Symbiosis Skills and Professional University


In the current era of unprecedented transformation, skill-based learning has become an imperative. The influx of new technologies has ushered in a growth-driven landscape teeming with opportunities. However, the question that looms large is whether we are adequately prepared to seize these opportunities. There is a growing discourse on the need to transition from the traditional higher education system to one that is skill-based.

In this context, institutions like Symbiosis Skills and Professional University (SSPU) emerge as transformative pillars of education. SSPU, with its visionary mission to create a world-class environment of learning, stands as a beacon for skill empowerment. The university is dedicated to providing higher education and skill development opportunities at all levels, aligning with the broader goal of preparing students for gainful employment and entrepreneurship.

Bridging Skills and Knowledge for Job-Ready Professionals

Symbiosis Skills and Professional University (SSPU) in Pune, Maharashtra, stands as the state’s first Skills University, blending industry-required skills with a strong foundational knowledge base for students. The campus features centers of excellence and learning factories, ensuring practical training that simulates real-life experiences. Collaborating closely with industry partners, the university designs curricula, conducts expert guest sessions, provides sector-specific mentoring, onsite visits, and engaging internship projects, transforming students into job-ready professionals.

The university’s placement team places significant emphasis on grooming, presentation skills, communication, mock interviews, and overall personality development, setting students apart. Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, SSPU remains committed to providing internship opportunities. The innovative concept of ई–Internships ensures that students engage in internship mini-projects at home, guided by faculty and industry experts, maintaining continuous learning even during lockdowns.

Empowering Futures

Symbiosis, a renowned name in higher education for the last five decades, took a groundbreaking step around a decade ago under the leadership of its chairman. Acknowledging the prevailing reluctance among students to opt for skill-based courses due to a lack of understanding and the short-term nature of many programs, SSPU was established as a unique and characteristic institution.

SSPU stands out as the only university where students gain complete clarity on their career path upon completing their education. By meticulously mapping each program to specific job roles based on industry requirements, SSPU ensures that students not only understand their future roles but also anticipate salary expectations and industry performance standards. This strategic alignment provides unparalleled clarity, a distinguishing feature of the university.

Furthermore, Symbiosis Skills and Professional University (SSPU) comprises a range of specialized schools, each uniquely designed to excel in specific fieldshas been ahead of its time in implementing the features outlined in the National Education Policy 2020 since 2016. The university allows students to accumulate credits, providing multi-

entry exit options that offer certificates or diplomas based on the level at which they exit. This flexibility aligns with the modern approach to education, promoting a dynamic and inclusive learning experience.

The emphasis on practical learning, encapsulated in the “learning by doing” approach, sets SSPU apart. For every subject, an additional skill class ensures that students not only comprehend theory but also actively engage in skill development. This approach mirrors real-world scenarios, where understanding theory is insufficient without practical application.

Paving Paths to Success

The university’s innovative and industry-relevant curriculum, coupled with yearly internships, has yielded exceptional outcomes. SSPU boasts a 100 percent placement rate, with a notable 30 percent of graduates venturing into entrepreneurship. This unique blend of academic excellence, practical orientation, and entrepreneurship promotion positions SSPU as the most distinctive university in the country.

Symbiosis Skills and Professional University (SSPU) comprises a range of specialized schools, each uniquely designed to excel in specific fields. The School of Architecture prioritizes innovative design principles, while the School of Beauty and Wellness underscores a holistic approach to beauty education. The School of Data Science delves into analytics and emerging technologies, and the School of Engineering serves as a focal point for technical innovation. Leadership and business acumen are fostered in the School of Management, while the School of Professional & Extension Studies provides specialized programs. Encouraging collaboration across scientific domains, the School of Interdisciplinary Science plays a pivotal role. Simultaneously, the Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning expands the reach of flexible, online education globally. Dr. Swati Mujumdar, the Pro-Chancellor highlights that these schools offer a spectrum of UG, PG, Ph.D., and personalized programs, guided by their onboard esteemed faculty members.

Nurturing Excellence and Passion in Students for a Bright Future

SSPU takes pride in its accomplished students, recognizing their outstanding achievements through prestigious awards such as the Kushal Award and others. The university acknowledges individuals who not only secure commendable placements but also embody true excellence.

When asked about guidance for future students, the university and pro-chancellor emphasized the importance of choosing a program aligned with one’s true passion. The message is clear – happiness is the key to success, and the university’s tagline, “We help you convert your passion into a profession,” reflects its commitment to guiding, mentoring, and showing the right path to students. The open message encourages students to follow their hearts, pursue their passions, and convert them into professions. The university believes that this approach not only leads to personal fulfillment but also contributes significantly to society and aligns with the vision of initiatives like Make in India.