Setting New Benchmarks in imparting Technical Education

It is widely believed that our young generation will eventually become the leaders of tomorrow. When Higher education institutions live up to their expectations by doing what is adequately required of them, then the outcome will be competent, smart, skilled and employable graduates. Keeping this in mind, the journey of IcfaiTech started when the demand for quality technical education rose, and thus, today IcfaiTech is among renowned tech institutes of the country, empowering citizens through world-class education. The institute aims at incessantly launching enriching, high-end professional programs fostering a culture of innovation. Furthermore, IcfaiTech envisions an emphasis on adhering to academic rigor and differentiated curriculum that bridges the industry-academia gap. The institute focuses on learning rather than instruction. Its culture of teaching and learning supports and fosters intellectual and personality development of the graduating students. IcfaiTech strives to make the students – DOERS. The programs are designed such that the students acquire the ability to take risks, and make informed decisions. Also, IcfaiTech strongly believes in developing an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ among its graduating students. At IcfaiTech, faculty inculcates research and analytical orientation among the students supported by inspirational research and development activities.

Quality Learning Experience
“The unprecedented crisis compelled us to prohibit mass gatherings, and the students were sent home to ensure their safety. Immediately, online delivery of instruction was adopted by the Institute through the LMS (Moodle), and the faculty members aligned the pedagogy to ensure that the students are able to receive a similar educational experience as they witnessed through offline classes”, stated – Dr. K L Narayana, the Director of the institute. Addressing all the questions pointed at him with ease, and letting us and the fellow readers understand what IcfaiTech really stands for, the Director shared all the important points of how to run a successful tech institute in post-pandemic times during the conversation. Adding to his above point and continuing on why IcfaiTech is a complete research-intensive hub of excellence, he stated – “Prioritizing research that impacts society, we emphasize on unique and cutting-edge technologies including Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Additive Manufacturing, and so on”.

The passionate, committed and competent faculty members of IcfaiTech, Hyderabad have outstanding accomplishments, along with being equipped with international experience and exposure. Almost all the faculty members have acquired their PhDs from reputed national and international Universities including IITs, IIITs, etc. Further expanding the frontiers of knowledge, the faculty indulges in quality research that makes a difference to the nation and the society. In the conducive environment provided by the institute for creative thinking, the faculty members have developed unique pedagogy to transform the students into global leaders, providing exceptional educational experience to the students by triggering their thought process, and inquisitiveness to learn. The institute has also introduced components such as flipped classrooms to ensure interactive sessions with each of the students. In order to provide advanced classrooms, the institute has installed huge LED screens in every classroom, as well as each corner of the campus. These screens enable the institute to sensitize students about the COVID protocols, and allow the faculty members to offer audio-visual learning experiences to the students. Furthermore, the usage of Moodle as the Learning Management system (LMS), empowers the institute to conduct online classes, record attendance, conduct examinations, share lecture notes, check assignments and conduct quizzes.

Over the period of its existence, IcfaiTech has emerged as a research-intensive Institute, providing challenging research opportunities that are of national and international importance. The strong industry-academia network established by IcfaiTech has enabled the institute to introduce the Internship Program, which is a unique and integral part of the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs offered by IcfaiTech. This strong connection with reputed companies like Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Modak Analytics, Hexaware Technologies etc., students are provided with impressive job opportunities with exciting salary packages, year after year. Also, the real-time work experience prepares the students to confront diverse challenges in their professional life. Along with, controlled simulation of the real-life situations adopted at the institute creates the circumstances and a formal method whereby the educational institution is linked with the industrial units, scientific laboratories, public sector undertakings, manufacturing units, and other organizations. The Internship programs are included in the credit system of evaluation of the students and it is a must that they complete all the academic courses before registering for the Internship Program, which enables the learners to apply their academic concepts in the professional arena. Furthermore, the esteemed faculty members of IcfaiTech supervise, evaluate, and grade the students in consultation with the industry mentors, consequently most of the internships are converted to placement of the students.

IcfaiTech have also established Technology Innovation Center (TIC) that offers a parking space for start-ups and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Budding entrepreneurs having innovative ideas and seeking resources in terms of manpower and infrastructure are mentored and assisted by faculty members for mutual benefit of the institute and the start-up. The Incubation Centre of the TIC provides ample assistance to the students from ideating to establishing their start-up. Further, ample opportunities are bestowed on the learners to work on real time problems solved by both start-ups and MSMEs. The students spend the entire duration of the semester working on a real time project, which replicates the actual working environment of industry. As a result, TIC enables the students to acquire knowledge on latest technologies, as per the needs of the industry and inculcates the entrepreneurship skill to establish their own start-ups.

Dr. K L Narayana – Director
Dr. K L Narayana is the Director of the Institute. His early career commenced with B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Nagarjuna University, M.E. from Sambalpur University, and a Ph.D. from Andhra University. With a gamut of accolades, Dr. Narayana’s career sprawled over 34 years, and his vast experiences encompassed the domains of engineering education, research, administration, projects, and training. Previously, Dr. Narayana was associated with K L University where he built up a successful R & D practice center. His keen interest in innovation fostered a culture of scientific invention wherever he carried his legacy. Also, his immense popularity as a teacher won him the Best Tech Award innumerable times