Dr. Sakey Shamu


In today’s rapidly evolving Engineering landscape, the demand for quality educators is more pronounced than ever, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of aspiring Engineers. Recognizing the significance of this role, we proudly feature Dr. Sakey Shamu, a distinguished Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bangalore. Dr. Sakey Shamu’s extensive academic journey, from his high school years at St. Joseph’s Institutions to earning his Doctorate Degree at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, showcases a commitment to excellence. Serving as the present Director of BMS Training and Research Institute, Dr. Sakey Shamu had surpassed conventional academic roles, showcasing leadership in the development of career excellence. Dr. Sakey Shamu assumed the role of Principal at BMS College of Engineering based on the directive of the Supreme Court of India. We are honored to recognize Dr. Sakey Shamu as the “Best Professor of the Year 2023” in the category of Building Career Excellence, acknowledging his outstanding contributions to education, research, and the development of future Engineering professionals.

Knowing Dr. Sakey Shamu

Having completed his high school education up to the 12th standard at St. Joseph’s Institutions, Dr. Sakey Shamu graduated from the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore. And, eventually went on to pursue his postgraduate program at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, specializing in Engineering Mechanics. Subsequently, he began his career as a lecturer at B.M.S. Evening College of Engineering and was later directly appointed as an Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering at BMS College of Engineering. Furthering his academic journey, he pursued his Doctorate Degree at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, specializing in Fracture Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete Structures.

His diverse interests led him to attend various courses sponsored by ISTE under the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India. These courses covered topics such as Total Quality Management, Mathematical Modeling for Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Engineering and Industry, Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information System (GIS), and Building Alternatives. He actively participated in numerous seminars and conferences, both in India and abroad, including prestigious events like the International Conference on Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Structures (FraMCoS 5) in Vail, Colorado, USA, FraMCoS 6 in Catania, Italy, and an international conference in Taiwan, Republic of China (ROC).

An esteemed speaker, he addressed audiences on several occasions, including at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He holds life membership in the India Society of Technical Education (ISTE) and is affiliated with professional bodies such as the Indian Concrete Institute (ICI). Throughout his career, he guided numerous UG/PG projects, Ph.D. programs, and authored several publications in national and international journals. Serving as the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at BMS College of Engineering, he also played a pivotal role as the Founder Director of BMS Training and Research Institute (BMSTRI). This institute, a unit of the BMS Educational Trust (BMSET), caters to the training needs of various technical institutions under the BMS Educational Trust, including public and private bodies. Additionally, he took responsibility for initiating various student internship programs and placements in numerous industries.

In addition, Dr. Sakey Shamu is appointed as the  member of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, GOK (BBMP). As part of this 3-member committee, Dr. Sakey Shamu has been contributing since 2013 by approving infrastructure projects and offering technical consultancy. His valuable expertise has played a significant role in shaping and guiding various projects within the jurisdiction.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Dr. Sakey Shamu was honored with a Certificate of Appreciation from BBMP in August 2016. The acknowledgement specifically commended his role in providing Conceptual Technical Guidance and mentoring students in presenting the model ‘Signal Free Intersection-A Concept.’

 Dr. Sakey Shamu’s Evolving Role at BMS College of Engineering

According to standard retirement norms, Dr. Sakey Shamu was set to retire at the age of 60 on August 31, 2023, as the principal of BMS College of Engineering. However, a recent development occurred when there was a proposal from the AICTE to extend the retirement age to 65. Dr. Sakey Shamu, adhering to these revised norms, approached the court seeking an extension of his retirement age. The court granted an interim order, extending his retirement by five years. Consequently, he retired from the position of Principal of BMS College of Engineering on August 31, 2023, but due to the court’s decision, he continues to serve as a Professor as of today.

Engineering Beyond Boundaries

As an Engineering Mentor, Dr. Sakey Shamu in his classroom discussions, emphasizes that Civil Engineering extends far beyond its traditional boundaries, encompassing the broader spectrum of Engineering, grounded in applied physics and mathematics. Delving into the historical origins, he notes the initial unity of Engineering, which later diversified into specialized disciplines for convenience. The inception witnessed military Engineering, characterized by uniformed work with a secretive nature, and Civil Engineering, dedicated to civilian infrastructure projects. Dr. Sakey Shamu highlights Civil Engineering’s role as a precursor to Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, allowing graduates from these three branches to be interchangeably posted on projects in earlier times.

Dr. Sakey Shamu, when approached by students for projects, rejects confinement to a single discipline, encouraging Engineers to transcend traditional boundaries and engage in interdisciplinary projects. Focusing mainly on promoting the holistic nature of Engineering, Dr. Sakey Shamu underscores the need for collaboration across disciplines. He cites a recent car racing competition where students from different fields collaborated on car design, instilling in them the importance of acknowledging and collaborating with experts from various domains.

Discussing research contributions, Dr. Sakey Shamu draws attention to the evolving landscape where research is no longer confined to Ph.D. students but has become an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum. Under his guidance, students are introduced to reading and comprehending research papers, and their projects extend beyond the graduate level. Research is deeply ingrained in the academic pursuits of Dr. Sakey Shamu, fostering a culture where students actively contribute to the development of products with practical societal applications.