Robots Teach Students In A Bangalore School As Artificial Intelligence Advances


A school in Bangalore has been acclaimed as the first institution in the country and the world to have a robot teacher – Artificial Intelligence with the proper infrastructure to teach students.

A robotics laboratory was set up in Bangalore’s Indus International School to teach students in the classroom, which could be a significant advancement in an academic forum. The classes would be the same, except that the teacher would be a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence rather than a person!

The innovative and original teaching method has regained massive fame in India. The Eagle Robot has been introduced by Indus International School as part of a collaborative learning strategy at its schools.

With the traditional method of teaching taking a backseat, many schools and academic institutions have turned towards smart-tech classes for a more flexible and lenient learning strategy. However, it appears that it requires a formative method of learning. and guidance for concrete teaching.

The Indus International School introduced the Eagle Robot, India’s first teaching robot, for what could be described as a structured collaborative learning method.

Apart from nurturing their education and giving them an insight into what could be the future teaching system for most schools and colleges, despite the advancement, there is no compromise in teaching by this unique school.

There are 21 Eagle Robots deployed across three Indus Schools, with seven in each of Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune. The Eagle Robot personalises the experience, is highly interactive, and uses its digital face to simulate emotions.

Not only is this a turning point, but it can also lead to better academic performance among the students.

Robotic teaching can be advantageous as it enhances

  • Students achievements.
  • increases the efficiency of instructions and information
  • It reduces teachers’ effort and makes them concentrate on other activities.

Many may disagree with this progress in technology, but the robot is filled with pre-loaded content that can be trained and monitored for various topics and curricula in different language programs.