Mrs. Rizwana Begum


The elevation of women leaders to key positions has resulted in a significant change of the higher education sector in recent decades. This development is a catalyst for good change in academic institutions and acts as a testament to the talents of women. The unique views that women in leadership roles provide to the creation of inclusive policies that address the needs and experiences of all parties involved, including staff, professors, and students, are invaluable.

Amidst this backdrop of evolving leadership dynamics, Mrs. Rizwana Begum, the Secretary of Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology, emerges as a beacon of inspiration and a tangible example of effective women leadership in the higher education sector. Her exceptional leadership qualities, dedication to fostering inclusivity, and commitment to advancing gender equality make her a noteworthy figure in the academic community.

As we delve deeper into Mrs. Begum’s journey and contributions, we uncover not only her personal achievements but also the broader significance of women leaders in shaping the future of education.

Roots of Empowerment

Hailing from a respectable business family of Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, her upbringing revolved around growing up one day and working towards giving back to society. Her parents were super supportive across her endeavors, who motivated in her values of hard work, integrity and empathy.

Eventually, the main reason for her to venture into the field of education was her husband Mr. Basha Mohiuddin, a CA and Law Graduate by profession and the Chairman of Lords Institute. Seeing his dedication in nurturing students’ potential and helping them ignite their inner passions, Mrs. Rizwana in this process understood the transformative power of education first hand. Also seeing her influential husband establish an MBA and MCA college in 1998, the first Minority Institution in the SV University, Tirupati region, came as the most needed boost for her.

Despite having to take care of  the household activities and my four children, who now have achieved great accolades individually, also contributed significantly in the development of my career”, Mrs. Rizwana Begum exclaimed.

Transformative Leadership

Mrs. Rizwana Begum’s tenure as the Secretary of the Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology is truly remarkable. Commencing with a humble enrollment of 180 students in 2003, her steadfast dedication, complemented by the unwavering support of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, staff, and students, has resulted in remarkable growth. Under her leadership, the institution’s student body has expanded to over 4000 students.

Additionally, Begum holds the esteemed position of Honorable Secretary at Farah Institute of Technology in RR District, established in 2001, as well as at Sana College of Education in Nellore, founded in 1998. With a remarkable 25-year tenure in the education sector, Begum’s contributions continue to leave a lasting impact on the institutions she serves.

As the Secretary of Lords Institute

In her role as Secretary, Mrs. Rizwana Begum assumes key responsibilities, including overseeing the administrative and financial functions of the institute, formulating strategic initiatives to enhance academic excellence and student outcomes, and promoting collaboration among faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders.

She ensures the seamless operation of the institution by advocating for transparency, accountability, and effective communication channels. Begum’s mandate extends to facilitating the holistic growth of the college across academic and curricular spheres, involving task delegation to Principals, Deans, Heads, and other staff members, as well as monitoring staff performance and conducting periodic meetings to achieve predetermined objectives.

A Collaborative Journey of Achievement

With many members of Mrs. Rizwana’s family actively involved in the development of the Lords Institute, we inquired about a particular moment or initiative that stood out as a collective achievement. She responded, “The college has reached numerous milestones, such as achieving Autonomous status, obtaining accreditation from NBA and NAAC with an ‘A’ grade, earning an IIC 3* rating, and gaining recognition in the NIRF Innovation 150 band.” She further emphasized, “Our joint efforts in facilitating quality placements have established the Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology (LIET) as a leading institution among Minority Institutes in this aspect.”

Notably through the conversation, Mrs. Rizwana also spoke about how LIET holds the distinction of being the first minority college to attain Autonomous status. The ranking within the “101-150 band in NIRF Innovation” underscores LIET’s standing in terms of innovation, as evaluated by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) developed by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Looking ahead, Mrs. Rizwana Begum envisions a future for the Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in education, research, and community engagement. Aspiring to attain Tier 1 NBA (National Board of Accreditation) Accreditation stands as a pivotal objective, signifying the institution’s commitment to upholding exceptional standards in education, faculty, curriculum, infrastructure, and overall academic ambiance.

On a Personal Note

Beyond professional endeavors, Begum prioritizes moments of relaxation and rejuvenation with family and friends. Engaging in hobbies like reading, traveling, and mindfulness practices not only enrich her personal life but also contribute to her overall well-being and resilience.

Establishing boundaries, adhering to structured routines, and seeking support from colleagues and loved ones play crucial roles in maintaining equilibrium amidst the demands of her role. Furthermore, prioritizing self-care and nurturing both physical and emotional health are integral components of Begum’s approach to sustaining balance and fortitude in the face of challenges.