The Choice School, Thiruvalla


Schools should be safe, supportive, and inclusive environments that foster a love of learning and encourage students to reach their full potential. A good school provides a quality education that is engaging, challenging, and relevant to the needs of its students. It offers a range of extracurricular activities and opportunities for students to develop their interests, skills, and talents. Thus, throwing a bright spotlight on one such school that has been operating efficiently and effectively, promoting respect, tolerance, and understanding among students and staff – The Choice School, Thiruvalla, stands out as an epitome of value-based schooling. 

The Choice School in Thiruvalla represents Mr. Jose Thomas’ aspiration to expand the availability of quality education beyond Cochin in Kerala. His aim was to create an eco-friendly learning environment equipped with first-class amenities for students. Situated in Manthanam, Kerala, on a peaceful 7.5-acre campus, the Choice School in Thiruvalla is revolutionizing school design in India. In fact, it received the Architizer A+ Award and was selected as the top educational project worldwide in 2016.

Striving on strong commitment to instill essential core values in their students such as intellect, creativity, inclusivity, and character, the success of the school is attributed to the dynamic relationship between students and teachers. The curriculum emphasizes creativity and values, providing equal opportunities for every student to excel academically and personally. The school is dedicated to hiring and keeping faculty who are experts in their respective fields and are adept at bringing out the best in each student on a daily basis. As a result of these factors, The Choice School is widely regarded as the top school in Kerala.

A Curriculum Designed for Excellence

The curriculum goes beyond academic excellence and is designed to foster physical, intellectual, and social development of each child. It is a perfect blend of pedagogical innovation, knowledge, and application, and keeps pace with the latest global trends, combining human sciences with technological innovations. With an aim to make learning more experiential, inquiry-driven, and enjoyable, the School employs an integrated, holistic, and learner-centric pedagogy, encouraging flexibility and discussion-based teaching. It also integrates environmental education across various disciplines and nurtures life skills through curricular and co-curricular activities, which help improve self-esteem, empathy towards others, and appreciation of different cultures. The curriculum lays equal emphasis on co-scholastic areas of art education and health/physical education, promoting inclusive education by providing equal opportunities to all students. Furthermore, it nurtures personality development, inculcates empathy towards others, and strives to achieve a balance between academic excellence and character-building.

Inspiring a Love for Learning

With a strong commitment to starting a school that can convert students into tomorrow’s leaders, Mr. Jose Thomas made his dream a reality and started the first Choice School. And after 33 years of tremendous growth and service towards the society, the Thiruvalla branch came into existence. The school is located in a remote village with breathtaking scenery and impeccable ethos. The building boasts an administrative block, well-equipped classrooms, and is constructed using non-toxic materials. Every child is given equal opportunities and individual attention at the School, ensuring they receive the best education possible. The school only hires leaders as the teaching staff, to maintain the highest standards of educational excellence.

Our core concepts of Knowledge, Character, and Health are at the forefront of our educational philosophy, resulting in excellent overall performance by our students”, shared – Rachel Ignatius, the Principal of the School. During a brief conversation with the Principal she also spoke about how the School is fortunate to have supportive and encouraging parents who motivate and engage with their educational approach. She also adds – “Our school environment is conducive to learning, and our goal is to empower our students to become self-reliant leaders of tomorrow while also maintaining a social commitment to help the less fortunate. It is this combination of factors that make The Choice School a temple of learning”. 

The Choice School Thiruvalla is proud of its infrastructure, its library called The Choice Athenaeum, laboratories, special learning spaces, an art room, a learning lab, a recreational room, grand walkways, and a distinctive butterfly-shaped auditorium called the Atrium. The campus also offers all the resources necessary for the all-round development of each individual, with sports and games being an integral part of the educational philosophy. The School provides international standard sporting facilities, including but not limited to football, basketball, cricket, badminton, volleyball, Kho-kho, Kabadi, and athletics, along with indoor gaming facilities.

Enriching Educational Experiences

The Choice School places great emphasis on providing opportunities for students to realize their full potential, and the formalization process of establishing a Student Council is one such opportunity. “By empowering students to take on leadership roles, we encourage them to share their innovative ideas and thoughts, which can make a significant impact towards building a better future”, shares – Rachel Ignatius. 

The Choice School has a team of experienced Career Counselors who are committed to guiding students in making informed decisions about their education and career paths, taking into account the ever-evolving job market. The Counselors provide comprehensive guidance and support to students, helping them identify their strengths and interests and matching them with the available academic and career options. In addition, the School invites representatives from renowned universities in India and abroad to visit the school and interact with the students, providing valuable insights into their academic programs, campus life, admission procedures, and financial aid opportunities. Through these efforts, The Choice School Thiruvalla strives to equip its students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue their dream careers with confidence and success.