Prestige Institute of Management and Research


In the ever-changing landscape of today’s business environment, one of the foremost challenges faced by organizations is the demand for competent managers. With the liberalization of the Indian business education market in the 1990s, there has been a significant proliferation of business schools offering graduate and postgraduate programs. However, the perceived purpose and value of an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree have often been subject to scrutiny, prompting a critical examination of the quality of education provided by these institutions. This surge in the number of institutes has sparked a crucial debate on the importance of maintaining high standards of education amidst rapid expansion.

Amidst this backdrop, it becomes imperative to assess the quality of contemporary business education and its ramifications for a burgeoning economy like India. In this context, institutions like the Prestige Institute of Management and Research (PIMR) play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges. Through its commitment to academic excellence, industry relevance, and holistic development of students, PIMR stands as a beacon of quality education in the field of management. By fostering a conducive learning environment, providing practical exposure, and emphasizing research and innovation, PIMR equips its students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

PIMR in a Nutshell

Prestige Institute of Management and Research (PIMR) in Bhopal is a distinctive institution dedicated to providing tailored professional education and training to meet the diverse needs of students, industry professionals, and government executives. Setting itself apart, PIMR offers a comprehensive array of professional programs all housed within a single campus, catering to a wide range of educational interests. Nestled in a lush, sprawling campus spanning 12 acres, PIMR boasts a built-up area of 17,892 square meters. The campus is equipped with modern amenities, including Wi-Fi connectivity, state-of-the-art computer labs, a language lab, a well-stocked library, 50 classrooms, an auditorium, a gymnasium, a playground, a cafeteria, workshops, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and various other amenities to enhance the learning experience.

Formerly known as Trinity Institute of Technology and Research, PIMR embarked on its journey in 2008 with the introduction of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programs in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science, and Electronics Engineering branches. Over time, the institute expanded its offerings to include a full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with an intake of 180 students, alongside undergraduate programs such as Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com).

In 2023, the institute underwent a transformation and was rebranded as Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Bhopal. The academic programs offered by PIMR are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, and affiliated with Barkatullah University, Bhopal for MBA, B.Ed., and B.Com programs, and Rajiv Gandhi Prodhyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV), Bhopal for B.Tech programs.

PIMR’s flagship academic program is its MBA, which offers various specializations including Finance, Marketing, Human Relations Management, and Retail Management. Admission to these programs is based on scores from entrance exams such as ATMA, MAT, CMAT, or the MP State Government examination.

With a robust placement record, PIMR has forged partnerships with numerous reputable companies in the industry. The institute’s curriculum is designed to provide students with practical work exposure, enhancing their readiness, confidence, and adaptability in the professional realm.

Nurturing Knowledge and Experience at PIMR

Prestige Institute of Management and Research (PIMR) boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members meticulously selected through a rigorous process. A panel of experts, comprising renowned academicians, industry professionals, members of the academic advisory body, and top management of the Institute, oversee the selection process. Faculty members with exceptional academic credentials and a strong research orientation are chosen based on their performance in presentations, communication skills, and interviews.

In addition to the regular faculty, PIMR frequently invites distinguished experts from prestigious institutions such as IITs, IIMs, and various sectors of business, industry, and government to deliver guest lectures. These experts share their invaluable experiences with students, enriching their learning journey.

The dedicated regular faculty members at PIMR have contributed significantly to the institute’s success. They have earned accolades by acquiring certifications, enhancing their educational qualifications, organizing impactful events, engaging in consultancy projects, and publishing research papers in both national and international journals of repute. Their collective efforts enhance the academic environment at PIMR and ensure the holistic development of students.

Fostering a Culture of Research Excellence

“At PIMR we maintain a culture of fostering research among both students and faculty members through various initiatives”, shared Dr. Sher Singh Bhakar, the group Director of Prestige Group of Institutions, Bhopal. “Students are actively encouraged to engage in research activities as part of their curriculum, including industry-based internship projects and Major Research Projects”, he continued. Through a detailed conversation with SS Bhakar it became evident that PIMR organizes competitions at the intra-institute level, such as Summer/Winter Internship and Major Research Project Competitions, where students showcase their research work before eminent researchers and academicians. Winners are recognized with cash prizes and certificates, motivating them to excel further. Additionally, students are encouraged to present their research papers at National/International Conferences organized by the Institute.

Similarly, faculty members at PIMR are incentivized to publish their research work in reputable national and international journals indexed in platforms like UGC Care, Google Scholar, Ebsco, ABDC, and Scopus. The institute regularly hosts National/International Conferences and Case Writing Workshops, providing faculty members with opportunities to present and publish their research papers and case studies. Financial incentives are also provided to faculty members to encourage their research endeavors. Moreover, PIMR has established an Innovation Cell to cultivate an environment conducive to innovation and research within the institute.

Nurturing Knowledge and Experience at PIMR

PIMR actively facilitates campus placement drives with limited/private limited companies, offering lucrative annual salary packages starting from INR 3.00 LPA and above. In the academic session 2022-2023, approximately 125 organizations visited the institute, extending salary packages to students ranging from a minimum of INR 3.00 LPA to a maximum of INR 17.00 LPA, with an average package of INR 4.5 LPA.

Moreover, PIMR has established Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with leading manufacturing and service industries to foster industry-institute collaboration. This collaboration ensures that students have access to opportunities for summer/winter internships, on-the-job training, and practical exposure to real-world scenarios. The institute also invites senior managers from various functional areas of industry to share their experiences with students on a regular basis, further enriching their learning experience.

Dr. S S Bhakar – Group Director

Dr. Sher Singh Bhakar, the Group Director of Prestige Group of Institutions, Bhopal, brings a wealth of experience to his role. With a background spanning 28 years in academia and 19 years in defense, including serving as Vice Chancellor at ITM University, Gwalior, Dr. Bhakar is recognized for his transformational leadership style. During his tenure at the Institute of Management and Research, Gwalior, he achieved remarkable milestones, including accreditation in the ‘A’ category by NAAC, NBA accreditation for the MBA program, and autonomous status granted by the UGC. Under his leadership, the institute also obtained approval as a research center of Jiwaji University, Gwalior, and secured permanent affiliation from the university.

Dr. Bhakar’s contributions extend beyond administrative achievements; he is a prolific researcher with 29 edited books, 89 research papers, and over 150 cases to his credit. He is known for his expertise in research methodology and case writing, having conducted numerous workshops and training programs. Additionally, Dr. Bhakar has been involved in executive development programs for leading national and multinational organizations, serving as a keynote speaker at international and national conferences. His extensive experience and expertise make him a valuable asset to the academic community.