UP govt allots Rs 750 cr for improving quality of education


The UP government on Wednesday announced a budget of Rs 750 crore for enhancing the quality of education in the state.
Spread across all three levels – basic, secondary and higher education– the fund will be spent in the next three months for rolling out new programmes and strengthening the existing ones.

As per the plan, Rs 121 crore has been allocated for schemes operating in basic education, Rs 20 crore for overhauling higher education while the secondary education department has sought Rs 600 crore for strengthening its infrastructure and improving academics.
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in his second term had set targets to be achieved in a time-bound manner. With the new financial year in place, all departments have been asked to prepare a three-month action plan, a government spokesperson said.

For the existing year, the basic education department will focus on upgrading its schools. For this, Rs 510 crore is allocated under PM School for Rising India (SHRI) scheme with a grant of 60% and 40% for the Centre and state respectively. Of this, Rs 76.1 crore will be spent till June.

The PM SHRI schools will be transformed into ‘green schools’ with solar panels and an efficient waste management system.
In addition, Rs 300 crore will be spent on building digital infrastructure and libraries. According to the plan, the Centre will establish a national library and encourage the states to build the necessary infrastructure so that students can access it at the ward and panchayat levels.
The secondary education department will receive a budget of Rs 390 crore under the PM SHRI scheme. Apart from this, a budget of Rs 5 crore has been allocated to the department to reimburse the tuition fees of the second daughter studying in self-financed schools. The department will allocate Rs 1.39 crore for this. Besides, there is a provision of Rs 237 crore for libraries and digital infrastructure.

In higher education, the focus is on the skill hubs for which Rs 2.1 crore has been sought for the purchase of equipment and basic facilities. Through it, the government will provide vocational education to drop-out students and conduct short-term certification courses for skill training. Also, Rs 2 crore will be spent on quality promotion of higher education. A total of Rs 10 crore will be spent on CM’s apprenticeship promotion scheme, and Rs 5 crore on the digital library at the ward level.