LEAD College of Management


In the dynamic landscape of Indian management education, institutions like LEAD College of Management emerge as beacons of innovation, resilience, and societal impact. As we reflect on the evolution of management education in India, it becomes evident that the narrative is not just about academic rigor and accreditation but also about a commitment to nurturing leaders who can navigate complexities with agility and empathy.

The story of LEAD College of Management epitomizes this ethos. Established in 2010 amidst challenges and uncertainties, LEAD’s journey underscores the transformative power of education and the unwavering dedication to student welfare. From overcoming initial setbacks to becoming a thriving institution with a focus on academic excellence and social responsibility, LEAD embodies the spirit of resilience and adaptability crucial for success in today’s globalized world.

In a country like India, where economic growth, innovation, and inclusive development are paramount, institutions like LEAD play a pivotal role. They serve as catalysts for change, equipping students not only with managerial skills but also with the ethical compass and entrepreneurial mindset necessary to drive positive transformation in society.

LEADing the Way

LEAD College of Management stands out as a distinctive, self-financing institution located in Palakkad, Kerala, setting itself apart with its flagship MBA program, which holds prestigious NBA accreditation and approval from AICTE, while also maintaining affiliation with the esteemed University of Calicut. In a significant stride towards academic autonomy, LEAD has secured approval for autonomy starting from the academic year 2024-25.

Derived from ‘Leadership & Entrepreneurship Academy, Dhoni’, the acronym LEAD encapsulates the institution’s core vision. Today, LEAD College of Management proudly boasts of being one of the largest fully residential business schools in South India, boasting an enrollment of over 750 students. Notably, LEAD has attained the prestigious Gold Accreditation Status from the Global Standardization and Accreditation Agency (GSAAA) USA, alongside achieving ISO 21001:2018 certification, demonstrating its commitment to excellence.

Recognized for its exemplary contributions to management education, LEAD was honored with the FICCI Best in Kerala Award in November 2023, reaffirming its status as a trendsetter in South Indian management education. Additionally, LEAD is in the process of seeking NAAC accreditation in 2024, further bolstering its credentials in academic excellence.

Further showcasing its prowess, LEAD College of Management received the distinction of the Best Incubator in the southern region at the National Conference on Innovation & Entrepreneurship held at IIT Delhi. Such accolades affirm LEAD’s standing as one of India’s premier business schools, as evidenced by its A+++ rating in the Business India rankings, making it the youngest B-school in Kerala to achieve this esteemed recognition.

Nurturing Holistic Development

LEAD College of Management offers a comprehensive array of specializations, including Finance, HRM, Marketing, and Operations. Post-autonomy, the institution is expanding its offerings to include Analytics and Entrepreneurship, alongside the upcoming launch of its MCA program.

Operating on an innovative Oil-Rig Model, LEAD structures its academic calendar with 40 days of continuous engagement, interspersed with breaks. This approach fosters academic rigor, enriches learning experiences, and ensures a seamless continuity in students’ educational journey, safeguarding against disruptions caused by external events.

With a focus on holistic development, LEAD provides over 11 value-added courses, employing the ABCDE model of learning: Activity Based, Blended, Collaborative, Directed, and Experiential. This methodology aims at nurturing students’ skills and abilities, preparing them for the dynamic demands of the industry.

Embracing the philosophy of “Management Beyond Academics,” LEAD integrates industry-ready courses into its curriculum, such as NISM and SAP certifications. The institution prioritizes industry exposure by hosting sessions led by domain experts and engaging over a dozen industry professionals as visiting faculty.

Internships, industry projects, and experiential learning are integral components of the LEAD experience. The institution boasts its dedicated outbound training center, where students undergo hands-on training. Furthermore, LEAD adopts a unique model known as the LOT (Lead Operations Team), where student teams manage key activities like admissions, placement, and hospitality, fostering servant leadership roles.

Experiential learning extends beyond the classroom through various extracurricular activities facilitated by clubs like JCI, Lions, and Rotaract, enhancing students’ practical skills and leadership abilities.

Fostering Research Excellence

LEAD College of Management is dedicated to fostering a vibrant research culture through its LEAD Research Centre, recognized as an approved research center under KUFOS (Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies). With three senior faculty members serving as recognized guides, LEAD facilitates full-time Research Scholars (Ph.D. candidates) with a monthly stipend of Rs. 15,000 and complete residential facilities, free of charge.

The institution encourages faculty members to engage in research endeavors through its comprehensive research policy, which provides empowerment and incentivization. Grants are available for training and pursuing research interests, resulting in significant scholarly output. Over the past three years, faculty members have published over 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals, including Scopus and ABDC, registered three patents, published four books, and contributed to over 50 conference proceedings.

A unique LEADERship Mentoring scheme assigns each student a dedicated faculty mentor throughout their academic journey at LEAD. These mentors provide pastoral, academic, and counseling support, bolstered by the presence of on-campus faculty and dedicated counseling and medical services.

In addition to research and academic support, LEAD prioritizes placement training and soft-skill development, delivered by expert trainers and senior alumni. Innovative schemes, including fee waivers for international students and Learn Now-Pay Later options, are available to deserving students, ensuring accessibility to quality education and opportunities.

A Hub of Strategic Partnerships

LEAD College of Management fosters numerous partnerships with industry stakeholders and alumni-led startups and companies, exemplified by initiatives like the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC). This flagship program is dedicated to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship among MBA students, aiming to instill a culture of innovation within the college. In collaboration with the Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC), a strategic advisory body of the Government of Kerala, the IEDC promotes innovative thinking and entrepreneurial endeavors among students.

Support from LEAD’s governing council members further enhances industry initiatives, with opportunities for internships provided at their respective companies. Additionally, LEAD has established training contracts with various state administration departments and corporations, including KSEB, Gram Panchayats, Revenue Officers, as well as renowned companies like Amul, Federal Bank, and Canara Bank, facilitating value-driven education.

Dr. Thomas George K – Director

Dr. Thomas, affectionately known as “Thomma,” is a multifaceted entrepreneur with a passion for learning and a deep understanding of human psychology. In 2001, he founded Prompt Computers, a successful venture specializing in computer sales and services, which notably developed India’s largest touch screen network for Indian Railways. Concurrently pursuing a PhD in Psychology, Dr. Thomas established Turning Point, an innovative company offering intensive six-day training workshops aimed at personal empowerment and goal achievement, with a focus on relationship-building, communication, and self-confidence enhancement. Having delivered over 350 sessions, Dr. Thomas’s commitment to personal development is evident. In 2011, he embarked on a new journey with the inception of LEAD College of Management, envisioning a unique business school model focused on leadership and entrepreneurship values. Under his leadership, LEAD expanded its educational outreach through strategic partnerships, managing additional management institutes and departments in Kerala.