Re-phase your life


COVID and its repercussions on our regular lives were quite impactful and thereby, human behavior changed drastically during the COVID crisis. Some of them turned out to be positive which brought the ‘human orientation’  back in us, some not so good pointers which need to be openly spoken so that people around us realize its consequences and some greater lessons that the world around has taught us. 

To start with something simple and comprehensible; however, may not be as easy to follow.  The 1st one is all about taking small steps in the right direction and thereby, call it a part of the re-orientation of how we want to live.

  1. Have a hobby: Never make your life too people dependent that you forget how to make peace with yourself when you have all the time in the world. Try finding out something that excites you and brings the best in you. Get into action and re-ignite your passion back.
  2. Old friends! Remember? : We all have missed connecting to some of our partners in crime – our good old school buddies. The race of earning our living, the lack of finding the time, or the truth that we may not have added them our priority list has kept us away from the emotional gratification that we achieve by talking to our long lost friends. Take out that time now and connect back to them. I am sure you will find the beautiful memorable child back in you when you do that.
  3. Be kind to yourself: You may have been made a scapegoat or have been victimized by a few people in your life – maybe once or on multiple occasions. Let go of it from your thought, from your memory, and from your life completely. Be kind to yourself, forgive them. I know it’s easy said than done, but it’s important to get back the peace you deserve in such an unpredictable era that we are living now. Life is too short to carry those grudges.
  4. Untie a few knots of life: Unknowingly or knowingly you may have caused problems in someone else’s life. It’s time you reflect and accept it. Remember it’s is completely human. Now, gather the courage to call the person and have a conversation that you may have left half-finished. You will be amazed to see how magical your life will become when you get to know that the other person has already moved on and have no qualms with you. Or maybe in case he has, your efforts to mend the follies have got accepted now.
  5. Set short-term goals and live for it: In this time of great uncertainty, target on the goals that are smaller and achievable. Something that was on your list and you have always wanted but didn’t find the right time. Remember there is no better ‘right time’ than today. I always wanted to sing a song with my daughter on a public platform when she grows up, however as I firmly believe that today is the ‘right time’ to do what you have envisioned, so both of us created a mash-up video and presented to the whole world through a social media channel. I ticked one of my personal goals and it brought me a great sense of satisfaction.