Bal Bharti School


With nearly a quarter of India’s population being in the age of attending school and college, whether our demographic situation is an asset for our country or not depends on the quality of their learning. Knowledge, skills and expertise are the key enablers for maintaining our economic growth momentum, especially in a scenario of technology-led disruptions like Industry 4.0, where skills and expertise requirements are ever-changing. To achieve this, the need of the hour are schools who are enabling such ecosystems which are moving away from rote learning, but striving on conceptual methods. Thus, Bal Bharti School stands out as a name which was founded with a clear education philosophy of – “Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides’, in turn, providing comprehensive education, keeping in view our country’s rich heritage and cultural background.

Known for providing open opportunities for the development of different facets of the child’s personality, at Bal Bharti – besides academic excellence and intellectual development, each child is motivated to discover and develop his/her innate talents and abilities. Not only do children at the School become capable academically, they eventually turn into responsible citizens of the country, exhibiting proper habits, positive attitude and great values.

Adding an important point on the culture that exists at Bal Bharti, the onboard Principal – Ms. Ruchira Bhatnagar shared – “At BBPSIP, school culture is made up of connections, core beliefs and behaviors of students and educators”. She continued – “While students do learn during their classes, but there’s also much that is learned implicitly, outside of the classroom and via Experiential Learning, bringing out the best in today’s children”.

One Roof for All

Inclusive education is exercised in the school wherein children with special education needs are taught with all other children. Making children forget their inequalities  and learn under one big welcoming roof, Bal Bharti has a mix of gifted students, autistic students and the students with disabilities such as ADHD. By having inclusive classrooms, peers benefit, too, as they’re more comfortable with and more tolerant of differences. 

All the students cherish the individual attention they get from their teachers, learning and growing in a nurturing environment, meeting students where they are and establishing clear and relevant expectations. At BBPSIP, ideal teacher-student ratio is followed and practiced to promote student academic achievement, such as better grades and test scores, as the School believes that positive teacher-student relationships lead to better and effective teaching.

An Epitome of New-Age Schooling

At Bal Bharati Public School, holistic development of a child is emphasized, therefore, making it their duty to persistently endeavor towards implementing the teaching methods which enable all the students to achieve complete education. Teachers play an important role in the development of students, and they are perhaps what the management calls – The Soul of the School. Consisting of only those individuals who are highly educated, cooperative and who work towards making the education system better, teachers operate as Gurus/Mentors, rather than just teachers. Taking the student-teacher relationship beyond the classrooms, the teachers make themselves readily available, where they address both – academic and personal issues.

An array of teaching methods that has been adopted by the school help our students to get sufficient time and opportunity for mastery of concepts and skills and to develop lifelong learning”, shared Ms. Ruchira. Through a brief conversation with the Principal, she spoke about how the spirit of education is kept alive at BBPSIP through “ACTIVITY BASED LEARNING”, while also offering unique and innovative activities using the Education-through-Engagement (ETE) route. Moreover, a variety of interdisciplinary activities have been made an integral part of the curriculum, where every month scholastic and non-scholastic subjects’ activities are conducted in the school. 

Considering regular Parent-Teacher Meetings as great opportunities for both the teacher and parents to work for the betterment of the child. Despite all the hurdles and unpredictable times in the last academic session owing to the covid times, regular online meetings were organized by the school where the teachers and parents shared their insights on the progress on the children with their parents and guardians. Additionally, parents are actively engaged in all relevant decision-making levels, where regular workshops and webinars are arranged for the parents from time to time about Parenting tips, Career Guidance from Experts, Confident Communication, Examination Stress and many more.

COVID & Beyond

As the whole world struggled with the pandemic, the lockdown and the loss of loved ones, BBPSIP was no different and it also went through the adverse and unprecedented events which followed. Even though the children were compelled to remain confined to their houses, BBPSIP was committed to continue with the teaching process and shifted to the VIRTUAL MODE. An extensive strategy was planned and earnest efforts were made for its execution. Teaching from home seemed far-fetched but rigorous and regular training provided to the teachers and students made the impossible possible. Classrooms, laboratories, sports ground, examination hall- all these were done from our respective homes, and several experiments were done regarding the platform to conduct online classes – from Zoom to Webex and finally to Google Meet and Classrooms. Finally, the online classes were conducted via google classrooms, while – Numerous webinars were organized for the students and the parents to make them understand all the functionalities of the new platform. “After all the turmoil faced in the past two years, the school, teachers, students and parents have become well-versed with the virtual platform and are well prepared to handle such future circumstances as we are committed to provide persistent quality education to our students”, concluded – Ms. Ruchira Bhatnagar. 

Lastly, going down the lane the school intends to have well-designed and well-equipped laboratories – Robotic laboratory, Geography laboratory and Music laboratory this academic year. And, the School’s focus shall be on working on various facets of AI, and improving the infrastructure of the school is also among the to-do lists of the authorities. Incorporating NEP in full swing is the agenda for this year. Apart from these plans, continuous teacher training, inviting motivational guests and organizing various workshops for the students, students counseling sessions are the perpetual activities that the school intends to continue with the better and improved versions.