Dr. Vinodh P Vijayan


Embarking on the journey of education is a dynamic and transformative experience, and at the helm of Mangalam College of Engineering stands a visionary leader, Dr. Vinodh P Vijayan. With a rich academic background and over 15 years of teaching expertise, Dr. Vijayan infuses a unique blend of passion and innovation into the realm of technical education.

As the Principal of Mangalam College of Engineering, Dr. Vijayan’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the institution’s functioning. His leadership is marked by a proactive approach to outcome-based education and a keen knack for collaboration. Under his guidance, the college has not only achieved an ‘A’ grade in NAAC accreditation but has also established robust ties with industry, research institutions, and global educational entities.

In the fast-evolving landscape of education, Dr. Vinodh P Vijayan stands as a beacon of inspiration. His charisma, dedication, and transformative leadership make him a figurehead, guiding students towards a future where innovation and education converge seamlessly. As we delve into the world of Mangalam College of Engineering, it’s impossible to ignore the dynamic force driving its success—Dr. Vinodh P Vijayan.

 Knowing Dr. Vijayan

Having earned a diploma in Applied Electronics, Dr. Vijayan pursued his B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering and M.E in Computer Science Engineering. Later, he undertook his Ph.D., mainly in Chennai, although he is originally from Kerala. His teaching career began in 2008, and by 2012, he was appointed as the head of the Department of Computer Science Engineering. During his tenure, Dr. Vijayan was particularly focused on enhancing academic results and obtaining accreditations to attract quality students.

Between 2021 and 2023, Mangalam College, under his leadership, sought NBA accreditation for various departments, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, and computer science engineering. In 2022, MLMCE successfully acquired NBA accreditation for all these departments. “Over the past 23 years, we have been striving for NBA accreditation, and we are currently working towards achieving a commendable ranking”, Dr. Vijayan shared.  “Additionally, we are in the process of establishing a Center of Excellence in Machine Learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT). These initiatives have significantly boosted our research outcomes, enhancing the college’s profile with numerous journal publications”, he continued.

Throughout his career as an education leader Dr. Vijayan has encouraged faculty members to excel in their research, resulting in a substantial number of general publications. Moreover, he has motivated them to publish their own textbooks, emphasizing theoretical and laboratory aspects.

Beyond his professional life, Dr. Vinodh P Vijayan is a family man. His wife, Dr. Krishna Veni, is a medical professional, and together they have one daughter. He loves to travel, especially exploring various educational institutions. Over the years, he has attended numerous conferences across South India and, on occasion, in North India and other international locations. “Engaging in these experiences has allowed me to foster collaborations and expand my network”, concludes – Dr. Vijayan.

All in all, as an engineer and principal, he envisions the future of Mangalam with different domains. Together with the management he aims to establish multiple schools and evolve into a comprehensive private university. In the realm of engineering education, MLMCE’s emphasis is on enhancing students’ technical skills to boost their employability. And on a philanthropic note, he aspires to create an academic platform that supports students, especially those facing economic and social challenges, ensuring they can secure promising career opportunities.

Engineering Educator, Academic Innovator

Dr. Vinodh P Vijayan is an accomplished academician and educational leader. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, Dr. Vijayan has an extended paper selected for publication in a Scopus indexed journal from a conference held at NIT, Kurukshetra. His commitment to academic excellence extends beyond his role as the Principal; he has served as a Visiting Faculty for BITS-Pilani-Wipro Academy of Software Excellence (WASE) MS/M-Tech program and as a Guest Faculty and Coordinator for IGNOU M-Tech Programmes at RSET. Dr. Vijayan has actively contributed to the academic community by setting and evaluating question papers for IGNOU M-Tech and BCA Programmes. His involvement as a Program Committee member for conferences and paper reviewer at various international conferences, including those at the Cognitive Research Centre and RIT, Kottayam, reflects his dedication to advancing research and education. Furthermore, his Dale Carnegie certificate in High Impact Teaching Skills underscores his commitment to enhancing pedagogical approaches. Vijayan’s rich academic journey includes attendance at more than 10 conferences and active participation in over 15 workshops and Faculty Development Programs (FDPs). His association with organizing various international conferences showcases his commitment to fostering a culture of learning and research at Mangalam College of Engineering.