In an ever changing and fast paced corporate world, training and development is an indispensable function. Moreover, with the field of Software Development at its peak, individuals do not want to just stick to their college education but go beyond their comfort zones and try their luck in subjects such as Embedded Systems, Internet Of things/IoT, Python Programming and many more. While there are several training institutes across Bengaluru and Karnataka who promise a learning curve that makes students capable and lands them well paying jobs, not many live up to their set expectations. Thus, talking about one such renowned training institute that is helping 1000s of IT professionals and students continue on their path of success, while also helping them understand and live the subjects they love – ISM UNIV comes out as an exemplary training institute, which has carved a place for itself as one of the most prominent certification providers and skill facilitators in the country. 

Having retained its position as Best Embedded Systems Training Institute in Bangalore and Hyderabad, ISM UNIV is also proud of hosting one of the best training programs in PYTHON and JAVA, along with credential courses like CAN, MCSR, CCNA, J2EE, Net, embedded networks, cellular networking, DSP, and VLS. Operating on a state-of-the-art infrastructure with automated teaching tools and established online platforms and forums for 360- degree training, ISM UNIV was established in the year 1994, progressing each day on constant technological upgradation that takes place between both the centers. Also, the whole set up is built in such a way that it facilitates complete convenience to all its students through enabling transfer of training programs from Hyderabad to Bangalore or vice versa.

A hotspot of authoritative training

ISM UNIV has built a strong online platform to provide online and blended training across the country. It offers courses in online, offline, and blended mode. Additionally, the institute has

built online discussion forums and video conferencing infrastructures needed to impart quality online and blended training across all the courses. Also, after having placed over 15,000 professionals, the ISM UNIV is authorized by AICTE-CEP to conduct few training programs, and by ISTE to conduct selected courses, and has ‘Skill India’ program by NSDC as a training partner

We offer genuine and excellent placements from Day-1, with an aim of helping our students become better professionals by giving them soft skills training and interview preparation sessions”, shared – Mr. Loganathan V, the CEO of ISM UNIV. Continuing on his above point and elaborating on unique and well-equipped are the courses and the onboard faculty members at the institute, Mr. Loganathan added – “The course coverage is best suited for the industry, and our faculty consists of experienced and capable professionals, who are ever-ready to help students shape their individual careers”. Through the conversation with the CEO it also became clear that ISM UNIV has the most reasonable fees setup, apart from allowing students to pay in easy installments, and scholarships based on merit. 

Proud of the fact that ISM UNIV is perhaps the largest training institution in the country, ISM UNIV Bangalore center is equipped with the good infrastructure and facilities to cater well to the training programs. Faculties’ support and assistance is always the greatest plus point for the learners. The experienced counselors present in both the centers are always a good source for the students and job seekers to add best skills to their profiles through finding out more about their various courses. The students can reach out to their counselors online through the arranged chat support or connect through phone or contact personally too.

ISM UNIV boasts of an impressive industry-connect, and as a result on an average 15 interviews are conducted per month, and students can attend interviews and try their best to get placed with vital inputs given by the faculty members. Furthermore, with a client base across India and abroad, ISM UNIV is in collaboration with top MNCs and MSI, where the institute caters to all their clients with trained and qualified manpower, ensuring client satisfaction as well.