AAM Business School


With industries evolving rapidly, there’s a pressing need for individuals equipped with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of modern business practices. This demand underscores the crucial role of business schools in shaping the next generation of leaders and decision-makers.

Enter Avidus Academy of Management (AAM BUSINESS SCHOOL), a distinguished institution established in 2011 in the vibrant city of Chennai. Renowned as one of the premier MBA colleges in Chennai, AAM Business School stands out for its commitment to excellence in management education.

What sets AAM apart is its unwavering focus on bridging the gap between academia and industry, where the curriculum is designed in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring that students graduate not only with theoretical knowledge but also with practical insights and real-world experience.

AAM Business School in a Nutshell
The vision of AAM Business School is centered on facilitating students’ access to quality managerial education within an environment conducive to learning and growth. Committed to this vision, the institution’s mission is to provide world-class education and mold the managers of tomorrow, poised to drive transformative change within the corporate realm.

Offering a comprehensive range of programs according to the current times, the flagship offerings include a 2-year Full-Time MBA Programme and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). Both the courses are meticulously crafted to instill the requisite skills and knowledge demanded by today’s industries.

The B-School has garnered acclaim for its innovative initiatives such as the Earn While You Learn and Pay After Placement programs. These initiatives have resonated with students, earning their trust and loyalty. The institution’s robust system and curriculum yield exceptional results, culminating in a remarkable 100% placement rate annually.

Recognizing the importance of networking in the realm of management, AAM Business School offers an exclusive PGDM program titled “Art of Networking,” where students build networks with industry professionals and partake in weekly knowledge-sharing sessions. Also, helping students grow beyond the classrooms, AAM provides comprehensive training through its Club Activities, spanning Digital Marketing, Technocrat, Enviro, Future Work Wizards, and Budding Biz Clubs. These activities, conducted over two semesters, offer students opportunities for learning, innovation, and peer collaboration. Additionally, AAM Business School actively participates in forums such as the Madras Management Association and NHRD, enabling students to engage in collaborative events and expand their professional network.

A Commitment to Premium Training Quality
A core principle of AAM Business School is its commitment to delivering premium training quality. Recognizing that training holds the transformative power to enhance competency, the institution prioritizes it as the primary tool for skill development. The training team comprises domain experts and industry leaders meticulously selected by the in-house training department. AAM Business School emphasizes that trainers should not only possess theoretical knowledge but also practical experience, enabling them to effectively coach others. As such, all professionals boast a minimum of 15+ years’ experience in their respective fields and hold doctorates to ensure superior quality and reinforce learning outcomes.

A Director’s Insight
During our recent conversation with Dr. Roshini D. T, the Director of AAM Business School, we inquired about what distinguishes the institution from other MBA colleges in Chennai and across the nation. Dr. Roshini highlighted the institution’s industry-integrated MBA program, emphasizing its focus on instilling critical employability skills essential for management students. She also underscored the significance of AAM Business School’s decade-long experience in delivering management excellence, as encapsulated in their tagline “Gateway for Management Excellence”. Dr. Roshini emphasized that the institution’s premium training quality plays a pivotal role in the transformation of students into proficient management professionals, domain experts, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Fostering Entrepreneurship
AAM Business School operates the Avidus Innovation and Incubation Council, providing students with hands-on experience in entrepreneurship. This initiative exposes students to the intricacies of running a business, from securing funding to developing business ideas. Through collaborations with entrepreneurs, students receive mentorship to navigate their entrepreneurial journeys effectively. Additionally, students actively engage in seed events, pitching their business concepts to diverse forums to attract potential investors for their ventures.

Elevating Careers
With over 500 alumni employed in leading corporations such as TCS, Hewlett Packard, and HDFC, AAM Business School boasts a 100% placement record, solidifying its status as one of India’s premier MBA colleges. Offering a minimum salary package of 4.5 lacs per annum and a maximum of 12 lacs per annum, the institution ensures lucrative career opportunities for its graduates.

In the Days to Come
Finally, when we asked Dr. Roshini to tell us what’s on the cards for AAM in the days to come, she shared – “We have always believed in building competent management professionals who have the zeal to strive for a better future, and our long-term goal is to contribute to many competent professionals and entrepreneurs who can build the industry and the economy”.
Dr. D. T. Roshini – Director
A distinguished female entrepreneur, establishing her business in 2009, Dr. Roshini is recognized for her entrepreneurial prowess. Since 2009, she has served as the Deputy Director of the vertically integrated engineering program at IGNOU in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, she has held the position of Director at the SPAET Institute of Skill Development since 2016. Actively engaged in professional associations like NHRD and the Madras Management Association, Dr. Roshini has represented her expertise on global platforms, having traveled extensively to European countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany for business and educational endeavors. Committed to fostering knowledge and growth, she is dedicated to educating students about the latest developments in both business and personal development.