Creating Accountable Legal Professionals


Indian law refers to the system of law which operates across the length and breadth of our country. Largely based on the English common law, various acts introduced by the British are still in effect, even though they are slightly modified. Furthermore, much of contemporary Indian law shows substantial European and American influence. Being a land of law and order since the primitive ages, Ancient India represented a distinct tradition of law. The Arthashastra, dating from 400 BC and Manusmriti, from 100 AD, are a few influential treatises and examples set for the modern-day law system. With tolerance and pluralism always being the central philosophy, the influence spread across Southeast Asia and India got known for a land of equality. Post-independence, India became a democracy which held the constitution of India as the highest book above all religions, castes and creeds.

Lawyers of India, post-independence took up legal studies to showcase their art of logic and debate, and with a prime focus of serving the nation against all inequalities and injustice, law schools and colleges held very responsible roles in the Indian Society. Working together creating legal experts of tomorrow, the institutions always had a big burden of giving the best, and in turn, getting the best. With Millenials having n number of career options at their disposal, and with the current industry/market demanding positive, dynamic and impactful individuals, personality development influences 1000s of lives towards a better future.

Moreover, the needs of the hour are that the legal studies industry collectively has to work towards making the whole infrastructure human, impactful and authentic, such that people can relate to their lives, and communicate it more widely. In this process, the industry can tend to promote positive economic, environmental and social impacts, also concentrating on the importance of social media and addressing everyone’s issues accordingly. With the demands for trained lawyers/legal professionals on the rise, law colleges/institutes possess the full potential to work for a better and inclusive society, where legal experts get the right gist of work, value and respect towards each other. Helping and serving the nation in the right regard.
Finally, we hope that this issue helps the leaders of tomorrow pick the right law colleges/institutions in your goal towards becoming successful legal professionals. Furthermore, we wish nothing but success to all the parents, faculty members, and budding engineers in every decision of your lives.