Rishi MS Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women


In a country as large and varied as India, the role of academic goals in engineering institutions cannot be underestimated. Amidst the numerous rapidly developing technologies and ever-changing industries, there arises a demand for educational establishments to outline their directions. A strong academic vision acts as an anchor, defining the curriculum development, research programs, and educational goals at large. It is a critical aspect of ensuring that engineering graduates are not only technologically sound but also possess the agility and creativity required by the fluid global environment.

Amidst the myriad of engineering colleges in India, Sai Rajeswari Institute of Technology (SRIT) stands out as a beacon of academic excellence. Committed to its vision, SRIT seamlessly integrates quality education, high academic standards, and unwavering integrity into its fabric. The institution’s relentless efforts are evident in its recognition as the Engineering College of the Year 2023 – Academic Vision. This award not only reflects SRIT’s dedication to fostering a forward-thinking educational environment but also highlights its commitment to shaping engineering professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in today’s competitive world.

Sai Rajeswari Institute of Technology in a Nutshell

Founded in 2009 by the Sri Sai Rajeswari Educational Society, Sai Rajeswari Institute of Technology (SRIT) is dedicated to maintaining elevated standards and facilitating excellence in technical education. Situated in the serene locale of Lingapuram (Andhra Pradesh), just 2 kilometers from Proddutur along the Mydukur main road, the expansive 15-acre campus provides a tranquil setting with abundant greenery and fresh air. Enjoying seamless connectivity through excellent public and private bus facilities, SRIT ensures easy access to major cities.

SRIT is committed to delivering superior technical education and training, transforming aspiring students into fully-fledged engineers with the confidence to secure employment globally. The college is inspired by Swami Vivekananda, and is founded on a bedrock of core values—quality, high academic standards, and integrity—and progresses consistently in its pursuit of excellence. Courses offered at SRIT range from conventional engineering subjects like Mechanical, Civil, & Computer Science to hybrid-engineering branches such as Agriculture Technology.

Nurturing Comprehensive Growth

Sai Rajeswari Institute of Technology (SRIT) prioritizes the comprehensive development of its students, placing their overall growth at the forefront of its mission. In adherence to the established standards of JNTU Ananthapur for technical education, the institute ensures that students acquire technical knowledge through laboratory sessions and interactions with distinguished engineers and professors. To complement this, SRIT boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-equipped lab facilities. The institution maintains a library that offers students the opportunity to explore a diverse range of books across various domains.

Currently aligned with the curriculum prescribed by JNTU Ananthapur, SRIT recently achieved autonomous status, allowing for a curriculum tailored to meet the present and future needs of the industry. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to offer students the chance to pursue post-graduation within the country or abroad. With affiliations to twenty-one industries, SRIT actively works towards bridging the gap between industry and academia, providing students with hands-on experience through industrial visits, interactions with industry professionals, internships, and more.

Sculpting Global Perspectives

At Sai Rajeswari Institute of Technology (SRIT), a global perspective is seamlessly woven into the fabric of classroom education. The institute actively fosters an environment of open discussions and debates, empowering students to transcend geographical and psychological boundaries in their thinking. Comprehensive training programs encompassing Soft Skills, Life Skills, TOEFL, GRE, and IELTS are integral to our curriculum.

Encouraging a holistic approach to student life, SRIT places a strong emphasis on sports and extracurricular activities both on and off the campus. Numerous students have not only participated but excelled in various district and state-level sports competitions. The institution organizes a plethora of activities, including educational tours, college fests, technical fests, seminars, and guest lectures, promoting both technical and extracurricular growth.

Maintaining an unwavering connection with its alumni, SRIT benefits from valuable insights into current job market trends. Additionally, the institute has established a robust network of professionals who stand ready to mentor and guide students towards a future brimming with opportunities and professional advancement.

Fostering Dreams, Building Futures

Consisting of a state-of-the-art infrastructure, Sai Rajeswari Institute of Technology (SRIT) ensures that students relish every amenity available. Committed to fostering an inclusive environment for upliftment and development, SRIT’s management spares no effort in equipping the campus with the latest facilities essential for today’s engineering aspirants. From a well-stocked, state-of-the-art library to cutting-edge lab setups facilitating uninterrupted learning, SRIT sets a benchmark for engineering colleges in both the local vicinity and the broader country.

The institute’s exceptional infrastructure not only supports academic endeavors but also serves as a venue for significant events like the “National Level Students Induction Programme,” sponsored by AICTE. Furthering opportunities for growth beyond the classroom, SRIT stands as a hub for inter-college, state, and national-level sports programs. Encouraging students to participate in off-classroom activities, SRIT is dedicated to fostering complete holistic development. Serving as a unique platform, the institute sees students entering with dreams and leaving having achieved those dreams, accompanied by cherished memories.

Summing up the entire engineering experience, and perhaps providing the final impetus for a successful leap into the ever-changing world, SRIT houses an excellent Training & Placement Cell on campus. Students undergo training in interpersonal communication, skill development, and societal responsibilities from their first year. With a robust industry connection, students enjoy optimal opportunities to attend interviews and secure placements in top corporations and esteemed organizations.