Radhika Shrivastava


In a world where educational leadership shapes the minds and futures of countless individuals, women emerge as formidable trailblazers, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of academia. Their innate empathy, resilience, and unwavering commitment to nurturing growth position them as exceptional leaders. Among these remarkable individuals stands Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director of the Fortune Institute of International Business, as a shining beacon of inspiration and transformation.

With a unique blend of vision, expertise, and a deep understanding of the transformative power of education, Radhika Shrivastava exemplifies women’s immense impact in educational leadership. Her unwavering dedication to fostering a dynamic learning environment where students can thrive has garnered admiration and respect from peers and learners alike.

From the Scratch

Having previously enjoyed a successful career in private equity, Radhika Shrivastava made a pivotal decision to transition into the field of education, where she now devotes herself wholeheartedly to enhancing the educational landscape in India through her invaluable contributions at FIIB. Grounded firmly in her values, Radhika is unwaveringly determined to establish an institution of international calibre within India.

Among her remarkable qualities, one stands out as genuinely exceptional: her heightened empathy enables her to forge deep connections and inspire those around her. Through her empathetic leadership style, Radhika has fostered a more positive and inclusive work environment at FIIB while cultivating numerous external links and partnerships for the institution. Her ability to genuinely understand and relate to others has proven instrumental in building a solid support system and propelling the institution forward.

FIIB in a Nutshell

FIIB, founded in 1995, has emerged as a top B-school in Delhi NCR, renowned for its holistic and future-focused education. Accredited by AICTE and NBA and recognized by AIU, FIIB offers a range of programs, including PGDM, PhD, and Executive Development. With a faculty comprising esteemed academics and industry professionals, FIIB provides intellectually stimulating and technology-driven programs, combining academic rigour with real-world practices. The institution emphasizes research and has established Centers of Excellence, fostering interdisciplinary thinking. FIIB’s mission centres around developing ethical change agents and creating a positive societal impact through critical thinking and stewardship.

As the Executive Director

Under Radhika’s leadership, FIIB has introduced groundbreaking programs that have set new benchmarks in the industry. One notable achievement is establishing a student-first, working-executive doctoral program, the first of its kind in India. This program offers scholars a unique research experience, exposing them to national and international research ecosystems and providing publication opportunities, mentorship, and collaboration with the global research community. Radhika’s vision and commitment have led to FIIB’s membership in the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management & Business Administration (EDAMBA), an esteemed recognition for the institution.

Recognizing the importance of research, Radhika has transformed FIIB into a research-based institution. She has revitalized the research ecosystem by supporting junior faculty pursuing their PhDs, fostering interdisciplinary research discussions, and incentivizing impactful, high-quality research. As a result of these initiatives, FIIB has witnessed a significant increase in research output quantity and quality. The institution’s in-house international journal, FIIB Business Review (FBR), has achieved remarkable milestones, including ranking in the ABS-1 category and indexing in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

Radhika has also been instrumental in cultivating a high-performance work culture at FIIB. She has introduced a multi-stage recruitment process, aligned work plans with faculty competence, expanded flexible work policies, provided opportunities for faculty to take up leadership roles, and implemented a reward system to recognize high performers. “These initiatives have created a conducive environment that encourages faculty and staff to strive for excellence, and FIIB’s certification as a Great Place to Work reflects my efforts in fostering a positive and empowering work atmosphere”, shares – Radhika Shrivastava.

Furthermore, Radhika has championed the cause of gender equality and created a genuinely women-led organization at FIIB. She believes in the importance of women playing an active role in decision-making processes. With her guidance, FIIB has achieved gender balance in its faculty, leadership team, student population, and professional staff. Radhika’s commitment to empowering women extends beyond the institution’s boundaries, as she supports women through coaching and strives to create a model for women-led institutions worldwide.

Lastly, Radhika has ingrained sustainability as a core philosophy at FIIB. She believes that an educational institution should contribute to the greater good of society. Under her leadership, FIIB has integrated sustainability into its academic programming, operational activities, and community engagements. The institution actively promotes responsible management practices and has aligned its sustainability goals with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. FIIB’s commitment to sustainability is acknowledged through its listing under the Haub School of Business SDG Dashboard, making it the fourth Indian B-school to receive this recognition.

Knowing Radhika Shrivastava

Despite a fair share of mistakes, Radhika Shrivastava manifested each one to contribute towards a meaningful journey of growth. In her early career, she managed a critical project and led a small team, which proved to be a valuable lesson in leadership for her. Initially, as a well-intentioned leader facing tight timelines, Radhika took charge and made all the decisions herself. However, she soon realized this approach was a mistake, as she needed to listen to her team members and empower them to make decisions and take ownership of their work.

This experience profoundly impacted Radhika and instilled in her the value of fostering a culture of collaboration and creating an environment where team members feel encouraged to share their ideas and perspectives. She realized she could achieve better outcomes and grow the team by doing so. This lesson has remained a guiding principle throughout Radhika’s career, serving as a constant reminder to promote collaboration and empower others to contribute their unique insights.

Learning from these mistakes, Radhika has evolved into an inspiring leader, adept at rallying teams around a shared purpose. She emphasizes creating a strong sense of belonging and collaboration, fostering a positive and productive work environment. Furthermore, she actively encourages stretch thinking, urging individuals and teams to explore innovative solutions and take bold actions. Radhika has witnessed tangible organizational successes and achieved remarkable results through this approach.