The Women-Era


In today’s time, gender diversity has been a major concern for both b-schools and corporations alike. Industries were focused on hiring a uniform work-force and relied on capitalizing on the potential of male workers. This change is a result of the sincere efforts put in by the B-schools and top management institutes, who are working towards equal gender representation in all departments of their colleges and also are pushing towards getting more women on-board, for their MBA/PGDM programs, thereby, making the tides turn in a positive direction of inclusivity.
One more big reason behind this welcome move is recruiter’s demands. There is immense pressure from recruiters who are demanding inclusion and diversity in business leadership. Moreover, recruiters are increasingly relying on top B-schools to prepare the next generation of trained female managers. Big Basket, one of the growing domestic startup and a regular visitor at Indian Campuses, is a big example of working towards improving gender diversity at all levels of the hierarchy at their organization.
Post 5 decades of inequality and discrimination, the average male to female ratio at India’s top 10 business schools today, stands at 2:9:1 – 2.9 men per woman. Even today, parents are hesitant about spending substantially for the higher education of the girl child, and considering some families where parents prefer to spend the money on the son and not on the daughter, we as a country still have a long way to go before we can call yourself a gender-equal society. We need to work together to end negative stereotypes about women and education and also put in efforts to make campuses safe for women and ensure basic amenities are made available to them.
Therefore, b-schools and management institutions can play a significant role in training, honing and preparing students towards a better tomorrow. In addition, b-schools also possess the full power to work for a better and inclusive society, where women get the respect and the value they deserve.
We hope that this issue helps the leaders of tomorrow pick the right b-schools in your management endeavours. Furthermore, we wish nothing but success to all the parents, faculty members, and budding management aspirants in every decision of your lives.