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In the dynamic landscape of higher education, the significance of a society-oriented curriculum in Indian universities has become increasingly evident. A curriculum that is attuned to the needs and challenges of society plays a crucial role in shaping well-rounded individuals equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for real-world problem-solving. The integration of societal perspectives into academic programs not only enhances students’ understanding of the world around them but also instills a sense of responsibility and purpose in their education.

M S Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) stands as a noteworthy exemplar in this paradigm, setting itself apart as the University of the Year 2023 for its pioneering work in developing a society-oriented curriculum. Since its inception, RUAS has been a trailblazer, acting as a bridge that connects academia, industry, and society. This unique approach is reflected in every program offered by the university, fostering a learning environment where students cultivate multidisciplinary thinking and a commitment to building a better tomorrow.

RUAS in a Nutshell

Established under the University Act of 2013 with approval from the Government of Karnataka, M S Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) stands as a testament to visionary educational initiatives. The university’s inception involved the amalgamation of various esteemed institutions, including M S Ramaiah Medical College, M S Ramaiah College of Physiotherapy, M S Ramaiah Institute of Nursing Education & Research, M S Ramaiah College of Hotel Management (1993), M S Ramaiah College of Pharmacy (1992), M S Ramaiah Dental College (1991), the M S School of Advanced Studies (1999), and the M S Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre (2012).

RUAS’s foundation not only consolidated existing academic entities but also responded to contemporary education needs by introducing new disciplines and innovative programs. This strategic approach ensures that the university remains dynamic and aligned with the evolving landscape of higher education, further reinforcing its commitment to providing a comprehensive and forward-looking educational experience.

Nurturing Transformative Education and Innovation Beyond Boundaries

RUAS transcends the conventional definition of a university, serving as a hub where students embark on a journey to realize their aspirations of making a positive impact on the world through their endeavors. It’s a sanctuary for researchers seeking to push the boundaries of science and a go-to destination for industries in search of solutions to contemporary challenges. This university is not just about academic pursuits; it’s a place where individuals undergo transformational training to become not only better employees and professionals but also better versions of themselves.

Functioning as a Comprehensive & Multidisciplinary University, RUAS actively cultivates a vibrant Research and Innovation ecosystem across four integral pillars: Academics, Research, Training & Lifelong Learning, and Consultancy. The university’s varied initiatives are seamlessly organized under these pillars, creating a synergistic approach to holistic development.

In the realm of Academics, RUAS stands as a beacon offering a spectrum of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral Programs spanning ten Faculties and Schools. These include the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET), Faculty of Art and Design (FAD), Faculty of Dental Sciences (FDS), Faculty of Pharmacy (FPH), Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology (FHMCT), Faculty of Management and Commerce (FMC), Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (FMPS), Faculty of Life and Allied Health Sciences (FLAHS), School of Social Sciences (SSS), School of Law (SL), Ramaiah Medical College (RIMS) and Ramaiah College of Physiotherapy.

Embodying RUAS’s holistic approach to education, each Faculty places a strong emphasis on applied learning methodologies. This educational philosophy fosters a cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas, ensuring that students graduate with not only academic proficiency but also the practical skills and innovative thinking necessary for success in their respective fields.

Advancing Academic and Research Excellence

RUAS stands as a bastion of academic and research pursuits, offering students the opportunity to further their education through Ph.D. programs across various Faculties and Schools. The University, understanding the interconnectedness of education, industry, and society, designs its programs with a forward-looking curriculum that addresses the present challenges and envisions a transformative future. RUAS takes pride in nurturing not just competent graduates but individuals who are thinkers, makers, and contributors to building a better world.

In the realm of research, RUAS has witnessed a deliberate shift towards a more focused approach, earning accolades for consultancies, funded research projects, and efficient custom training programs for scientific organizations and industries. The university’s commitment to cutting-edge research is evident through its emergence as a center of excellence in multidisciplinary areas. Housing five Centers of Excellence in Aeronautics, Dentistry, Pharmaceuticals, Computational Intelligence, Industrial Design, and Robotics, RUAS exemplifies its multidisciplinary approach to education.

These specialized Research Centers align with the university’s vision of addressing societal challenges and fostering a sustainable research contribution of international stature. With more than 60 funded research projects, RUAS actively engages in sponsored research supported by government bodies such as ISRO, DRDO, DST, DBT, and various industries. The university’s Centers of Excellence play a pivotal role in empowering research groups across Ramaiah Institutions, focusing on topics of global relevance.

The overarching goals of these Research Centers include initiating and leading impactful research, attracting acclaimed scholars to enhance the research profile, performing independent and transformative research, and actively contributing to solving practical and societal problems. The Centers also strive to create an ecosystem for interdisciplinary research, promoting an environment where faculty members, post-doctoral scholars, doctoral candidates, and postgraduate students collaboratively engage in high-quality and meaningful research endeavors. RUAS’s commitment to academic and research excellence is not only reflected in its initiatives but also in its role as a catalyst for creating a financially viable ecosystem that sustains interdisciplinary expertise across Ramaiah Institutions.

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