Mrs. Krishnaveni Karunanithi


Education is one such field where traditionally women have excelled yesterday, today and will surely continue to – in the days to come. Even when considering how rapidly the landscape is changing today, their unique approach of leading towards change, coupled with empathetic collaborations, and a thorough understanding of holistic education, is what makes them expert educators. Also, by working in the direction of promoting continuous learning and empowerment, women leaders especially in higher education are one of the reasons for transformative change.

Among these trailblazing women leaders stands Mrs. Krishnaveni Karunanithi, the Chairperson & Managing Director of Vivekanandha Educational Institutions for Women & Vivekanandha Medical Care Hospital. With her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence, Mrs. Karunanithi has not only transformed her institutions but has also earned recognition on a national platform. Her remarkable achievements have positioned her among “India’s 20 Pragmatic Women Leaders in Higher Education 2024”.

From the Scratch

Mrs. Krishnaveni Karunanithi hails from a tiny village of Namakkal district in Tamil Nadu. Growing up as one of two girls in her family, her parents primarily worked in agriculture. Despite societal norms limiting educational opportunities for girls, she attended the government girls’ high secondary school. Following her schooling, she married the Chairman of Vivekanandha Educational Institutions for Women & Vivekanandha Medical Care Hospital

Prof. Dr. M. Karunanithi, who initially pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry. However, Mrs. Karunanithi’s held back her aspirations of pursuing higher education due to familial responsibilities and a lack of support.

Nevertheless, these challenges ignited a deep desire within her to empower women through education. This passion led her to establish various educational institutions, driven by the vision of providing diverse opportunities for women. Understanding the transformative power of education, she aimed to offer programs in arts and science, enabling a larger number of students to benefit compared to professional courses. Central to her mission was the belief that education serves as the cornerstone of women’s empowerment, opening doors to endless possibilities and allowing them to pursue their dreams.

As the Chairperson

As the Chairperson, Mrs. Krishnaveni Karunanithi is responsible for a multitude of college affairs, ranging from discipline to hostel facilities, transportation, and food services. Her meticulous attention ensures that the campus upholds stringent standards of hygiene and quality, while also spearheading initiatives for environmental sustainability. Actively involved in maintaining the green cover and promoting eco-friendly practices, her commitment extends to overseeing quality assurance measures and communicating with accrediting bodies.

Under her guidance, the college has attained accreditation status and witnessed remarkable improvements in graduation rates and program strength. Recognition for the institution’s exemplary campus maintenance and green initiatives, notably receiving the prestigious Pan India Swacchata Award from the MHRD, underscores Mrs. Karunanithi’s dedication to excellence. Furthermore, the establishment of the Skill Development Center under her leadership has empowered students with practical skills and nurtured an entrepreneurial spirit among them.

On a Personal Note

Beyond her professional endeavors, Mrs. Krishnaveni Karunanithi finds joy in managing various aspects of the college, including hostel facilities, transportation, and food services, ensuring students receive the highest quality of care and education. Her commitment to excellence extends to her personal life, where she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and nurturing her passion for gardening and baking. Through her leadership and unwavering dedication, Mrs. Karunanithi continues to inspire and empower countless women, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of higher education in India.