Doon Business School


The world is full of uncertainty. Monumental challenges—including climate change, poverty, and inequality-are at the forefront of daily life and seemingly becoming ever more urgent, as we progress every day towards becoming a superpower. One thing that isn’t uncertain is the Sustainable Business Strategies, which are clearly the main in-demand commodities of today, considering the current times of the pandemic. With a primary goal of leaving a positive impact on society with ingenious strategies which benefit both private and public organizations, the managers of today are literal helping guides for all of us. Thus, in pursuit of creating such individuals who excel as professional generalists, and not just at their respective niches – Doon Business School (DBS) has come a long way since its inception, defining sustainability in education. 

One of the premier management institutes in Northern India, Doon Business School brings an educational experience par excellence. The primary objective at the bschool is to impart education that creates erudite employees or managers, but creates leaders who are going to leave a lasting imprint on the business as well as social sector.

At DBS each student is mentored individually and grooming is monitored closely, be it in  academics, personality development or in terms of enhancing the employability quotient. The adoption & integration of advanced learning pedagogies which make the students score high on the employability scorecard, has resulted in most of the students getting multiple job offers with a high percentage of students being offered analyst, consulting and functional leadership positions. 

Doon Business School is equipped with state-of-the-art educational and training facilities supervised and coordinated by highly trained coordinators. Many of the faculty members have had international business and teaching experience working in prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, IIM and many more. “Our teaching faculty uses highly evolved methods to communicate with their students including role-plays, simulation exercises, case studies analysis and real-life project management and reporting”, shares – Dr Rajeev Bharadwaj, the Campus Director of DBS. Continuing on his above point, he added – “The basic idea of the entire endeavor at DBS is to impart knowledge and share experience that can help our students evolve into all-rounded leaders”.

A World of Opportunities

A vital constituent of Eskay Educational Trust, DBS has established itself as a pioneer in Research Oriented Academic Delivery, and has made great progress in expanding realms of knowledge in select focus areas. Provisions for Monetary Incentives have been made to encourage and promote the culture of research and innovation among the students, while also laying equal emphasis on developing student research and related skills. This pushes students to go out of their comfort zones and try their luck and expertise across new career options and in turn, build transferable skills. In this very pursuit, the Student Research Policy of DBS, is a one of its kind initiative fostering an atmosphere of research and inculcating research aptitude among students. 

Training students differently in a unique setup of inclusivity, typical classroom academics are integrated with experiential learning and internet research. Students learn concepts and skills required by industry through research and application, and by the time they start appearing for placement interviews, they are easily mistaken for experienced executives rather than freshers. It is noteworthy that the students of DBS have been consistently bagging international offers. 

All the business programs at DBS are designed with the objective of empowering the students with New Age skills, global management perspectives and the ability to undertake original research. The course content is designed after obtaining feedback from the stakeholders including eminent members of the academia, industry stalwarts, eminent researchers and illustrious alumni. The panel further reviews the curriculum annually, in accordance with the industry requirements after analyzing local, national, regional and global developmental needs. All the assignments, live projects, internships, dissertations given to the students are thoroughly research based which require extensive assessment and analysis of primary and secondary data. 

Empowering Varied Competencies

Letting its students open another avenue for them through our Innovation & Startup Incubation Center, the campus Director shared – “We seed ideas into their minds and the vibrant entrepreneurship oriented learning atmosphere in the campus spurs creativity and leads them to a startup of their own”. Through a brief conversation with Dr. Rajeev, he opened up about how DBS ensures students get the right resources to nurture their ideas and give wings to their dreams by creating a support system of venture capital firms, seed fund providers and mentors from industry.

Being home to an impressive campus filled with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, Doon Business School boasts of providing a fully-equipped computing facility in a distributed Windows 2008, Windows 7 and Linux environment. Also, DBS is digitizing content for all the courses so that students can refer to the main content as well as reference books at their convenience from anywhere. The classrooms are spacious, well equipped with LCD projectors, whiteboards, wifi-enabled and PA systems make the classroom learning an engaging and unique experience for all. 

Lastly, the life on the DBS campus is intensely vibrant with hope and opportunities. Students from 23 states and 6 countries lend a multicultural learning atmosphere making each one adaptive to any environment after passing out from DBS. With more than 1200 students staying in the on campus hostels, the campus is abuzz with a lot of sporting activities in the evening. Football is quite a rage on campus. With a sizable chunk of students from Nepal, Bangladesh, West Bengal and North Eastern states, the DBS football team has been able to dominate the University Football League in North India. Students are at the center of every operational process. The entire campus is managed by the students through various executive committees and clubs. There are more than 20 active clubs including, the Dance club, Bulls and Bears, Techies club, Photography, Salsa club and some very happening ones including the Bird Watching and Tours and Travels Club.

Loans and Scholarships

Doon Business School has tied up with multiple financial bodies to help students avail education loans easily from a number of banks and NBFCs. The education loans for the students of Doon Business School are offered based on the credit history of the co-applicant and academic performance of the applicant. Additionally, Doon Business School has tied up with IDFC First Bank to help students for availing education loans at All India Level. Doon Business School also has tied up with Credence to help students avail education loans easily from a number of banks and NBFCs.