Dr C T Jayadeva


In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering education, quality leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping the academic trajectory of institutes. A visionary leader can inspire innovation, foster a culture of excellence, and guide the institution towards impactful contributions to the field. Dr. C. T. Jayadeva, currently serving as the Principal at Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology, exemplifies such leadership.

With a distinguished academic background, including a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Quality Management, Dr. Jayadeva brings over 35 years of teaching experience to his role. His expertise encompasses areas such as Total Quality Management, Reengineering, Operations Management, Management Information Systems, Industrial Engineering, Optimization, and Advanced Manufacturing.

A Dedication to Lifelong Learning

Dr. C. T. Jayadeva, an educator with over thirty years of experience, has put his focus on undergraduate and graduate students. To help them learn, he implements futuristic ICT technologies in his own creative style. His classroom environment centers on establishing independence, in turn boosting the students’ self-efficacy and assisting them in accomplishing their goals.

In the competitive landscape of today’s world, Dr. Jayadeva emphasizes the importance of acquiring new technical knowledge and multiple skills in emerging areas essential for solving real-life problems. His student-centric approach aims to prepare students to navigate the challenges of academia and industry alike, focusing on core values such as lifelong learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Utilizing his extensive experience and disciplinary knowledge, Dr. Jayadeva encourages students to think scientifically, analyze problems, and apply, synthesize, and evaluate their learning both inside and outside the classrooms. Beyond imparting knowledge, he recognizes the role of a good teacher in inspiring others through behaviors, attitudes, knowledge, and wisdom.

Dr. Jayadeva actively integrates total quality management principles into teaching and learning, seeking to enhance the quality of both students and teachers. The visible changes in students’ expected outcomes and achievements in university examinations attest to the success of his efforts in implementing these principles.

Pioneering Contributions

When delving into the research aspect of Dr. Jayadeva’s career, he shares insights into his diverse research interests spanning mechanical engineering, Reengineering, Quality Management systems, TQM in Engineering Education, Hardfacing alloys, Biofuel, and composite materials. His expertise is evident in his guidance of four Ph.D. candidates who have successfully earned doctoral degrees under his mentorship, and currently, he is overseeing the research pursuits of four Ph.D. candidates in Mechanical Engineering.

In addition to his significant research contributions, Dr. Jayadeva actively engages in various academic activities. Beyond administrative roles, such as his membership on the Board of Examinations of VTU, Malnad College of Engineering, Kuvempu and Mysuru University, he has published over 52 research papers in national and international journals. Dr. Jayadeva’s scholarly pursuits extend globally as he has presented papers both in India and abroad, showcasing the breadth of his academic influence. Furthermore, his commitment to education is underscored by his memberships in esteemed organizations, including being a Life Member of the Indian Society for Technical Education and the Indian Red Cross Society.