Candor International School – Articulating Societal Change


More than two decades of rapid economic growth in our country has stimulated strong demand for private, international education among India’s growing middle class. Even though currently there are so many educational boards to follow, parents can enroll their children based on the style of education their respective wards are interested in. Moreover, considering the current times of turmoil, application-based learning is on a drastic rise, and fortunately, the IB curriculum has been giving out trained individuals to society, by focusing more on practical and application-based learning, in contrast to CBSE or ICSE curriculums.  While most of the IB Schools in our country are doing a fairly good job in converting students into tomorrow’s leaders, one particular school is nurturing students into responsible global citizens with both local and global context – Candor International School, Bangalore, comes an as a welcome ray of hope even during these gloomy times of the pandemic.

Believing thoroughly that every individual is unique, can learn, and has potential that can be tapped, Candor International School has been creating the right learning experiences for children, thereby, encouraging youngsters to not only understand the world but also strive to make it better, since its inception. Built over a 25-acre lush green and eco-friendly campus, a plethora of reasons make Candor International School special, among which – valuing every child’s individuality being the most important one. With a 1: 6.5 teacher/student ratio, the school is a haven for personal attention, facilitating smooth learning experiences to all its students and in turn, promoting the holistic development of each child on campus.

Despite having won many accolades over the years, Candor leaves no stone unturned even today, always striving to continue the journey towards imparting sheer academic excellence. Moreover, the school being an IB World curriculum, the commitment put in by its management is of high quality, always staying well in sync with the changing market trends and demands, equipping students for the world outside. Additionally, by dedicating a considerable amount of time to constantly review the curriculum, which is inquiry-based, student-centered, and trans-disciplinary, students effortlessly get transformed into active learners, ready to take wings and venture out, in their respective fields of interest.

Nurturing lifelong learners

Using latest Multi sensory learning approaches, the teachers at Candor create a perfect balance of learning, reaching out to all students with their unique styles and techniques. “This also includes visual and performing arts, that can bring out their intelligence and their creative potential”, added – Dr. Suresh Reddy, the founder and the Chairperson of  Saketh Educational Trust, under who’s abled umbrella – Candor International School was started. Taking time out of his busy schedule, Dr. Reddy gave us a total insight into the whole working ethos present at the IB School, telling us about all the aspects, which make Candor a school which literally stands out. Continuing on the point of how the teachers excel as true mentors, Dr. Reddy stated – “Inquiry-based teaching  is given by the proficient teachers to trigger the analyzing side of each student, thereby, equipping the students with the power to raise queries”.

The International Curriculum followed on campus helps Candor extend its expertise, beyond disciplines. From core subjects to languages, the flexibility and belonging felt across all the corners of the school motivates students to pursue their ambitions, talents, and interests. Letting students opt for any foreign language and co-curricular activity to succeed in their desired path, the needs and requirements of the students are always kept on the forefront at Candor, working together towards all-round development and growth. Making sure all the stakeholders are mutually benefited along the journey, the active parent participation in their respective ward’s progress pushes all the students to stay motivated and accountable of their personal endeavors. The School Community Association (SCA) at Candor is also a humble initiative focused towards enriching the schooling experiences of the entire school community. In addition, the SCA also acts as the liaison between the administration, staff and parents, aimed to bring in enrichment programs to children at all grade levels.

Well-prepared to excel

Well before the pandemic hit the world, the school administration had promoted blended learning on a large scale, thereby, staying well-equipped to the pandemic situation, ensuring that their students receive the best possible education, irrespective of the situation outside. Special care was given to maintain the teacher-student relationship productively during these unprecedented times. The social, educational, emotional, and physical needs of the students were met with meticulously and efficiently by the teachers and staff of Candor International School. The morale of the students was also kept high by lending them a helping hand and a compassionate ear. Google classrooms and Zoom were effectively used to facilitate an engaging learning platform for the Early Year students & Digital platforms like YouTube, Skype, Zoom, Edmodo, and Managebac enabled Middle and High School teachers to run their classes smoothly. Even though the pandemic left the campus empty & deserted for a long time, the school still celebrated events like the Graduation Day, Sports Day, Investiture ceremony, and so on, online and successfully.

A school which firmly believes that – learning can be unbridled and unhooked from books, Candor has always sharpened the inbound skills of every individual, striking inner emotions in each of them, focusing towards converting them to become responsible citizens of the country and the world. Also, preaching that knowledge and wisdom work, if utilized properly together, Candor International School has always been known for representing a refreshing counterbalance to academic studies, and thereby, by the efforts being continuously put in – day in and day out, Candor will surely continue on this very path, helping everyone associated with it embark on a journey of self-discovery.

By serving society, and giving back trained individuals, Candor has won many accolades in this very journey, among which – being Ranked #1 in Infrastructure Provision (2015), Ranked #5 Top International School in Bengaluru, and #6 Top Residential School in Bengaluru (2018), Ranked twice among the top three in Bengaluru’s Top International Day Schools, (2015 and 2017) Awarded for the innovative approach in grooming young learner’s with skills for life are a few. Also, for being one of the top international schools, having the best infrastructure and technology, providing a healthy and serene atmosphere to ensure the happiness quotient index for the overall development in all children (2019-20), Candor has been Ranked among Bengaluru’s top five International Day-Cum-Boarding Schools

Dr. Suresh Reddy – Founder & Chairperson

The Founder and Chairperson of the Saketh Educational Trust that has established Candor International School in Bangalore, Karnataka, Dr. Reddy’s vision is to ensure that school education in India, in addition to providing academic excellence, also draws out and develops every student’s potential in Arts and Sports. He aims to ensure that students make a seamless transition between Indian and Western schooling systems through exchange programmes for students, as well as teachers. Also, a successful entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of a leading IT company in the USA, he has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, as well as various MNCs such as US Bank, Volvo and Prudential Insurance. He has received many honors and accolades, including one for his IT company as ‘One of the fastest growing private companies in the USA’. Dr. Reddy also serves as the Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Consortium (SMEC), a consortium of over 300 technology companies.