value, Vaagdevi houses an exemplary Incubation and Business Accelerator called VIBA, in turn, boosting careers beyond finding placements in top corporates. Furthermore, the industry-academia bond existing on the campus is a vital talking point in the engineering neighborhood of Warangal, as, more than 5 startup companies have been launched in the last 6 months and 22+ patents are being registered, also, 38+ MOU’s have been signed so far with various industry and academia partners. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

Imbibing knowledge and experience

Ranked among top engineering colleges and institutions of our country, renowned faculty and industry experts make Vaagdevi College of Engineering their home, as the esteemed faculty. Converting today’s shy, timid students into engineers cum leaders of tomorrow, the best grooming and counseling is imparted, pertaining to the current trends and demands. “Most of our teachers today apply the student-centered approach to promote interest, analytical research, critical thinking and enjoyment”, stated – Dr. K. Prakash, the principal of the engineering college.

During a detailed discussion talking in-depth about the whole working ethos present on the campus of Vaagdevi, Dr. Prakash, explained all the aspects of being a complete engineering institute. Posing as budding engineering students, we asked all the relevant questions a 21st century engineering aspirant would ask, and quiet, easy and calm in responses, Dr. Prakash answered them with vigour and enthusiasm. He added to his earlier statement, continuing the topic of teaching & teachers, he stated – “Many real time projects are given to the students and they are guided by both faculty and Industry/Research personnel”. Not only are the best of experienced individuals currently leading the faculty parade, these exceptional individuals also help in tackling pressing engineering issues. The efforts put in by the faculty members leaves a positive impact on students, in turn, making students find their mentors and role models in their respective teachers. Furthermore, acting as the literal backbone of the college, the faculty members approach teaching and learning with a project-based approach and a design-driven curriculum, thereby inculcating a strong-sense of problem-solving, innovation, and a passion for learning.

Due to the impressive digital infrastructure the college has, computer-assisted learning becomes a norm at Vaagdevi. Consisting of over 1150 computers, 58 printers, 80 application softwares and 24 system software/languages, B.Tech courses get taught on the campus effortlessly, irrespective of the medium of teaching used. Being a hub for collaborative learning, the teaching and learning process involves groups of students working together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product. Also, promoting a total inclusive atmosphere for all students, seniors help juniors improve their skills, and alumni meetings are arranged once in a year, motivating current students to excel in their future endeavors. The college also hosts 3-8 guest lecturers in a year by eminent people from Industry, Academic and Research Institutions for each Department, redefining the way the whole industry-academia bonds are handled at engineering institutes across the globe.

To encourage practical exposure for the students, they are sent on regular industrial visits and internships, which help them to learn how to work in collaboration with industries and other academic institutions. Having signed more than 30+ MOUs and 19 functional MOUs, VCE also invites speakers from industries for organizing guest lectures and workshops for the benefit of both faculty and students.

Continuing the pride and tradition, which is education

Addressing the current scenario, and taking this pandemic crisis in a stride, VCE has proved that the training and mentoring period at the college is never-ending and smooth. With classes being conducted online, this paradigm shift from face-to-face to online was swift and was dealt with ease. Hosting a wide array of courses from B.Tech & M.Tech in conventional fields such as Computer Science, Civil, Mechanical to new-age courses in AI and Machine Learning, every step taken up by the management of VCE is always in the favour of the students.

Considering the plight of students from economically weaker sections of society, the students of B.Tech, M.Tech and MBA are in receipt of the Scholarships / RTF and MTF being offered by the Government of Telangana through various Welfare Departments such as BC, SC, ST, Minority and Economically Backward Classes. Students also avail such other scholarships offered by various foundations/Trusts to the meritorious students or other philanthropic organizations as per the eligibility criteria of the respective institutions. Apart from this, the Management of VCE, under the guidance of the Viswambhara Educational Society – offer concessions and freeships on the basis of merit, economic status of the students on the prescribed parameters to encourage and support the students to pursue their higher education without any break causing due to financial difficulties of the parents/students.

Lastly, being a haven for students who are trained towards their future from day one, they enter the campus, both the slow learners and the advanced learners are addressed separately at VCE. Catering to the new-gen’s needs and demands, research-fanatics savour every amenity made available to them, facilitating various workshops opportunities and proposals for external agencies. All in all, being situated among the stalwarts of the tech & innovation, Vaagdevi College of Engineering is a hotspot for journeys of hard work and success, and indeed has become the best platform for helping engineering aspirants take an easy and effective leap into their respective dream careers. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

Dr. K Prakash – Principal

Presently heading VCE as the Principal, Dr. Prakash has immense experience and engineering expertise to his credit. A Professor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering serving the organization for 20 years, he did his M.Tech & Ph.D from the renowned National Institute of Technology, Warangal (NITW) – an institute of national importance. He is a recognized Supervisor of JNTUH University. He is a member of the professional bodies such as ISTE and IEEE and also a reviewer for some of the reputed international journals like IEEE, IET, etc., He has published a good number of papers in prestigious indexed journals and considerably had a good citation index. Dr. K Prakash attended a number of Faculty Development Programs, and also has been a speaker in many conferences. Having chaired Seminars and being active in various activities, under his able guidance, VCE got Autonomous status, NBA accreditation, NAAC accreditation with Grade ‘A’, University recognized Research centre. He is also the Director for Incubation Centre in the campus and 8 startups incubated and successfully launched their products within 6 months.