Linden Montessori


In today’s evolving society, where the quest for greatness starts very early, the importance of top notch preschool education has never been more vital. Parents look for preschools that not just support their child’s growth but also promote development building a solid groundwork for future achievements. Whether its sharpening abilities or nurturing emotional skills the formative years lay down the path for a lifelong journey of education.

Amidst the bustling cityscape of Bangalore, where educational choices abound, discerning parents are in search of that perfect blend of innovation, excellence, and individualized attention. Enter Linden Montessori, a beacon of educational brilliance nestled in Whitefield, Bangalore. With its unwavering commitment to active learning, freedom of exploration, and a nurturing environment, Linden Montessori stands out as a shining example of what a preschool should be. As we delve into the realm of Bangalore’s 10 Best Preschools for 2024, it’s evident that Linden Montessori’s dedication to fostering each child’s unique potential positions it among the city’s educational gems.

Linden Montessori in a Nutshell

Linden, symbolizing wisdom and immortality, stands as a revered lime tree in cultures worldwide, advocating the pursuit of dreams with steadfast determination. The preschool is housed in a vibrant, spacious building, fosters a nurturing environment that encourages social interaction and free play in its spectacular outdoor area. With dedicated spaces for dining, reading, storytelling, and other activities, children enjoy ample physical movement essential for active learning, amidst child-sized furniture and tailored learning materials.

Embracing the holistic Montessori approach, Linden Montessori situated in Whitefield, Bangalore, offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities like yoga, cooking, gardening, and arts, fostering a love for learning in children. The onboard dedicated facilitators, trained in the Montessori Method, nurture each child’s innate curiosity, supporting their development and cultivating a lifelong passion for learning.

Catering to various age groups, Linden presents tailored programs including Toddlers, Montessori 1, Montessori 2, Montessori 3, and the Elementary Years program, each thoughtfully designed to meet the developmental needs of children at different stages of growth and exploration.

Furthermore, in the following sections, we interviewed Ms. Stuti Mehrotra, Founder of Linden Montessori, to gain insights into the school’s current initiatives, endeavors and future plans.

1. Can you share any extraordinary developments or new initiatives that occurred during the past academic year, 2023-2024?

Last year, we continued with our STEM learning program, which we initially introduced after COVID in 2022. We found that children immensely enjoyed these activities, which involve using Lego blocks to create various objects like dogs, clocks, and more. Additionally, we continued with traditional games such as tic-tac-toe and Coat and Tiger, which are fantastic for developing strategic thinking. For our elementary level students in grades 1 and 2, we integrated these traditional games into their curriculum.

Furthermore, we introduced two exciting new initiatives inspired by Firstly, we implemented “5-minute learning” sessions aimed at elementary years, where we imparted quick, engaging snippets of knowledge on diverse topics, unrelated to the curriculum, to expand their horizons. For example, we discussed remarkable women in history on Women’s Day. Secondly, we introduced “Fast Math,” where we shared math tricks, such as quick multiplication methods, to make learning math more enjoyable and efficient.

 2. Are there any plans for enhancements or new additions to the school’s facilities and resources?

As we ventured into the elementary years, we expanded our infrastructure by adding a new block to accommodate primary-level students up to grade 5. This expansion reflects our commitment to providing top-notch facilities to support our growing student body.

3. Have there been any updates or changes to the curriculum recently?

While we haven’t made any significant changes to the curriculum, we continuously evolve our teaching methodologies to ensure a diverse and engaging learning experience. Our curriculum remains rooted in the Montessori method, emphasizing experiential and hands-on learning across various subjects and activities.

4. What syllabus does the school follow, and are there plans for further expansion beyond grade 3?

We follow the Montessori methodology, prioritizing experiential and hands-on learning. While we currently offer classes up to grade 3, we have plans to expand further in the future. Our aim is to gradually progress year by year, ultimately offering education up to grade 5.

5. How do parents typically approach the school for admissions, and what support is provided during the admission process?

We’ve streamlined the admission process to make it as simple as possible for parents. They can easily find information about our school on our Google page or website, where they can fill out a straightforward form with their contact details. Our dedicated team then reaches out to schedule an appointment and guide parents through the admission process. We prioritize being approachable and supportive to ensure a smooth experience for parents.

6. Can you share any future plans or upcoming programs at Linden Montessori?

Moving forward, we’re excited to integrate sustainable development into our curriculum for the upcoming academic year, 2024-2025. We aim to educate children on practical ways they can contribute to preserving the planet and conserving resources. Additionally, we will continue to explore innovative teaching methods and initiatives to provide our students with a well-rounded and enriching educational experience.