Excel Engineering College (Autonomous) – Achieving Pinnacles of Engineering Excellence


Living in a complete tech-based world, technology has reached such pinnacles, that the hardest of problems we face in our daily lives are easily solved by intelligent systems. From our mobile phones to clocks, every device we are utilizing today is catered towards better convenience and built to withstand the pressure of time. As we are steadily progressing each day towards a smarter world, intelligent systems are re-modelled by using structures of the human brain, in turn, giving brains to the non-living, and the people who are making this possible are the engineers, who along with functioning as the think-tanks of the world, also come as saviors – especially during times of crisis. Moreover, with colleges and institutions across India and the globe having started on an endless race to provide students with new-gen quality tech-education, one entity which is working relentlessly in the pursuit of creating trained individuals who are ready for the global market – Excel Engineering College has proven itself to having produced young, dynamic, energetic, far-sighted, as well as, industrious engineers, the country needs right now.

Offering the most up to date undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Engineering and Technology, Excel Engineering College is a NAAC A+ graded and a certified institution. Additionally, the Aeronautical, Mechanical, Computer Science & Engineering, and Electronic Communication & Engineering streams are accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), thus, letting the college effortlessly dedicate itself to serving the nation. Also, all thanks to the autonomous curriculum & syllabus followed, many industry-perspective courses are offered on the campus enabling students towards their goal of becoming industry-ready professionals. Moreover, consisting of the most varied group of students hailing from different parts of the country, as well as foreign countries – Excel Engineering College has indeed found its niche operating as a multicultural & multi-linguistic platform of development.

Promoted by SRET (Sri Rengaswamy Educational Trust), all the educational institutions under the vaste umbrella of the trust aim to provide quality education to all, especially focusing to help the downtrodden and the rural communities. Besides offering competitive educational loans to the needy students, the trust conducts Education Guidance and Exhibition (EdGE) each year, which literally attracts over hundred higher education institutions across all the major cities, thus providing a unique platform for educational assistance to the aspiring students and their parents, at the beginning of each year.

A new age of constructive education

SRET under the able leadership of Prof. Dr. A. K. Natesan – the founder chairman, his wife Mrs. N. Parvathy, the Managing Trustee and his son, Dr. N. Mathan Karthick, the Vice-Chairman, started Excel Engineering College, in the present campus at Pallakapalayam, aiming towards creating an institute of technological brilliance. Always striving towards excelling as all-rounded educationalists, the engineering college meticulously gave its best to provide the most conducive learning environment for all, making everyone feel at home, letting students cherish every second they spend on the college campus. Ranked among the top-10 engineering colleges in Tamilnadu, the college responds effectively to the changing needs of the industries, parents, society, and the global community, providing equal chances to excel, as holistic tech-individuals.

One of the best practices followed at our college is the ‘outcome based teaching and learning’”, quoted – Dr. N. Mathan Karthick, the Vice-Chairman and the spokesperson of the college, during a brief conversation we had with him, where he gave us a thorough understanding of the whole operations and the ethos present at Excel. Adding to his above statement, he stated – “To achieve this, innovative teaching-learning methodologies are followed alongside with different pedagogical approaches”.

Facilitating the best of the state-of-the-art infrastructure, the facilities, and amenities in both physical as well as digital mediums have preached a strong sense of practical professionalism among the students. By making case studies, mini projects, seminars, video lectures, and working models a norm at the college even before the ongoing pandemic, helped Excel take the whole situation in a stride, smoothly transitioning to the digital modes of teaching and learning, where all the online classes were handled through CAMU LMS software integrated with MS Teams. At the same time, practical classes are also carried out with the demo of experiments using live videos, with a clear aim to attain excellence in professional education by continuously improving and updating the skills and resources needed for a demand driven-society.

In addition to providing the most progressive tech-education to all, the college also ensures that each faculty member is allocated with 15 students as his/her mentees. The onboard faculty members who function as mentors cum gurus stay in contact with their mentees, counselling during their tough moments and encouraging them to participate in all day-to-day activities and online classes. Taking these relationships even beyond the classroom hours, strong mentor-mentee bonds exist at Excel Engineering College campus, where the teachers motivate students on all fronts, be it personal or professional.

Inspiring an ethos of collaboration

Boasting of impressive industry connections, at Excel the different Departments have signed MoUs with many industries for the benefit of the students, which make activities like industry guest lectures, workshops, internships, and projects possible. Also, in this pandemic period all these activities are being carried out online to compensate for the real classroom experience, in addition to the placement training, which are carefully planned and executed through the online mode to equip the students to face interviews with ease and confidence.

Letting students excel as expert researchers Excel Engineering College has a dedicated IRRP wing, which takes care of all industrial relations, Research and Development. The onboard team supports all other departments for industrial tie ups, submission of research funding proposals and help gravely to follow up on the same. As a result of their tireless efforts, many grants have been received from different funding agencies such as AICTE, TNSCST, SERB, CSIR, ICSSR and ATAL, to name a few.

All in all, working with its full might towards giving all present on campus – perhaps the best platform for helping them take an easy and effective leap into their respective careers, Excel Engineering College progresses each day towards becoming a globally acclaimed institution of higher learning in the field of engineering and technology. Lastly, being a prime promoter of excellence in research, innovation and entrepreneurship, Excel Engineering College whole-heartedly promotes leadership excellence among every student, imparting futuristic technical education with humane touch through their dedicated endeavors.

Dr. N. Mathan Karthick – Vice-Chairman

A doctor by profession who has M.H.Sc. (Diabetology) & PHF degrees to his credit, Dr. Karthick graduated from the illustrious, Harvard University-tied up Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai. As a visionary leader, he works towards building respectful and empowering relationships with Principals, Faculty & Staff, and thrives on innovations and positive changes. He is also a successful innovator who has converted Excel Group Institutions into leaders in the Technical, Medical, Naturopathy and other sectors of Higher Education. He has this to say about the combined effort taking place at Excel Engineering College (Autonomous): “Our aim is to teach students to LEARN, not just to STUDY. Hence, we strive to travel beyond the boundaries of mere bookish knowledge. We have realized that the future is abstract and unknown; but the youth in our hands are real and can be molded. Learning should be based on doing things and not merely knowing things. Until and unless learning, as well as the solutions it offers, relates to real life, and motivates the learner to acquire and apply the knowledge, the whole process will remain superficial.”