Twice-a-year boards to be rolled out in 2024: Union minister Dharmendra Pradhan


Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan announced that the new textbooks for classes III to VI, as well as classes IX and XI, will be available for the 2024-25 academic session, with the remaining textbooks becoming available in 2025-26.

The National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for schools, in accordance with the recommendations of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, has been formally notified. The development of the new school syllabus is underway in line with these recommendations.

The NEP has outlined guidelines for assessments and examinations, which have been comprehensively addressed within the NCF. We are now entering the phase of putting these recommendations into practice.

At present, board examinations are conducted annually at the conclusion of class X and XII. As part of the reforms, these exams will now be offered twice, though participation remains optional for students. Depending on their level of preparedness, a student may choose to take the exam once or twice, and the highest score will be considered. This adjustment aims to alleviate the pressure on students associated with a single high-stakes exam.

This bi-annual board examination format will be introduced starting from the 2024-25 academic year. This means it will be implemented for the class X and XII board exams in 2025, which is approximately one and a half years from now. This change will apply to current students in class IX and XI onwards.