Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy


Karnataka, distinguished among the states of India for its commitment to delivering top-notch education, takes the lead in providing quality educational opportunities to its students. In addition to renowned engineering and medical programs, Karnataka is renowned for its esteemed pharmacy colleges. Among these institutions, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, the oldest and the iconic institution shines as a prominent symbol of excellence and pioneering spirit in the field of pharmaceutical education.

As an integral part of the Al-Ameen Educational Society, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy was established in 1983 with a firm commitment to delivering exceptional pharmaceutical education. The college is dedicated to cultivating a rich academic environment led by a highly knowledgeable faculty. Alongside academic excellence, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy places great emphasis on fostering industry interactions, recognizing their significance in the holistic development of students. The college remains attuned to the evolving trends of the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring that all endeavors align with market needs and societal demands.

Driven by a daily pursuit of excellence, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy consistently strives to surpass expectations in education and research. The college takes great pride in its quality collaborations and eagerly anticipates forging international connections in the future. With a steadfast focus on maintaining its status as a center for continuous education, the college consistently generates new knowledge in the pharmaceutical field. Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy is deeply committed to excellence in teaching, learning, research and entrepreneurship, aiming to nurture leaders across various disciplines.

Driving Innovation, Creating Impact

Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, situated in the vibrant city of Bengaluru, offers an array of courses encompassing D.Pharm, B.Pharm, Pharm-D, Pharm-D (PB), M.Pharm, and PhD in diverse specializations. The institute proudly houses departments dedicated to Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacy Practice, and Quality Assurance, fostering an environment conducive to varied research activities.

Dr. Md Salahuddin, the Principal of the college, emphasizes their commitment to advancing research endeavors on campus. This includes projects such as the synthesis of novel drugs, extraction of compounds from plants, development of drug delivery systems, exploration of nanoparticle drug targeting methods, innovative delivery platforms, drug screening for acute and chronic ailments, and more. Dr. Salahuddin further highlights that Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy nurtures a culture of innovation, leadership, excellence, integrity, respect and professionalism, providing students with the freedom and encouragement to explore new frontiers.

During the conversation with the Principal, it became evident that Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy attracts top-notch researchers, educators and exceptionally talented students from across the nation and beyond. This collective brilliance ensures the college’s consistent presence among the leading pharmacy institutions in India.

Where Learning and Research Flourish

Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy fosters an environment that encourages students to go beyond classroom boundaries and become well-prepared pharmaceutical professionals ready to excel in the industry. Each department at the college is deeply committed to forging collaborations with the industry, particularly for the benefit of its postgraduate students. Dr. Salahuddin further elaborates that the college has successfully undertaken research projects with notable pharmaceutical companies like Embiotic Laboratories, Shree Anand Life Sciences, Shruthi Pharmaceuticals pvt. Ltd, resulting in mutually beneficial utilization of resources.

The college recognizes the importance of equipping its students for competitive entrance exams such as GPAT, NIPER, and BITS. To facilitate this, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy provides training and encourages students to participate in mock interviews across various job fields during industry orientation and soft skill development programs. Furthermore, the college leverages its impressive industry connections to regularly organize guest lectures and workshops on topics crucial for students to adapt to diverse job opportunities. The college’s placement cell has signed MoUs with leading pharma training institutes to conduct regular training sessions for students.

Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy is dedicated to securing the future careers of its graduating students. The college’s placement cell focuses on developing dynamism, instilling strong human values, nurturing technocratic skills and fostering good leadership qualities among its students. A systematic approach is followed each year to prepare outgoing students for recruitment challenges. Special training programs are conducted to enhance soft skills, build confidence in facing interviews and provide orientation on the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. Pre-placement programs and industrial orientation programs are also organized for final-year students to ensure they are technically and mentally prepared for the industry.

In Conclusion

All in all, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy recognizes the need to enhance pharmacy education and ensure its graduates are well-prepared for the industry. With the aim of bridging the gap between academia and industry, the college is actively working on several initiatives through LSSSDC, IIC to train students & encourage them to take up entrepreneurship through start-ups. This includes developing more studio classrooms and expanding e-content to create a dynamic learning environment. By blending the academic curriculum with a focus on creativity and innovation, the college aims to make its graduates industry-ready and equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in the pharmaceutical field.

Dr. Salahuddin concludes that Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy is committed to continuous improvement and keeping pace with the evolving demands of the profession. The college believes that by fostering a strong connection between academia and industry, it can better prepare students to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the pharmaceutical industry. The integration of academic excellence, innovation, and industry relevance is a key aspect of the college’s approach to ensure its graduates are well-equipped for a successful and fulfilling career.

Being the first of its kind in Karnataka its founder, Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan laid the foundation of a big enlarged movement called “Al-Ameen Movement” under whose patronage attention was focused on education, banking and health sectors for the benefit of downtrodden sections. He was supported by a bunch of dedicated & devoted workers whose sincere efforts have resulted in establishing around 20 branches of Al-Ameen Educational Society and around 150 institutions throughout the State of Karnataka and India serving the cause of education to thousands of students.

Creating all-rounded personalities

Everything carried out at the Al-Ameen Educational Society is in the favor of the students. From various Personality development programmes like Presentation skills, Communication skills, Resume building, Mock interviews, Group discussion, How to face an interview, Discussion on Interview performance, Critical thinking, Importance of sales and business development, to teaching its students to become expert Problem Solvers with commendable Analytical & Research and leadership & management skills, all the institutions under AAES strive towards maintaining its brand value and excellence.

Also, due to actively existing in the educational neighborhood for over 5 decades now and counting, AAES has managed to build an impressive connection with the industry, resulting in benefits for students immensely. Be it regular visits to industries or Industrial training for students during their course tenures, AAES endorses hybrid teaching/learning thoroughly by conducting seminars from industry experts to upgrade students and staff knowledge. Moreover, projects for UG and PG students are designed in collaboration with industries, and staff and students are encouraged to attend conferences and workshops to stay abreast with changing trends.

Furthermore, with the staff of AAES having performed to the expectations, it always results in strong mentor-mentee bonds existing on campuses across the educational institutions governed by the Society. Also, one more important aspect to consider is the fact that only experienced professionals, among which many of them are PhD holders, influence the whole teaching environment at AAES. “Our Staff members are encouraged to attend TOT programmes compulsorily conducted by RGUHS, and are regularly motivated to register under QIP program and research methodology workshops”, shares – Mr. Umar Ismail Khan, the Chairman of the Society. Adding to his above statement he continued – “Various competitions, workshops, seminars/Webinars series are organized on a regular basis to upgrade students with current skills and knowledge & newer technologies”.

 Pandemic and beyond

“Fortunately, even the pandemic couldn’t hinder our admissions, nor the placements, as we are exceptionally equipped to handle tricky situations”, stated – Mr. Zubair Anwar, the Hon. Secretary of AAES. Furthermore, when Mr. Zubair was asked how AAES coped with the change, he added – “Post pandemic remedial classes have been taken by faculty members by providing extra assistance and guiding to students affected by pandemic and also to improve the skills and ability of students which helped students to perform better in exams”. Through the conversation with the Leadership Team of AAES we can easily conclude that Hands-on training-based learning is what the students are offered at AAES, and by the looks of it, the legacy will continue.