Institute of Business Studies and Research (IBSAR)


Successful business schools make students industry-ready by inculcating the habit of innovative thinking, hands-on knowledge of theoretical concepts, sharpening of communication skills, and delivering quality results. IBSAR – Institute of Business Studies and Research is one such example of a premier business school in India, that is working relentlessly towards creating managers cum leaders of tomorrow. 

Established in the year 2004, Institute of Business Studies and Research was set up in Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra, to give an impetus to management education, and ever since has been acting as the pioneer in the field of management education. With quality connections with the industry, business leaders and academicians, a multi-disciplinary and a totally inclusive atmosphere exists on the campus of IBSAR, which guides students to outperform on all fronts, be it inside the classroom or outside.  

Ensuring always that the education imparted is kept completely relevant to the business scenario of the world, the b-school is fully committed towards investing their expertise beyond academics, as well. Also, by continuously investing in research activities and recruitment of academic leaders in fields such as Strategy , OB , Finance , Marketing , Retail , Operations , General Management and IT . IBSAR offers an outstanding learning environment by facilitating the best learning experience possible. The b-school also promises all of a learning experience which will be influenced by the most recent developments in the field and delivered by experienced teachers, researchers, top management professionals and consultants.

A hub of high academic and intellectual standards

Being an ISO 9001: 2000 certified institution, Institute of Business Studies and Research is the brainchild of a group of professionals, who were prime promoters across top MBA Institutions of the world, and did understand the importance of quality education and training, thus, worked towards providing a place that offers affordable quality management learning to all. Striving on its very mission of giving aspiring youngsters a platform to learn and train in the management discipline, IBSAR helps 1000s realize their ambitions and motivates successful career/entrepreneurial goals. 

Be it a regular 2-year full-time MBA program or a PhD program, IBSAR houses multiple courses curated towards creating curiosity in students towards their loved streams and fields, under the careful supervision and guidance of the esteemed faculty IBSAR has onboard. “The faculty members plan procedures, formulate systems and pedagogies, where student participation is highly encouraged and appreciated, all the time”, shared Dr. M L Monga, the Executive Director of the b-school. Taking us and our fellow readers through every bit of how IBSAR operates and functions, and how all its endeavors help in strengthening and enhancing every bit of the foundation of the institute, the Executive Director took us on a virtual/verbal tour of the b-school. 

When we asked the Executive Director on how IBSAR stands out when compared to other b-schools and management institutions across Maharashtra and other parts of India, he stated – “In today’s highly dynamic global environment, a complexity of factors, including technology, enterprise and innovation, have a significant impact on business systems and functions. With this in mind, every course offered at Institute of Business Studies and Research is an amalgamation of all the points mentioned above”. Adding to his above statement, he shared – “Only up-to-date knowledge that supports strong theoretical backgrounds coupled with practical industrial experiences is taught at IBSAR, which steadily increases personal integrity and ingenuity among all the students”.

Broadening the all-rounded scope

All thanks to the impressive industry-academia connect that exists at IBSAR, all the students are taught towards understanding the key functional areas of marketing, HR, Finance, Accounting, and Operations Management, to inculcate a sense of organizational activity at all levels, way before they start their journeys as management professionals. Through regular workshops and industrial visits, students learn how to analyze contemporary business issues, challenges and problems, and learn about the impact on business and management at large. The b-school also guarantees immense opportunities for the students, be it continuing on the journey of further education as PhD students or through job opportunities in top MNCs, Trade & Commerce & Government Sectors, as educators and even entrepreneurs. 

Laying equal emphasis on both the teachers and students, the faculty members too are trained to excel through and through. By often conducting its own Faculty Development Programs and also encouraging the faculty to attend Faculty Development Programs organized by institutes such as IITs, and IIMs, out of the box thinking is encouraged at Institute of Business Studies and Research, ensuring that everyone on the campus is an equal shareholder in this journey of educational excellence. 

Dr. M L Monga – Executive Director

A Phd., Gold Medalist, Punjab University, and with 30 years of teaching experience with Premier institutes like XLRI, SP Jain, Dalmia, Dr. M L Monga heads IBSAR as the current Executive Director. He also teaches subjects such as Strategy, Business policy and Organizational Behavior, and his teaching methodologies include analysis and critical thinking, without which he feels Business Management Learning is pointless. As a go-to person at IBSAR he heads the whole parade of the b-school influencing greater interactions of faculty and industry, as he believes it will surely help students who are better prepared for the business world. He also regularly partakes in the modification of the curriculums – from time to time, as per the requirement of the industry.