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It is high time that Engineering Education must cater to today’s generation, while also addressing the importance of solving the “Grand Challenges” that face humanity. Considering the various issues including climate change, sustainability in agriculture, healthcare and technological advancements, engineers of tomorrow are expected to be at the forefront of this movement. Helping solve these “big problems” will not only spark a strong sense of innovation among young engineers, it will also create a myriad of career opportunities, progressing towards societal impact.

This progressive ideology is best shown by Sambhram Institute of Technology (SaIT), which stands out as a center of contemporary engineering education in India. Situated in Bangalore, a bustling metropolis, SaIT is dedicated to creating an educational atmosphere that inspires students to take on these global issues head-on.

Sambhram Institute of Technology in a Nutshell

An essential component of the Sambhram Group, Sambhram Institute of Technology (SaIT) is the flagship institution of the Group and was founded in 2001 by businessman, visionary, educationist, and philanthropist Sri R. Venkatesh.

Tucked away in a serene setting on a five-acre lush green campus, the institute is well-served by public transportation and close to notable institutions like the Indian Institute of Science, BEL, HMT, and the Indian Air Force. SaIT has gained recognition as one of the best engineering schools in the nation because of its strong resource basis and managerial foundation, which have pushed the institution to the forefront of high-quality technical education.

Also committed to providing affordable quality education, SaIT employs various learning methods, including collaborative, project-based, web-based, and problem-solving approaches. This is further enhanced by industrial visits, internships, webinars, and interactions with industry experts.

Home to a strong team of qualified and experienced faculty members who are from the background of research, industry and academia, SaIT offers a range of UG courses, including BE in CSE, AI & ML, AI & Data Science, CSE-Cyber Security, ECE, ME, Civil, and an MBA Program. The tech institute is affiliated with the VTU, and in complete sync with the industry-oriented syllabus and value-added training prescribed by NEP.

The infrastructure is completely state-of-the-art, equipped with a vast library that strengthens its modern and digital teaching and learning environment. The spacious library houses an exhaustive collection of books and journals in a wide range of engineering, science and management subjects.

Fostering Innovation and Excellence

Sambhram Institute of Technology (SaIT) is dedicated to fostering research and innovation among its students and faculty through various initiatives and facilities. These include the Centre of Excellence lab facility, Institution Innovation Cell, Institute Incubation Cell, Entrepreneurship Cell, and a Core Research Group led by eminent professors.

The institute also supports the Institute-Industry Interaction Club, Hackathon Club, Mini Project Competitions, National Level Project Competitions, APJ Abdul Kalam IP Cell, Women Entrepreneurial Cell, and advanced research labs such as the INTEL Lab, WIPRO Mission10X Lab, TEXAS Analog Lab, and BMW Engine Lab. Recent initiatives and collaborations, including MOUs with IBM and REDHAT, and the FRACTION Teaching-Learning Program supported by ERASMUS PLUS and the European Union, have further strengthened SaIT’s commitment to excellence.

To support academic and extracurricular activities, SaIT conducts hackathons, mini-project competitions, workshops, talks by industry experts, paper presentations, technical talks, seminars, webinars, guest lectures, conferences, symposiums, and training programs. Students are encouraged to participate in National Level Project Competitions and Industry Interaction Clubs. The Entrepreneurship Cells at SaIT focus on academic, technical, and research activities, promoting a comprehensive learning environment.

Insights from Dr. V. Nagaraj on Employability and Strategic Partnerships at SaIT

During a brief interview opportunity when we asked Dr. V. Nagaraj, the Chairman of Sambhram Group of Institutions (SGI), to talk on how the tech institute churns employable engineers of tomorrow. He shared – “The Sambhram Placement & Incubation Centre (SPIC) is the chief facilitator for students to obtain placements best suited to them. The team works to forge liaisons between SaIT and organizations in various industries”. “The database of the students is managed by the cell, which plays a crucial role in suitably placing the alumni too whenever required. Apart from all the in-house placement training, SPIC organizes training programs by industry experts”, the Chairman continued.

Through the conversation he also spoke on how Sambhram Institute of Technology (SaIT) has established several key partnerships to enhance academic, technical, and research activities for students and faculty. Few specific initiatives/collaborations include an alliance with Computer Society of India (CSI), who have in turn initiated an Institutional Student Chapter at SaIT to support these endeavors. Additionally, the partnership with the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE), India’s leading technical professional society, helps students stay abreast of the latest trends and needs in electronics, telecommunications, and information technology. Lastly, the Chairman added on the collaboration with the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), which facilitates career development for teachers and personality development for students, encouraging participation in technical activities and interaction with field experts.

Dr. V. Nagaraj – Chairman

Dr. V. Nagaraj – Chairman Sambhram Institute of Technology
Dr. V. Nagaraj – Chairman Sambhram Institute of Technology

Dr. V. Nagaraj, an educationist, visionary, and entrepreneur, has been co-leading the Sambhram Group of Institutions for the last three decades. An engineer by profession and holding an MBA degree, Dr. Nagaraj embodies the ideal techno-manager. He is the backbone of the Sambhram Group, which encompasses educational domains such as IT, Management, Engineering, Hotel Management, Nursing, Dentistry, and Medical Sciences in Bangalore and Kolar, Karnataka, India.

Dr. Nagaraj played a pivotal role in establishing Sambhram University in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, in partnership with the Government of Uzbekistan. This IT University is the third Indian university and the first from South India in Uzbekistan, offering higher education opportunities in IT and Management programs to the region’s youth.

Known for his integrity and honesty, Dr. Nagaraj is dedicated to providing affordable education, motivating and shaping the young generation into global professionals and responsible citizens. His dream project, the Sambhram Hospital at Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) in Karnataka, is steadily progressing towards its goal of delivering basic health facilities to remote villages around KGF.