Indian Academy School of Management Studies – Linking Learning to Life


Leadership in today’s time is a phenomenon, based upon the principle that leaders aren’t born, they’re made. Like all other cultivated skills, the arts of leadership and management are learned and honed by practice and thorough training. In addition, one only learns how to practice from others who are farther along than one’s self. Thereby, management training of today should involve utilization of everything from sports to politics to religion in order to guide students into a positive learning curve, and not just textbook based learning. Managers of tomorrow need to be deeply grounded in terms of their attitude, and people skills, in turn being a perfect example for others looking to reposition themselves towards success.
Working in the pursuit of excellence, and also by helping society by producing well-rounded unique individuals, and single-mindedly devoting themselves towards imparting quality education, Indian Academy Group of Institutions came into existence.

An educational haven with over 4500 students from approximately 35+ countries, Indian Academy Group of Institutions is a culturally enriched hub of learning and growth. Continuing on the endeavor towards maintaining its status and envisaged to be a center of excellence in management education as well, The Indian Academy School of Management Studies (IASMS) was founded. IASMS works in the favor of widening the intellectual horizons of students, through a continuous learning process emphasizing on development of knowledge, skills, and attitude facilitating academic delivery to meet world-class standards.

Shaping Leaders of Tomorrow
For all the MBA aspirants, looking for an institute with a conducive environment, where everyone, irrespective of their learning capabilities or management aptitude, can mold themselves into successful leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, IASMS is the boon in disguise. Affiliated to the Bangalore University, an ISO 9001:2008 certified institute, well-equipped with industry experts acting as the faculty, IASMS lays strong emphasis on multi-dimensional learning approaches. The b-school is known for its structured, systematic planning, and execution of academic activities, as a result of which, IASMS is ranked among the top 4 management institutions in Karnataka, and top 100 B-Schools in India.

The teaching methodology followed at the institute is inquiry-based via quizzing and MCQ’s. “The pedagogy follows a holistic approach, imbibing a strong sense of life skills, and personality development”, stated Dr. Srinidhi K Parthasarathi, the director of IASMS, regarding the unique aspects of IASMS when compared to the other competing B-Schools in the city and the country, during a brief conversation we had with him. Continuing our discussion about the teaching methodologies followed at IASMS, Dr. Srinidhi added to his earlier statement by saying – “3P Approach is adapted at our institute”. The 3P approach is perhaps the combination of ‘Professional Enrichment’, ‘Personality Development’ & ‘Practical Empowerment’, and each of these principles are given utmost importance at the institute.

Students are pushed to think, learn and grow beyond their potentials, and thereby gamification of lessons, simulations, and case studies play a major role in helping the academic learning, be more of a practical learning experience for them. A flag bearer of skilling students using 21st century technologies like 6 Sigma, ERP, Business Analytics and so on, IASMS also endorses unique learning techniques/methodologies. One such unique initiative is called the ’Concept Review’. Under Concept Review, the students are given assignments, which require them to look into journals of esteemed B-Schools of the world like Harvard, Oxford, and also refer in-house journals. “By the end of this exercise, the students get abreast with the current trends and developments across the fields of management, and also these resources empower the classroom learning, thereby creating knowledge”, stated Dr. Srinidhi in conclusion.

In the world, for the world
2004 was the year IASMS was started, and since then, each passing day has been of achievements and developments for the management, and the institute, in the direction of becoming one of the top b-schools of the country. MBA courses offered at the b-school are in the fields of Marketing, HR, Finance & Banking, and students taking up MBAs at IASMS get dual certification.

A Well-qualified team of individuals with rich industry and teaching experiences, head the faculty department at IASMS. The teaching imparted by the faculty members results in consistent excellence in the academic results, and an exceptional track record of contributing high potential managers to the industry. The teachers encourage students into taking part in community-based extension activities, in turn helping them develop strong interpersonal skills.

The campus life for the students is an experience of wholesome learning. With its premises consisting of seminar halls, lecture halls, and other facilities, students relish from the various extra/co-curricular opportunities made available to them. IASMS boasts of having the best library in perhaps the whole of India. With journals, e-books, physical books, and various other resources, knowledge gaining is the most favorite time pass for the students at the b-school. Moreover, to motivate students to make efficient use of the library and its services, the ‘Best Library User Award’ has been started since 2015.

Lastly, in the process of giving a final boost to the careers of students studying at the institute, IASMS has a dedicated placement department. Having a strong industry-academia relationship, top-companies visit IASMS for the recruitment process each year. Students are made to attend placement training from their initial years, training them towards building their unique personalities, and temperament, and preparing them in the direction of becoming successful managers, entrepreneurs, and future leaders.

Dr. Srinidhi K Parthasarathi, Director
An academic administrator, researcher and a corporate citizen with 28 years of experience in both teaching as well as corporate domains, Dr. Srinidhi has delivered 2000+ invited talks and 800+ TV shows on management and workplace spirituality. A skilled and a qualified leader, he excels in education management, teaching, mentoring and training. With his rich experience, he heads IASMS as the director, contributing to the lives of the students and the faculty of the institute. This propels a gradual growth in them through continuous learning and experience.