St. Joseph’s College of Education, Mysuru


Karnataka stands tall as a hub of innovations and opportunities. With a strategic blend of theoretical rigor and practical application, the state has emerged as a premier destination for students seeking job-oriented education. Amidst this educational era of upliftment, Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, shines as a hotspot of commercial and industrial growth, further enhancing Karnataka’s allure as a higher education hub. The neighboring district of Mysuru, the cultural capital & heritage city is also a upcoming educational centre.

In this dynamic landscape, St. Joseph’s College of Education in Mysuru stands as a distinguished institution, epitomizing excellence in teacher education. Renowned for its comprehensive B.Ed. programme, the college offers a transformative learning experience, equipping aspiring educators with the requisite skills and knowledge. Recognized among Karnataka’s Top 20 Educational Institutes, St. Joseph’s College of Education represents a cornerstone of academic excellence and innovation in the state.

St. Joseph’s College of Education, Mysuru in a Nutshell

Operating under the umbrella of The Mysore Diocesan Educational Society (MDES), which is dedicated to providing value-based education in both rural and urban areas, St. Joseph’s College of Education, Mysuru was established in 1971. Currently overseen by Most. Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Apostolic Administrator,  Rev. Fr. Vijay Kumar, Secretary, MDES and Rev. Fr.Avinash, Admisitrator MDES,  the college is affiliated with the University of Mysore, recognized by NCTE, and accredited by NAAC. Committed to inclusivity, the college welcomes B.Ed. applicants regardless of caste, creed, or region, focusing on preparing dedicated educators for the nation’s future.

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Program at St. Joseph’s College of Education is a comprehensive two-year professional course designed to equip aspiring educators with the necessary skills for teaching at various levels. This includes upper primary, secondary (classes VI-X), and higher secondary (PUC) levels, as well as preparing professionals for roles in curriculum development, administration, supervision, and school leadership. The college offers instruction in both English and Kannada mediums, with proficient lecturers adept at handling both sections effectively.

In addition to the core curriculum, the college provides value-added courses such as Communication, Value at School, Theatre Skills, and ICT – covering both basic and advanced skills. These supplementary courses enhance students’ abilities and contribute to their academic excellence. The subjects offered include Languages (English and Kannada), Social Science (History and Geography), Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), Commerce, and Mathematics.

A Holistic Approach to Teacher Preparation

Achieving 100% results annually, with 75% of students securing placements even before results are announced, underscores the institution’s commitment to excellence. This success is attributed to the dedicated efforts of both faculty and students, as well as specialized courses in areas such as value at school, communication skills, theatre skills, and ICT.

Distinguished by its diversity and multicultural environment, SJCE Mysuru stands out among B.Ed. colleges in the region. Drawing students from various parts of India, and even Tibet, the college fosters a rich learning atmosphere where students exchange perspectives and broaden their horizons.

The institution’s wide range of programs aims to develop intellectually competent, morally upright, psychologically integrated, and socially committed teachers equipped for the evolving landscape of education. Integrating ICT-enabled teaching, innovative learning methods, life skills, and value-based education, SJCE focuses on holistic student development.

Collaborative extension activities, community living camps, and partnerships with various educational institutions and NGOs enrich the learning experience and widen the college’s network. Furthermore, consultancy services are provided to guide other institutions through accreditation processes, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

A Hub of State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

St. Joseph’s College of Education boasts impressive infrastructure spread across a sprawling 7-acre campus. Situated alongside the Mysore-Madikeri state highway, with a picturesque view of the Chamundi hills, the college offers a serene and conducive learning environment.

It comprises eight spacious classrooms equipped with LCD projectors, along with multipurpose, conference, and seminar halls. Additionally, the college houses specialized facilities such as a computer laboratory with internet access, psychology laboratory, art and drama room, and well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Language.

A cornerstone of academic excellence, the college’s library is furnished with a vast collection of resources, including 16,716 books, 9 journals, 27 magazines, 6,000 e-journals, and 3,135,000 e-books. Separate reading areas for faculty and students facilitate focused study sessions.

The campus extends beyond academics, offering a sprawling 2-acre play area shared with sister institutions, complemented by a clean and inviting canteen serving day scholars. Ample provisions for sports, both indoor and outdoor, cater to students’ recreational needs.

Fostering Academic Excellence and Social Responsibility

In a recent interview with Dr. Priya Mathew, the Principal, we delved into various aspects of the college. When discussing research endeavors, she highlighted the institution’s commitment to nurturing a culture of research and extension activities alongside teaching. Notably, the college has organized seminars at Regional, National, and International levels, fostering academic discourse and knowledge dissemination. Dr. Priya Mathew emphasized the scholarly achievements of the faculty, with four Ph.D. holders publishing research articles in esteemed journals and presenting papers at seminars and conferences, and acting as Resource Persons for National webinar & UGC HRDC Mysore.

Moreover, Dr. Priya Mathew underscored the institution’s subscription to INFLIBNET, facilitating access to new trends in higher education and research for both faculty and students. She also emphasized the college’s dedication to social responsibility, citing regular initiatives such as Blood donation camps, Medical camps, and Awareness programs on issues like AIDS. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the college actively participated in food distribution efforts. Furthermore, Dr. Priya Mathew highlighted the college’s collaborative efforts with various organizations, resulting in the establishment of fully functioning Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs). These partnerships facilitate faculty, student, and resource exchange, as well as training, placement, internships, and field trips.