VedaVihaan The Global School


Preschool education plays a crucial role in laying the foundation for a child’s overall development and academic success. In India, preschools have gained significant importance in recent years due to increasing awareness among parents about the benefits of early childhood education. Also, preschools in India provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for children, catering to children’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. In this pursuit, VedaVihaan The Global School stands out as an upcoming preschool brand, letting their students learn and explore together under the guidance of a highly experienced faculty.

Navdip Educational Trust operates VedaVihaan The Global School, a chain of play schools located in Bangalore, India. The main focus is on providing a growth-oriented learning experience for children, who represent the future. With years of experience, VedaVihaan has developed a range of well-planned events that enable children to learn through fun activities. The faculty have extensive experience, and work closely with children to shape their career paths and ensure they have no gaps in their education. 

At VedaVihaan The Global School, all the programs are built around research-based and individualized learning experiences. The curriculum is designed to be adaptable to each child’s needs and provides a pathway to elementary school. The School understands that children learn differently and thereby the curriculum is sensitive to their natural learning processes. “The warm and welcoming environment at our school encourages children to experiment and develop their inventive abilities”, shares – S. Naveen Kumar, the General Secretary and the Principal. “Our engaging activities, focus on social growth, and skill-building make learning simple and enjoyable for children. Our preschool staff is friendly and practices best teaching methodologies to ensure that children have a positive and supportive learning experience”, continued S. Naveen Kumar. 

A Caring Environment for Young Learners

The curriculum is highly distinctive and tailored to empower today’s generation of children. It integrates a variety of approaches, including play-based and team-based methods, as well as incorporating aspects of the kindergarten and Montessori systems. By combining these methods, the School has developed a curriculum that is engaging, logical, and highly effective. The approach to child development is comprehensive at VedaVihaan, ensuring that all aspects of a child’s growth and learning are considered. The needs of today’s children are recognized and accordingly the School has created a concept that empowers them to develop logical thinking, team-based skills, and a love for learning through fun activities. By providing a holistic approach to child development, everyone at VedaVihaan enriches students’ skills and provides them with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving world.

The approach carried out at VedaVihaan is designed to avoid burdening children with academic pressure and instead create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for learning. By incorporating these concepts into everyday life, the School creates a seamless and effective learning experience that empowers children to learn and grow in a comfortable and enjoyable way.

Many schools start out with a plan to provide a quality education for children, but often lose sight of this goal and become more focused on admissions and other concerns. However, at VedaVihaan, we understand that the most important thing is ensuring that children enjoy learning and develop strong oral and writing skills. In India, it is crucial that children become proficient in these areas, and this is the main endeavor at VedaVihaan. 

To achieve this, the School has highly trained teachers who are certified to work with children and understand their individual learning styles. The approach emphasizes practical education in every endeavor, ensuring that children learn through hands-on experiences. For example, when introducing letters and numbers, the onboard teachers use a multi-step process that includes stroke-based learning, tracing, and hands-on writing with a pen and paper. “By providing a structured approach that focuses on both enjoyment and academic excellence, we set ourselves apart from other schools and make a significant impact on children’s learning and development”, exclaimed S. Naveen Kumar. 

Programs Offered

At VedaVihaan all the programs offered are learning and growth oriented, meant for the new generation. Be it the Day Care program for infants, toddlers, or for children between the ages of 2-10, caring solutions are provided throughout. Play Group is also one of the programs offered at VedaVihaan, meant for kids of 1.5 to 3 years age. The experienced professionals engage the kids in various playing sessions and rounds, where all these sessions focus on introducing kids to a different learning environment.

The Nursery Classroom is the initial learning space for young children, typically between the ages of 3 and 4. Thereby, at VedaVihaan The Global School, the Nursery Program provides a well-designed syllabus and high-quality classroom environment for this generation. During the first year, children are encouraged to participate in creative classroom activities and are introduced to basic books to foster their development. Each session in the Nursery Classroom includes various components, such as learning through basic books to develop good habits and establish a foundation for future education. The experienced faculty also incorporates activity-based learning to stimulate brain development and enhance learning outcomes. Games are also incorporated to improve children’s memory and intelligence. Additionally, there are also LKG and UKG programs offered at VedaVihaan.

Facing the COVID-Times

Being a COVID-born preschool it was a relatively successful year for VedaVihaan because many schools were closed due to the pandemic and not functioning at all. However, during the pandemic, the management ensured that the students had access to engaging online classes. Despite many schools being closed, the School also offered some offline classes, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, for students to come and experience the school in person. This made a positive impact on the students and left a good impression on their parents. As a result, many were happy to continue with the school.

Impressive Infrastructure

In 2019, VedaVihaan started with two campuses, one located in Whitefield and the other in Kadugodi. The Whitefield campus spans an area of around 1,500 square feet, with a play area and capacity to accommodate around 120 to 150 students in approximately 7 to 8 classrooms. The campus features spacious and well-designed classrooms, colorful decor, toys, and a garden area. There are separate sections for AV, classroom playgroups, nursery, LKG with table and chairs, and a play area with grass mat, ensuring safety and security with monitoring available in all classes.

The Kadugodi campus comprises six classrooms with glass mats and a terrace area for play. In 2022, VedaVihaan expanded their offerings by acquiring a new campus in Belatur, which is a multi-storey building spread across four floors, with a large garden area and play area. The campus also features a red carpet area for celebrations and green areas for various play activities. With the addition of the Belatur campus, VedaVihaan now has three campuses in total.