Chitkara Business School – An Environment of Global Change & Transformation


Driving business schools’ rapid evolution in today’s time gives rise to the immense need to equip aspiring students with the knowledge and skill sets they’ll need to hit the ground running when they graduate. Thereby, working relentlessly to overhaul their curricula, in order to meet the demand for the new skills and insights that the post-COVID world requires, business schools and institutes across India have started on an endless race of outperforming towards enhanced learning experiences. Also, trying their best to get recognized as the first choice of students who are looking forward to starting their business management endeavors, the main focus of b-schools today is the importance laid on academics, employability and entrepreneurship. Additionally, with the whole world’s focus being rightly on the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff, less discussed is how the actual content of MBA and business master’s courses are undergoing an unprecedented rapid evolution, and how many b-schools of today are addressing these changes towards a better tomorrow. One such b-school which is known for setting an example in terms of brand value and educational excellency, and continuing on enhancing innovation and social entrepreneurship in collaboration with industry – Chitkara Business School (CBS) is busy retooling their curriculums to adapt to new virtual or hybrid settings, the world needs.

A vital part of the Chitkara University – Punjab, CBS has been carving its niche as a living example of best teaching-learning practices, and excellent onboard faculty members. “Our faculty is our strength and our students are our pride”, quoted – Dr. Madhu Chitkara, the pro-chancellor of the university, who explained to us how CBS and Chitkara operate by the people and dedicated for the betterment of people. Furthermore, consisting of 3 departments including MBA department which hosts programs with variety of concentrations and industry driven programs, UG department with BBA, B.Com and B.A (Hons) in Economics programs, CBS also serves as welcome haven for students who want to pursue their Doctoral Research Programs via the Doctoral Research Centre (DRC) , catered especially for working professionals. The programs hosted by the b-school also encompass 10 different specializations in the new-age technologies, such as Healthcare Management, Healthcare IT, Business Analytics and Pharma Management, along with conventional MBA Courses, making all the programs super unique and up to date.

Started by Dr Ashok L Chitkara and Dr Madhu Chitkara, who gave wings to their vision of creating a globally recognized organization, where academic excellence is just a metaphor, and the ground reality is much intense and efficient, Chitkara Educational Trust was founded in the year 1998. Extending their individual knowledge and expertise, in turn promoting innovation and interdisciplinary research, Chitkara Educational Trust eventually gave birth to many institutes under its shade, where Chitkara B-School was one such initiative which clearly aimed towards bringing positive reforms to the field of management and business studies.

Enabling better futures, one student at a time
Built on a dedicated 30-acre lush green campus, industry-ready managers cum leaders get created at CBS each year. Also, being one among the fastest growing b-schools of the country, CBS has been excelling as a complete student-centered hub, due its strong associations with industry giants, the onboard world-class infrastructure including both – physical as well ICT-enabled and their clear aim of producing not just graduates but dynamic individuals. Following a teaching methodology which is exceptionally effective, the learning outcomes received at the student’s end give out results in terms of the capable individuals who are being churned out of young students. Industry bonds also are maintained at the b-school, in turn, co-creating the most relevant and updated course curricula, for in-depth practical-based learning. Students are encouraged to take part in project works, international exchanges, internships, such that, at the end of their study-period at CBS, they become well-learned individuals who have expert knowledge in fundamentals and have enough application-based expertise pertaining to their niches.

Consisting of a group of best business professionals who lead the parade as esteemed faculty members, the onboard teachers carry their experience and excellence forward, imparting a truly immersive learning experience for all. Laying equal emphasis on both the students and the teachers, at CBS even the students are given opportunities to flourish, learn and grow. Adding to this point, the pro-chancellor stated – “We push faculty members to engage in research programs and paper writing events along with the students, encouraging strong mentor-mentee bonds”. In addition, the management, having thoroughly understood the needs of tomorrow’s manager, the programs hosted by the b-school are altered accordingly, making them more rigorous and completely flexible.

The impressive industry-academia connect existing on the campus, allows students to get the right industry exposure, well before they enter into their professional careers. The internship and project opportunities provided are elaborate and the students benefit greatly from them. With facilities like the placement cell and a separate faculty assigned, methodologies like Simulation Activities, Case Study discussions, Internships, Brainstorming sessions, team building activities, experiential learning, and so on, become a norm at the b-school, which is a welcome change to the existing grooming process followed worldwide.

Beyond conventional b-schooling
As we all know, Entrepreneurship is an art, which consists of a skill set not everyone can master, thus, only the selected few bright minds make it big as entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, treating every student as a leader, at CBS, entrepreneurship is given equal importance and consideration. By establishing the Centre of Entrepreneurship Education Development (CEED, the b-school envisions increasing the ecosystem’s productivity by simplifying the task of connecting people with the right opportunities. “Initially a value is created within the ecosystem, and then that value is shared with our ecosystem partners, mentors, investors and startups” stated Dr. Madhu, ecstatically. With a state-of-the-art incubation space of over 15,000 sq. ft located at just 1km distance from Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Chandigarh, the start-up family of Chitkara has 53 dynamic tech startups. These startups actively engage with each other to share their success stories, failure lessons and sometimes, give rise to long-lasting friendships.
Lastly, since CBS is a big part of more than 150 international partnerships ranging from study abroad programs, student exchange programs, and so on, the b-school has proven itself as a strong on-campus recruitment. From laying the seeds to harvesting the fruit, CBS always stays side-by-side with their students, helping them maintain intensive focus, guiding them through every step they take and in the end, giving a final push helping them take a successful leap into this huge world, ready to take over whatever comes their way with ease and confidence.

Dr. Madhu Chitkara – Pro-Chancellor
One of the co-founders of the Chitkara Educational Trust, Dr. Madhu Chitkara is an eminent academician and an innovative entrepreneur. She has articulated and designed the road map for the trust and has actively contributed to its tremendous growth and recognition in all these years and continues to spread the light of education in the life of tens of thousands of people. With a passion for academics and great business acumen, she has had a diversified career and varied experience in the field of education spanning almost four decades. Knowledgeable, focused and a strategic leader, Dr. Madhu Chitkara has adeptly managed numerous academic ventures and remains a true leader who ‘leads by example’ – is warm, sincere, and always willing to walk the extra mile to deliver on her promises. Her support to several Humanitarian causes, in association with various NGOs, is indeed a tribute to her philanthropic nature, zest for life and desire to transform other’s lives for the better, pushes her forward towards her dream of bringing a positive change to society.