Vahe Global Academy


India’s diverse heritage and culture are among its most captivating aspects, setting it apart as a truly unique nation. The amalgamation of local cuisines, customs, festivals, and languages creates a vibrant tapestry of traditions, exemplifying unity in diversity. This rich cultural mosaic has been ingrained in Indian society for generations, shaping the way of life for millions.

In the realm of education, the importance of embracing diversity cannot be overstated. Indian schools serve as microcosms of the nation’s multicultural fabric, providing students with invaluable opportunities to learn, understand, and appreciate various cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds. Vahe Global Academy stands as a beacon of educational diversity, exemplifying a commitment to inclusivity and cultural appreciation.

Recognized as the Outstanding School of the Year 2023 – Educational Diversity Champion, Vahe Global Academy has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to celebrating and nurturing diversity within its learning environment.

Nurturing Young Minds

Vahe Global Academy is committed to providing students with a global perspective, aligning with its mission from inception. The institution sets international benchmarks to assess students, ensuring they meet global standards while remaining connected to Indian culture and values. By exposing students to international subjects, topics, and themes, the academy ensures they grasp a comprehensive understanding of the global landscape, all while maintaining a strong foundation in Indian traditions.

1At Vahe Global Academy, the curriculum is meticulously crafted to align with the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system established by the CBSE board in New Delhi, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience. The onboard programs cater to students ranging from 3 years and 4 months to 5 years old, offering a comprehensive Preschool Curriculum. “We also provide daycare services starting from the age of one year, enabling young learners to thrive in a nurturing environment from the earliest stages of development”, shared – Ms. Jeelu Varghese, the principal of the academy. “Additionally, our Day Boarding program offers a diverse array of extracurricular activities, including dance, music, art, sports, and performing arts, enriching students’ educational journey beyond traditional academics”, the principal continued.

A Hub of Comprehensive Education

At Vahe Global Academy, it is ensured that a multifaceted approach is employed to education that delves deep into subjects, providing students with a thorough understanding. The commitment extends to celebrating both Indian and international festivals and events, ensuring students gain exposure to diverse cultures.

Furthermore, the teaching methodology emphasizes hands-on activities and experiential learning, in line with CBSE guidelines. The Academy believes in providing students with real-life situations to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate, preparing them to tackle challenges they may encounter in the future. By encouraging critical and lateral thinking, the onboard faculty members empower students to think creatively and deeply comprehend concepts, thereby meeting the high standards set by the CBSE curriculum.

Commitment to Teacher Development and Innovation

For the management of Vahe Global Academy, not only are the students prioritized but equal emphasis is laid on the professional development of the teachers through a comprehensive training program. While the mandated 50 hours of training serve as a foundation, the academy goes beyond mere compliance, tailoring their approach to meet the specific needs and interests of their educators.

Moreover, Vahe recognizes the importance of continuous learning and encourages teachers to pursue additional training opportunities that align with their professional goals. By empowering the educators to continuously improve their skills, the school ensures not only their personal growth but also the enhancement of the educational experience for the students and the broader community.

In addition to training, Vahe also fosters a culture of innovation amongst their teaching staff, by providing opportunities for teachers to implement innovative teaching methodologies and collaborate on projects with schools abroad. Teachers whose projects are successfully published are acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions, further incentivizing creativity and excellence in education.

Innovation, Inclusivity and Impact

Before and even after the pandemic, the approach at Vahe Global Academy involved a multifaceted strategy tailored to the individual needs of the students. The teachers utilize lesson plans, soft copies, and instructional videos to engage students in a variety of activities designed to promote multiple intelligences.

Regarding infrastructure, Vahe boasts strong physical and ICT-enabled facilities. The Mathematics and STEM labs offer students opportunities for hands-on experimentation and problem-solving, encouraging exploration and innovation. The STEM lab, in particular, promotes independent thinking and group collaboration, allowing students to devise solutions to real-world problems. Similarly, the science labs, composite lab, kitchen science lab, and learning center provide additional spaces for interactive learning experiences, ranging from model-making to higher-order thinking projects.

Inclusive education is a cornerstone of the philosophy, evident in the Montessori facility and inclusive sports activities, which cater to diverse learning needs. Additionally, Vahe actively engages in CSR activities, such as tree plantation drives and educational support initiatives for neighboring government schools. Through these projects, the students not only contribute to their community but also develop valuable leadership and interpersonal skills.

All in all, at Vahe Global Academy, the commitment to holistic education extends beyond the classroom, empowering students to become compassionate, socially responsible citizens equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern world.