IMM Business School


The pandemic caused a major upheaval in the business school education scene, making it necessary to quickly switch to digital platforms and testing established teaching methods. As educational institutions adjusted to the new standards imposed by the epidemic, what would normally need careful preparation and implementation was sped to a matter of days.

IMM Management School has emerged as a pioneer in resilience and creativity during this period of profound change. It has managed to navigate the obstacles posed by the pandemic while adhering to its purpose of developing tomorrow’s skilled business leaders. IMM Business School showed steadfast dedication to its students and the larger community in the face of uncertainty, utilizing digital technology to maintain educational continuity and make a significant contribution to society.

IMM Business School in a Nutshell

IMM was founded in 1969 in New Delhi by Dr. Jagjit Singh, a Fulbright scholar who was well-known for his visionary leadership and excellent teaching. The organization’s mission is to promote marketing and management education in India. Thousands of students were impacted by Dr. Singh’s love of learning, which helped to shape their academic paths with a curriculum that was demanding intellectually, morally grounded, and internationally oriented. IMM has been in the forefront of producing intellectual capital globally for almost 50 years; this tradition is still strong today. Prioritizing student and faculty-centric methods, the institution’s Quality Policy aims to maintain international standards of quality in teaching, research, consulting, and continuing education. With a commitment to serving both India and the world, IMM remains dedicated to addressing the challenges of the 21st century through the principles and practices of business.

Renowned as one of the most prestigious business schools for PGDM/MBA programs in Delhi, IMM offers a comprehensive two-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), serving as the flagship program of IMM-Business School. With a primary focus on cultivating competent professional managers, the PGDM program aims to equip young men and women with the requisite leadership skills and excellence in performance needed to thrive across various sectors of organized activity.

Fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Since its establishment, IMM Business School has been steadfast in its commitment to the principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). In terms of Diversity, IMM Business School champions Women Empowerment by appointing females to leading positions such as Registrar, Dean, Head Academics, and Exam Controller.

The student body comprises individuals from diverse geographic locations and economic backgrounds, fostering a rich socio-cultural environment on campus. This diversity is celebrated through various cultural activities and the exchange of ideas, contributing to the holistic development of values among students.

Regarding Inclusion, IMM Business School adopts an inclusive education approach that identifies and eliminates barriers to learning. The institution prioritizes Student Centric and Student Driven activities, which have been shown to enhance overall student performance by 30%. This inclusive environment fosters sustainable growth and innovation, enhances team dynamics, and boosts productivity, preparing students for success in the corporate world.

Lastly, IMM Business School places a strong emphasis on fostering a sense of Belonging among its students through mentoring and guidance. Students are actively involved in conferences, events, and guest speaker sessions to facilitate real-time learning experiences. By nurturing a culture of belonging, IMM Business School contributes to the development of a fair and representative talent pool for the corporate sector.

Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom

A wide variety of academic and extracurricular groups are available to students at the university because it understands the value of a well-rounded education.

These groups give students a forum to practice harmony and cooperation as they work together with classmates to accomplish shared objectives. Participating in club activities helps students acquire critical social skills as well as the chance to hone their abilities and improve their skills with like-minded people. Additionally, involvement in clubs helps students make relationships with professionals in the field as well as other students, which improves employment prospects for scholars.

IMM Business School hosts a variety of clubs, including Parampara (Cultural Club), OpMac (Operations Club), Kaushal (Soft Skills Club), Bear and Bull (Finance Club), Alliance (HR Club), IMM Squad (Sports Club), Bienvenue (French Club), Young Innovative Entrepreneurs (E-Cell), and Marketing Magic (Marketing Club). These clubs organize numerous events and invite distinguished speakers from the corporate and entertainment sectors.

Furthermore, IMM Business School is committed to preparing its students for the corporate world by organizing Industry Academia events through collaborations with industrial partners. Through initiatives like the Industry Corporate Academia Networking Series (ICANs), students gain practical insights and experience, fostering their readiness for the professional sphere. With over 54 years of corporate associations, IMM offers major events and celebrity talks to enrich student participation and enhance their event management skills. Recent events include the IMM Leadership Summit 2021, IMM BeaYOUtiful Colloquium 2022, and C2C Summit 2022.

Fostering Global Connections and Opportunities

As the accompanying brochure details, IMM Business School has a wide range of notable recruiters on its roster, including Deloitte, ZARA, Nestle, Berger Paints, LG Electronics, Saint Gobain, Maruti Suzuki, ICICI Bank, EY, American Express, Amazon, and many more.

The institution understands the value of embracing change and the open flow of knowledge in the contemporary environment of global competitiveness and cultural transition. IMM Business School obtains a strategic edge by following these trends, which makes it possible to create a long-term vision and share information more widely. This strategy also makes it easier to create beneficial networks that encourage cooperation and creativity among academics.

Moreover, as IMM attracts students from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations, the institution serves as a platform for cross-cultural exchange and understanding. By bringing together students from different regions, IMM encourages the exploration of similarities and differences in culture, fostering a deeper appreciation for diversity and contributing to the improvement of overall quality of life. Additionally, IMM Business School offers international paid Summer Internships in Dubai, providing students with valuable opportunities to broaden their horizons and gain practical experience in a global setting.