BPP University – Empowering learners of today & leaders of tomorrow


Post the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world had to witness a drastic change in every aspect of our day to day lives. From the education sector to the entertainment industry, the world saw a change which was never seen before. However, this pandemic also helped us reveal our vulnerabilities, and at the same time, it also helped surface extraordinary human resourcefulness and potential. We all learnt that whatever decisions we made today will have long-term consequences in terms of education, living, or career growth. Therefore, thinking and planning based on a humanistic vision of education and development, and human rights, the education sector across the globe carefully progresses each day. Furthermore, with this pandemic crisis having the full potential of radically re-shaping our world, this is the best time to implement policies of education which are carefully drafted considering public deliberation and democratic accountability.

Currently, the need of the hour demands institutions, universities and colleges committed to strengthen education as a weapon fighting towards inequalities, in turn, helping people flourish even during these gloomy times. With educational institutions mushrooming across the globe claiming to be the most happening places imparting smooth quality learning, students are increasingly growing anxious in terms of their education and career. Coming as a ray of hope, treating this pandemic crisis as an instance to outgrow and outperform, BPP University is working day in and day out, helping perplexed students waiting for a boost in their educational career.

Acting as a second home to around 15,000+ students, spread across 13 centres, in eight locations across England, BPP University boasts of excellent academic integrity. In addition, having exceptional rigorous standards and academic governance leading the parade of the university, the unique approach followed towards learning and individual growth, enables students to stay highly relevant to the current industry standards and demands.

Knowledge with a difference

Under the vast and successful leadership & management of the BPP Group, BPP University strives each day, understanding the fact that every learner is different, who demands different needs, based on his/her personal circumstances. Therefore, BPP University utilizes its full power of being a degree-awarding body, in excelling as a premier university, imparting tailor-made extensive knowledge/courses via the 4 separate schools, which include law, business and technology, school of health, and nursing.

During a brief conversation, we had with the dean of the School of Business & Technology – Ms Sarah Mcllroy, we got an opportunity to discuss in detail the whole positive ethos present on campus. Also, posing as budding students in the search of a premier university abroad, and, on behalf of the whole student community back home, we tried our best to get the answers needed to the most asked questions of today. Fortunately, Sarah Mcllroy quiet calm in her demeanour responded to every question thrown at her with ease, thus showing her prowess as an expert academician and an educator.

During the conversation, when asked about how the whole course curriculum is designed at BPP University, she stated – “We act as a large business delivery network, thus delivering the industry the right professionals, who have the right expertise and knowledge, and thereby, every lesson or chapter taught on campus, is curated with the help of esteemed industry experts”. She added to her earlier statement by saying – “We cater to the needs of the students and the employers, by providing the best programs in every field, keeping in mind the current industry standards and demands”.

Focusing on providing the students with courses which in turn convert them into employable individuals, the faculty play a major at BPP University, thus guiding every student towards a smooth career progression. Also, employing only the most talented and experienced practitioners in their respective fields and niches, BPP University gives students a thorough chance to find role models in their very own faculty, thus taking assistance from them, be it on personal or professional grounds. Besides being a support system for the students to put their weight on, even during these times of crisis, teachers and the faculty members are readily available via digital methods, pushing students to inculcate digital leadership traits.

Ensuring Scientific Literacy

Across all the fields of education taught at BPP University, the keywords Data and Digital play a major role. Well before the COVID-era, the implementation and practice of the best ICT-enabled learning were promoted on a large scale. Well beforehand, working towards an environment free from barriers of teaching medium. As a result, the university has an online campus present for all the students, parents and teachers, acting as a unique platform to interact with each other, working towards a success filled relationship of mutual respect.

Due to the impressive industry-academia connect the university has with top corporates across boundaries, the whole working environment has been altered accordingly, in the direction of promoting today’s students into tomorrow’s professionals. These connections help students explore their inner potentials, by taking part in internships, cross-cultural programs, value-added benefits, and, lastly if proved capable, placements. Students savour from every amenity made available to them. From the classroom lovers to extra-curricular opportunists, the state-of-the-art infrastructure caters to all, thus, becoming a literal haven of unison and inclusivity. As Ms Sarah Mcllroy quoted – “Value for money”, talking to us about how much education at BPP University is priced competitively, the university also has the best scholarship and funding programs.

Lastly, having ties with top global employers helps students get placed in branches across the globe, facilitating comfortable and feasible career options. Also, with future-based courses being added to the catalogue now and then, the future at BPP University seems result-oriented, expanding into new horizons like project management, and data analytics, thus truly living the quote – ‘Building careers through education’.

Sarah Mcllroy, Dean – School of Business & Technology

A trained teacher and an accountant, Sarah Mcllroy is a highly experienced education professional. Her passion for creating innovative programmes pushes her in the path of developing a range of digital training and education programmes catered to today’s student. As the current Dean of the school of business & technology, she adopts this evolving approach to teaching and learning, embedding these aspects into many of the programmes which BPP offers. Being a person who is dedicated to what she wants and what she does, she motivates BPP University into becoming highly relevant, up to date learning hub, creating both current and next-generation professionals, ready-enough to cope with changes of the ever-dynamic society and the increasing complexity of technology.