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In the realm of higher education, the commitment of faculty and academics plays a pivotal role in fostering transformative learning experiences that are imperative for addressing contemporary challenges, particularly in the context of sustainability. Despite its undeniable significance, the concept of transformation has not been fully integrated into many higher education institutions.  

 Also as the world grapples with multifaceted challenges, including environmental concerns, social inequalities, and technological advancements, universities must embrace transformative approaches. In this context, Atmiya University emerges as the University of the Year 2023, distinguishing itself through transformative outcomes of education that go beyond traditional boundaries, fostering a generation of students equipped to lead positive change in the world.

 Atmiya University in a Nutshell 

Embarking on an academic odyssey spanning over three decades, Atmiya University (AU) was established in 2018 under the Gujarat Private University Act 11, uniting various institutions previously operating under the Atmiya Group of Institutions. Driven by a visionary mission “To nurture creative thinkers and leaders through transformative learning,” AU stands as a beacon of multi-disciplinary education committed to fostering knowledge creation and dissemination across diverse disciplines, rooted in value-based principles.  

 Assuming stewardship in 1986, the Managing Trust, fervently promoting the University, undertook the campus when it comprised merely one UG course and a modest student count of 35. Today, the university stands as an exemplar of educational excellence, boasting over 9000 students and a faculty of 350+, offering a diverse array of diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, postgraduate diploma, and doctoral programs spanning Science, Business and Commerce, Engineering & Technology, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Transformative Education. 

 Nestled within a lush expanse of 23+ acres, the campus epitomizes modernity with state-of-the-art infrastructure, comprehensive support facilities, and meticulously landscaped surroundings. The academic and administrative built-up areas exceed 14.44 lakh sq. ft, hosting 160+ ICT-enabled classrooms, 92 course laboratories, 47 computer laboratories, and 7 special laboratories, including a center of excellence. The Library and Learning Center, spanning four floors, house a rich collection of both print and digital learning resources. Further enhancing the student experience are sports grounds, gymnasium, indoor sports facilities, medical services, hostels, student stores, canteens, a central mess, and an ATM. 

 The university’s guiding motto, Suhardam Sarva Bhootanam, translates to “well-wisher of all living beings,” encapsulating its dedication to inclusivity and benevolence. Under the divine guidance of the inspirer H.D.H Shree Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj and the leadership of University President P.P. Tyagvallabh Swamiiji, Atmiya University passionately endeavors to imbue the essence of Atmiyata, or Spiritual Harmony, throughout its educational endeavors. 

 Pioneering Transformative Education for Global Sustainability and Holistic Development 

As a pioneer in innovative, values-driven education, Atmiya University (AU) leads the way in crafting an educational framework that fosters transformative learning. This distinctive approach extends beyond mere acquisition of professional skills, placing equal emphasis on nurturing students’ life skills and instilling a dedication to global sustainability. Since 2014, the university has been at the forefront of integrating Universal Human Values into its curriculum, in alignment with Co-existential Philosophy (based on Madhyastha Darshan by Shri A. Nagraj ji). Mandatory credit courses related to this philosophy are seamlessly woven into all Diploma, UG, and PG programs. 

 Furthermore, in adherence to the ethos of the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), AU has implemented a uniquely tailored ‘Atmiya Transformative Education’ approach. This model, known as the 3H model, encapsulates the Heart (Affective), Hand (Psychomotor), and Head (Cognitive) dimensions of learning, with Universal Human Values and the Indian Knowledge System at its core. The 3H model serves as the guiding principle in the development and delivery of AU’s programs and courses. 

 The Faculty of Transformative Education, a distinctive initiative within the university, champions the cause of Value Education, Consciousness Development, Indian Knowledge System, and Sustainable Practices. Under this faculty, Atmiya University offers a unique five-year integrated Ph.D. program in Consciousness Development & Value Education (in light of Madhyastha Darshan). In response to the imperative for international academic cooperation in Global South nations amid the aftermath of COVID-19, AU worked alongside key founding institutions and strategic partners to create the South-South 17 Educational Alliance for Sustainable Development (SS17-EASD). 

 In alignment with its commitment to sustainable initiatives, AU has collaborated with various organizations, including the Rajkot Municipal Corporation, SDG Choupal, New Delhi, Rajkot District Education Office, Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited, Rajkot. Through these partnerships, AU successfully completed the first phase of the Rajkot City SDG Aware campaign, aiming to raise awareness about actions promoting a sustainable planet.  

 Jeevan Vidya: Nurturing Holistic Excellence 

At Atmiya University, youth empowerment is reframed not as carelessness but rather as being “cared-less and used-less,” echoing the sentiments of H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj. The university underscores the significance of nurturing and offering proper guidance to young individuals. Drawing from divine wisdom, the transformation of youth, guided by an “Ocean of love,” becomes a source of pride for their families, societies, and nations. Under the leadership of the current community leader, P.P. Prem Swaroop Swamiji, the university is committed to providing divine guidance and support for the comprehensive development of its students. This approach equips students to confront challenges with a profound sense of purpose, ethics, and values. 

 At Atmiya University, there exists a pioneering vision to elevate society from underdeveloped consciousness to human consciousness through comprehensive value-based education. Since 2014, the university has fostered a meaningful collaboration with Divyapath Sansthan, Amarkantak, to further this endeavor. On the university campus, a range of initiatives promoting a sustainable lifestyle are actively pursued, including energy conservation, green campus practices, water harvesting, a paper recycling plant, Gaushala, and Niramay – Center for organic farming and agricultural innovation. 

 Central to this mission is the university’s offering of a credit course titled “Human Values for Holistic Living” across all academic programs. This course is designed to instill the principles of Jeevan Vidya into various domains, empowering students to embrace life for fulfilling relationships, nurture a mindset conducive to sustainable family-level growth, explore simple technologies for meeting basic needs, and recognize that ultimate happiness stems from fulfilling relationships rather than the possession of physical resources. As part of its social responsibility, the university frequently organizes workshops, with more than 100 conducted to date, both within and outside its campus, directly impacting over 50,000 individuals. 

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