Rajalakshmi School of Business


The one thing that never changes in India’s management education system is change. B-schools all around the nation are welcoming change to meet the needs of the contemporary day, just as companies adjust to the quickly changing ecology. This change has been further hastened by the epidemic, which has forced institutions to rethink how they offer courses and engage students, placing a greater focus on flexibility and creativity.

Amidst this backdrop of change and adaptation, institutions like Rajalakshmi School of Business (RSB) stand out as beacons of excellence in shaping tomorrow’s business leaders. With a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, RSB has not only embraced the shift towards flexible course delivery but has also redefined the parameters of management education to ensure its students are equipped with the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Rajalakshmi School of Business in a Nutshell

Rajalakshmi School of Business (RSB) is an integral part of the esteemed Rajalakshmi Institutions, a premier educational foundation based in Chennai with a legacy spanning 27 years. Recognized for its unwavering dedication to cultivating exceptional talent, RSB offers students a comprehensive business education that prepares them to excel in the corporate world. The b-school is home to distinguished faculty members who are known by their doctoral degrees and extensive experience in both academic and industry settings.

The academic programs offered at RSB encompass flagship PGDM specializations in HR, Marketing, Finance, FinTech, Analytics, and Operations, which include the Flagship PGDM – Regular Two years, the Accelerated PGDM – Online.

The two-year full-time program is divided into six terms, each marked by a three-month summer internship program. Throughout the program, students undergo various certification courses, in addition to their curriculum, aimed at equipping them with practical skills. The academic rigor at RSB is renowned for its innovation and effectiveness, characterized by a blend of traditional pedagogy, blended learning, and relative grading.

Comprehensive Resources for Academic and Experiential Learning

At RSB, students benefit from a comprehensive array of resources designed to support their academic and extracurricular pursuits. The institution boasts a well-equipped library housing a diverse collection of books, journals, databases, and other materials tailored to the various academic disciplines offered. Additionally, students have access to cutting-edge technology infrastructure, including computer labs, high-speed internet, and software applications, facilitating research, data analysis, and online learning.

RSB also provides specialized workshops and studios equipped with tools and materials for hands-on learning, creative projects, and artistic endeavors, such as art studios, design studios, and performance spaces.

Collaborative spaces are designated throughout the campus, offering areas for group work, discussions, and project collaboration, furnished with high-tech multimedia capabilities. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to engage in fieldwork and immersive learning experiences through access to outdoor environments, natural reserves, and field stations for ecological studies and environmental research.

Fostering Industry Connections and Professional Development

Across the programs held at RSB, there exists a robust industry-institute interface, facilitating valuable interactions with corporate leaders. Students benefit from periodic Corporate Connect guest lectures covering recent industrial topics, as well as industrial visits aimed at providing practical insights into industrial operations. RSB has also signed MoUs with esteemed institutions such as the CII Institute of Logistics. Additionally, each student is assigned an industry mentor to help them refine the corporate skills necessary for success.

Beyond the Classrooms

At RSB, the classroom experience transcends traditional boundaries, integrating corporate interactions into the learning process. Visiting faculty members, industry veterans, and seasoned professionals enrich the academic environment with their real-world expertise, fostering immersive learning experiences. Additionally, RSB offers a one-week academic international immersion program  for all students, providing further exposure to global perspectives.

Corporate engagement is a cornerstone of RSB’s approach, highlighted by a compulsory three-month internship program in top corporate organizations. Students are encouraged to participate in club activities, workshops, industry visits, and market studies, ensuring their holistic development and preparation for the professional world.

Also, at RSB extracurricular activities are organized through several clubs, including the Entrepreneurship Development Club, News Club, Anthro Dynamik – The HR Club, and Movie Club. These clubs offer students opportunities to translate innovative ideas into action, develop managerial skills, engage in constructive dialogue, debate current business trends, learn etiquette, and enhance interpersonal skills. Student-driven, the clubs are supported by faculty members who serve as facilitators and guides, nurturing students’ growth and development beyond the classroom.

Career Readiness and Professional Development Initiatives

At RSB, students receive pre-placement training starting from their first year to prepare them for future career opportunities. They gain insights into corporate expectations through CEO talks and discussions. Placement training begins in the second year, focusing on areas such as aptitude, domain knowledge, group discussion, and interview skills. Regular mock interviews are conducted to refine students’ interview preparations. Additionally, students participate in outbound programs to institutes like Pegasus, aimed at enhancing overall personality development and fostering out-of-the-box thinking.