BGS College of Education, BG Nagara


One of India’s most prosperous states, Karnataka, is home to renowned centers for higher learning that draw people from all across the nation and outside. Cities with outstanding academic institutions and a thriving intellectual scene include Bangalore, Mysore, and Mangalore. BGS College of Education stands out as a bright example in this educational environment. The BGS College of Education offers aspiring educators a caring atmosphere, promoting their growth and molding them into qualified professionals prepared to make a significant influence in the area of education. It does this with its outstanding faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and student-centric approach.

Established in 2007, BGS College of Education initially affiliated with the University of Mysore, approved by NCTE, and accredited by NAAC with a ‘B’ Grade. However, since 2018, it has become a Constituent College of Adichunchanagiri University, located in BG Nagara, Nagamangala Taluk, Mandya District. The college has a fruitful collaboration with BGS Model Public School, an ICSE School, which serves as a demonstration school. This unique partnership enables student-teachers to engage in Experiential Learning and gain valuable insights through reflective practices.

BGS College of Education has earned a reputation for its unwavering commitment to providing high-quality education in the field of Teacher Education. The college’s curriculum places a strong emphasis on practical learning and holistic development, aiming to produce competent and skilled teachers who can make meaningful contributions to the education sector.

Redefining Educational Excellence

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed. ), Doctoral Program in Education, and Certificate Courses are just a few of the many education courses available to students at BGS College of Education. These courses are carefully crafted to give students the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in their teaching professions. The curriculum achieves a seamless integration of theoretical ideas with real-world applications, enabling students to develop a thorough comprehension of the subject.

BGS College of Education provides students with a well-rounded education that goes beyond traditional academics in addition to a comprehensive curriculum. Students learn about morals and spirituality under the spiritual guidance of Paramapoojya Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Dr. Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji, the respected Chancellor of Adichunchanagiri University.

The curriculum of BGS College of Education has undergone considerable revisions recently. A precisely planned, two-year B.Ed. program was launched by the college in 2018. The curricula were updated in 2020 to comply with the National Education Policy (NEP) -2020 and to take into account the particular difficulties of teaching during the COVID-19 epidemic. In accordance with NEP-2020, additional revisions to the curriculum framework were implemented in 2022–2023.

The two-year B.Ed. program puts a lot of focus on building a research mindset, improving professional competency, and developing skill sets. Several teaching techniques are used to accomplish these goals, including lectures, discussions, brainstorming sessions, seminars, homework, tutorials, theoretical presentations, competency development activities, demonstrations, supervised practice, action research-based projects, fieldwork, reflective diary writing and so on.

Additionally, BGS College of Education offers certificate programs in a variety of topics, such as creative teaching, communicative English, communication skills, early childhood care and education, and yoga. “The ICT & IQAC Cell of the college is essential in giving thorough instruction on ICT literacy skills. The purpose of this program is to provide information and skills that students will need in order to effectively use a variety of technology tools and resources for educational purposes”, Dr. A T Shivaramu, the Principal of the College.

Through our KRTET (CAC Cell), we aim towards providing professional competency activities and coaching in addition to instruction in ICT literacy abilities, and these exercises and coaching sessions are intended only to improve students’ professional competencies”, he continued.

Also, the college is home to well-qualified, experienced, passionate and committed teaching faculty with more than a decade in the teaching field and pursuing doctoral programs in education and actively involved in publishing articles and books. The college also houses non-teaching staff with hands-on experience in the effective functioning of the college administration, and a strong technical team with a strong foundation for the latest technical knowledge to facilitate IT management of the college.

Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom

The BGS College of Education takes pride in its cutting-edge facilities and cutting-edge campus, which offers 100mbps high-speed internet connectivity. Digital classrooms, an analog and digital library, up-to-date labs, a psychology lab, and a language lab are all available at the college. Students also have access to a canteen, extensive guidance and counseling services, and fine arts facilities. The college lays a high emphasis on the whole personality development of its students, going beyond academic distinction.

BGS College of Education provides a wide variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities that improve communication skills, leadership attributes, and critical thinking skills in order to promote holistic growth. These initiatives include the creation of a Student Union and numerous clubs and committees, including the Eco Club in collaboration with the Demonstration School, the Health and Well-Being Club, the Competitive Exams Committee, the Music and Dance Performance Circle, the Science Circle, the Sports Circle, the Language Circle, and the Math Circle. Numerous activities geared at academics, art and culture, health and wellbeing, awareness campaigns, and social welfare initiatives are organized by the college in conjunction with its students. The Student Excellence and Empowerment Development (SEED), Women’s Cell, NSS Unit, Red Cross, and other organizations are behind these programs.

Dr. A T Shivaramu – Principal

Dr. A T Shivaramu is a highly experienced professional with 27 years of expertise in the field of education, administration, and management. With an impressive background, he has dedicated 17 years of his career as a Principal, effectively overseeing student affairs and implementing initiatives to foster student growth and achievement. Collaborating with fellow professionals, he strives to provide students with the utmost quality education. Currently, he serves as an Administrator at SACST® Sri Kshetra Adichunchanagiri, where he manages multiple schools and more than 40,000 students. Driven by his passion for education, he has served as a Dean for the past 5 years, ensuring compliance with regulations and creating a conducive learning environment for students.

In addition to his educational roles, Dr. A T Shivaramu actively participates as a member in various governance and policy-making bodies of Adichunchanagiri University. These prestigious positions include the Board of Management, Board of Studies, Committee of Academics, The Academic Council (Humanities & Social Sciences), Finance Committee, The Research Council, Work & Purchase Committee, Joint Faculty Committee, Fee Regulation Committee, and Malpractice Committee. Through his involvement in these bodies, he showcases his unwavering commitment to shaping the university’s policies and ensuring its smooth functioning.