Nitte School of Management – Inspiring Future Leaders


Living in an era, where staying up to date with the market trends and demands is a must. An education in which an individual gains in terms of overall development, rather than just becoming a specialist in one particular field is the requirement these days. Also, keeping in mind the current change in trends across the globe, and the immense demand for trained and able individuals who can lead organizations and institutions, an education in the field of business management is gaining momentum each coming day. Moreover, with India being the 2nd largest country in terms of the educational landscape, business schools and colleges have emerged from literally every corner of our country, aiming towards creating leaders of tomorrow. One such institution which stands out when compared to its competitors, and yet strives relentlessly towards serving society by creating management professionals of tomorrow – “Nitte School of Management (NSOM)”, aims at becoming an epitome of quality management teaching and learning – today and focused towards tomorrow.

Developing multi-skilled MBA-holders who have knowledge domain and multi-faceted experience in terms of personality and role-handling, NSOM is a vital part of Nitte Educational Trust. Operating as an Autonomous Institute accredited by the AICTE, the B-School has derived its strengths and inspirations from top B-Schools of the country yet keeping the uniqueness of delivering quality management education. In a short period of time NSOM has molded into a fine B-school offering an exceptional management learning environment, working towards exceeding their very own expectations in the aspects of learning standards, student services, and placements records each academic year.

Creating Committed Management Professionals

Working in the pursuit of becoming the go-to place for exemplary management learning, NSOM currently offers a 2-year full-time PG Diploma in Management, fulfilling all the requirements and demands of a today’s management aspirant. Keeping up with the latest market trends and being committed to offering world-class delivery of academic inputs, NSOM stays in harmony with the industry requirements and propels towards creating committed management professionals. The courses are developed keeping in mind the latest industry trends, offering students with highly participative learning, intensive project-based courses and are updated at the beginning of every semester, taking advice and suggestions from industry experts. Additionally, seminars, workshops, lectures being conducted by eminent personalities from the business industry is a norm at NSOM. At a global level the MBA holder would have to be multi-skilled in the knowledge domain and multi-faceted in terms of personality and role, thus, NSOM is well equipped to prepare students on the lines of local realities and global expectations.

“While internal faculty with the doctoral background fine-tune students, the expert guest faculty groom students into industry leaders and corporate stars”, shares –
Dr. M Venugopal, the professor and director at NSOM, during a brief conversation we had with him, where he gave us an inside view of the whole working ethos present at the b-school. Adding to his earlier statement, he stated – “Being recognized as one the finest educational institutions of Karnataka, our b-school attracts students from all over India and abroad”.

Leaving no stone unturned in terms of equipping the whole campus with the latest ICT-enabled infrastructure, the state-of-the-art building and campus facilitated the smooth transition of face-to-face to online, turning NSOM into an e-campus at the earliest occasion. These preparations guided NSOM out of the chaos of the lockdown and the pandemic, and the whole functioning continued as if there was no impact of COVID on their commitment.

“It goes without saying that business students need personal attention and hands-on training without which they cannot become motivated and learned business managers.”, concluded Dr. Venugopal, enunciating how every student is given personal attention, in the process of molding them into future managers and leaders. Through the whole conversation with the director, we learnt that NSOM is a place for dedicated people, processes and interventions, and the quality of mentoring is always at an all-time high and at an energized level.

In the present era, campus placement holds a great importance for students as well as educational institutions. NSOM’s campus placements provide the students with a foot-in-the-door opportunity to start off their career after completing their course curriculum. Furthermore, they get to interact and engage with the industry professionals during the placement drives, further helping them lay a foundation for their prospective career in the future as they familiarise with potential contacts from their chosen career field. The Training & Placement Cell of NITTE School Of Management (NSOM) aims to provide world class training to their students, while providing the required infra-structural facilities to conduct group discussions, tests and interviews besides catering to other logistics. Along with the regular academic training schedule, the students are also trained from first year onwards focusing on motivational skills, interpersonal relationships, leadership qualities, group discussions and interview techniques.

Having hit several milestones in terms of national reach, unique specialization and excellent student-industry interface, moving upwards seems seamless at NSOM, right on track of reaching upcoming markets, global hubs and influential arenas. Lastly, taking special care in preparing students for current events and prevailing themes, knowledge is imbibed at the b-school, teaching a sense of social-responsibility helping one and all present at NSOM emerge as well-equipped management professionals of tomorrow.

Prof. (Dr.) M Venugopal
An excellent corporate leader with immense teaching exposure, Dr. M Venugopal is a specialist in Business Law, HR, IR, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Development. He has held prestigious positions such as being the Senior Director, HR at Maxvel Intellectual Property Services Pvt. Ltd and many other well-known companies and industries. As the current director of NSOM, he guides the destiny and the direction of the institute giving back to society by providing able management professionals, ready to take a leap into the corporate, entrepreneurship world, in turn benefiting the country and society, at large.