ACTS Secondary School


In the bustling city of Bangalore, parents seeking the best educational opportunities for their children are met with a myriad of choices. However, amidst the plethora of options, one criterion remains constant: the pursuit of excellence in academics, infrastructure, extracurricular activities, and faculty expertise. Bangalore boasts a rich tapestry of ICSE schools, each striving to offer a holistic learning experience that nurtures students’ intellectual, physical, and emotional growth.

Among these esteemed institutions stands ACTS Secondary School, a hotspot of academic distinction and inclusivity. Founded under the visionary leadership of Dr. Ken Gnanakan, ACTS Secondary School embodies the core principles of the ACTS Group of Institutions: Agriculture, Crafts, Trades, and Studies. With a legacy spanning over two and a half decades, ACTS Secondary School has not only established itself as a premier ICSE school but has also become synonymous with quality education in Bangalore.

ACTS Secondary School in a Nutshell

ACTS Secondary School is a part of the ACTS Group of Institutions, which has a history of over 40 years. The school itself is 26 years old, founded on the same campus where it stands today, in the prime locality of Electronics City.

Initially, the school served the local community, but with the growth of the area, including the influx of software companies, it expanded significantly. ACTS Secondary School is recognized as one of the first ICSE schools in the region, making it well-known locally.

A Hub of Dedicated Faculty and Staff

The staff and faculty at ACTS Secondary School are the cornerstone of its operations, embodying dedication and professionalism essential to creating an enriching learning environment. Drawing from a diverse pool of experience and expertise, they bring a dynamic blend of skills and knowledge to the classroom, ensuring each student receives a top-tier education.

Emphasizing a culture of collaboration and community, ACTS Secondary School prioritizes ongoing professional development for its faculty and staff. This commitment enables educators to remain abreast of the latest teaching methodologies and educational trends, fostering an environment of continuous improvement.

ACTS Secondary School takes immense pride in its faculty and staff, whose unwavering dedication and passion drive student success. Their tireless efforts not only inspire but also empower students to achieve their fullest potential, reflecting the school’s commitment to academic excellence and holistic development.

Empowering Inclusive Education

In discussing the recent implementation of the ISC curriculum and the procedures for admission into grades 11 and 12, the management of ACTS revealed that the process to obtain ISC affiliation began last year. Despite a slower-than-anticipated uptake in admissions, mainly due to a prevailing preference for PU colleges, ACTS is actively promoting the benefits of opting for the ISC curriculum.

Regarding the diverse socioeconomic backgrounds of its students, ACTS emphasizes its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. While some parents perceive the fees as slightly elevated, ACTS caters to a mixed demographic, including children of traders, shop owners, and vendors. The admission process includes entrance examinations and interviews, with efforts made to accommodate varying learning needs.

Fostering Holistic Development

ACTS Secondary School offers a diverse array of programs aimed at nurturing students’ holistic development. The school prioritizes emotional well-being through initiatives like the Emotional Wellness by Cadabams, providing students with tools for emotional literacy and stress reduction, with active involvement from parents. Integrating environmental consciousness into education, the Programme for Environmental Awareness in Schools (PEAS) engages students in eco-clubs, workshops, and campaigns to address environmental challenges.

While fostering analytical skills and creativity through the Robotics & Coding Club. Additionally, the Sports Club encourages physical fitness and teamwork, and the Abacus Club enhances mental arithmetic skills, collectively shaping students into well-rounded individuals poised for academic and personal success.

Overcoming the Pandemic

Despite initial challenges, ACTS Secondary School managed online classes effectively, utilizing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. Infrastructural improvements since the pandemic include smart classrooms, upgraded labs, and a focus on teacher training for digital literacy.

In the Days to Come

In a short interview with Director Anupa Gnanakan and Principal Deepali Dias, we inquired about the upcoming plans for ACTS Secondary School. Director Anupa Gnanakan outlined the future vision, emphasizing plans to bolster community engagement with events and competitions, enhance teacher wellness programs, and seek opportunities for academic recognition and scholarships. Echoing this sentiment, Principal Deepali Dias highlighted the school’s additional focus on infrastructure improvements and the cultivation of partnerships for student internships and projects.