Athena School of Management


In the changing landscape of business education of India, institutions face a multifaceted challenge: balancing the pursuit of prestige on the global stage while aligning themselves with the evolving needs of industry. Concurrently, the shifting demands of the corporate world necessitate constant adaptation in curriculum, pedagogy, and knowledge creation methodologies. Amidst these pressures, research emerges as a critical avenue for enhancing institutional reputation and securing coveted international accreditations. However, this pursuit comes at a considerable cost, compelling institutions to navigate complex funding landscapes.

In response to the prevailing challenges and shifts in the educational landscape, Athena School of Management emerges as a beacon of quality management education. Anchored in the ethos of wisdom and courage, Athena stands poised to navigate these turbulent waters. Through its innovative approach to curriculum design, pedagogical methods, and commitment to fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and leadership, Athena not only addresses the demands of the industry but also sets a new standard for excellence in business education in India.

Athena School of Management in a Nutshell
Athena School of Management, strategically situated in Mumbai, the Financial & Commercial Capital of India, offers tailor-made programs aimed at nurturing aspiring leaders in both the corporate sector and entrepreneurship. Boasting a diverse array of offerings, including the PGPM program and several dual degree programs in collaboration with esteemed institutions like CNAM France, Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, Rennes School of Business, and Albany School of Business (US), Athena provides a comprehensive educational experience. Central to its ethos is a commitment to fostering an environment where mentors are agile and adaptive, embracing new ideas and technology to ensure students have access to optimal learning and growth opportunities.

Exploring Athena’s Triumphs
We had an interview with the Director, Prof. Aditya Singh, to learn more about Athena’s success over the previous academic year. He emphasized Athena’s commitment to sustainability and ESG globally when questioned about the school’s noteworthy accomplishments during this time. To be more precise, Athena sponsored the ESG Summit 2023 in Switzerland, which brought together pioneers and leaders in the ESG sector. Prof. Singh also discussed the broadening of Athena’s academic sphere via partnerships with esteemed establishments throughout the globe, including the London School of Economics in the UK, the Rennes School of Business in France, Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, and several more.

Moreover, when queried about particular initiatives or programs aimed at enriching the overall learning journey, the Director highlighted, “Athena students engaged in the Wharton India Economic Forum, facilitating interactions with esteemed leaders such as Nisaba Godrej, Shobhana Kamineni, Nayya Saggi, Vineeta Singh, and Sanjeev Sanyal, among others.” He also emphasized Athena’s active involvement in the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), where students participate in various activities and serve as delegates in the India Summit.

In the course of this concise interview, Prof. Aditya provided further insight into how Athena students have actively engaged in numerous collaborative projects with peers from leading universities worldwide over the past academic year. These partnerships have included institutions such as Liverpool Business School, Athens University of Economics and Business in Greece, FHNW University in Switzerland, and many others.

A Hub of Architectural Elegance
The Hiranandani Business Park campus of Athena School of Management is located in Delta and is inspired by the beauty of Greco-Roman architecture. The façade is opulent, with a rooftop garden and an elegant lobby. Within, the campus features contemporary features including Wi-Fi access, and the heavy use of glass, wood, and carpeting gives the rooms a polished feel. The state-of-the-art classrooms, furnished with the latest digital and electronic equipment, guarantee an enhanced learning environment for pupils.

Athena’s strategic location makes it simple for students to visit the main offices of India’s leading companies, providing excellent networking possibilities. To further improve the entire student experience, the school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as soccer, athletics, trekking, adventure sports, and more.

Empowering Future Leaders
Athena places a strong emphasis on developing its students into future leaders by equipping them with essential skills such as presentation skills, interpersonal communication, networking skills, and business etiquette. The curriculum includes industrial visits every semester, facilitating hands-on learning experiences. Furthermore, students benefit from multiple internships with India’s leading companies and startups, totaling 6-7 months throughout the course duration. International internship opportunities across Europe, Asia, and Canada are also available, allowing students to work with innovative companies making a global impact.

Athena students engage in internships with renowned organizations worldwide, including Ranmarine (Holland), Satgana (France), DOT Glass (Czech), Run The World (US), ImpactHER (Nigeria), Aeloi (Nepal), BanQ (US), among others. Situated in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, the campus offers proximity to India’s top corporate headquarters, facilitating networking opportunities. Additionally, students have access to a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports and adventure sports.

The faculty comprises esteemed corporate leaders at CEO, Director, and VP levels, bringing real-world insights into the classroom. Athena has established placement alliances with large multinational companies (MNCs) and corporates, ensuring promising career opportunities for its graduates. Moreover, as a member school of the Global Business School Network (GBSN), Athena enjoys association with prestigious institutions such as INSEAD, Columbia, HEC, Cornell, ESSEC, and NYU Stern.

Athena’s Commitment to Empowering Future Innovators
Athena prioritizes entrepreneurship as a fundamental aspect of its educational approach. All students are required to undertake Entrepreneurship Development as a core course in their first year. Subsequently, they are afforded the opportunity to apply their knowledge through participation in live projects as Intern Consultants with startups globally. Notably, Athena has forged a partnership with Hanken School of Economics & Hanken Business Labs (Finland), a top European business school, to establish an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mumbai, complete with an Incubator and Accelerator. Each year, numerous Athena students opt to delve deeper into entrepreneurship, either by founding their own companies or joining existing startups.