Ebenezer Group of Institutions – A Revolutionary Way of Educating


The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has drastically disrupted every aspect of human life including education. It has created an unprecedented test on education. In many educational institutions around the world, campuses are closed, and teaching-learning has moved online. Internationalization has slowed down considerably.  Also considering the current situation in India, about 32 crore learners stopped moving schools/colleges and all educational activities were brought to an end. Despite all these challenges,  the  Higher Education Institutions of our country, have reacted positively and managed to ensure the continuity of teaching-learning, research, and service to the society, irrespective of the scene outside, utilizing the right tools and techniques. Highlighting one such education stalwart, who has been known for its seamless educational services during the crisis, and way before that – Ebenezer Group of Institutions, has become an epitome of new modes of learning, new perspectives, well-directed towards a new tomorrow.

Staying completely in-sync with the post-Covid trends and developments, and yet allowing individual development at all their campuses, 2 decades of impressive track record rests on the able shoulders of the Ebenezer Group, right on the pursuit of imparting exceptional knowledge. The group’s holistic approach when it comes to nurturing students is what makes it stand apart from the other hubs of education across Karnataka and India, in turn, promoting a sense of belonging and ensuring that an environment of opportunities prevails across every nook and corner of the campuses. Not only emphasizing the academic development of their students, but also giving equal importance to physical, mental, and spiritual health, better networks are fostered at Ebenezer Group, which help everyone in their future endeavors.

With experienced academicians like Mr. Sanjeev Chincholi, the chairman, Pankoj Roy, the Executive Director, and Mr. Lophy Vellara, the CEO, heading the parade of the Ebenezer Group, it is ensured that at Ebenezer – education is a combination of learning and fun. Also, believing thoroughly in the fact that – Seeking knowledge without skill-training isn’t enough, students are made to realize and work towards their dreams, providing them with global platforms in their path towards success and happiness. Basing the whole atmosphere on what the students love the most, they are further guided into training, keeping a thorough track of where they stand in their journey towards a rewarding career and a future. In addition to all the efforts put in by the management, the group also provides world-class amenities and facilities to the students, making sure that efficient learning and practical training takes place, pushing them towards setting a firm foundation for themselves well-rehearsed and well-capable for the real professional world outside.

A journey towards excellence

“Each student is different and unlike other institutions, we’re focused on sharpening their talents and giving them direction”, stated – Mr. Sanjeev Chincholi, who along with serving the Ebenezer Group as the chairman, also functions as the main voice of the group, working relentlessly towards shaping young minds through quality education, day in and day out. Taking time out of his busy schedule, and helping us understand how the Ebenezer Group has primarily understood their strengths and weaknesses and how the group is passionate about creating professionals of tomorrow, Mr. Sanjeev, took us on a virtual tour of the whole ethos present at the group. Adding to his earlier statement, he stated – “To us, every single student is important no matter if they are sharp or dull, brilliant or slow and that is what differentiates us”.

Striving on a very unique approach when it comes to dealing with students and boosting their confidence levels to outperform on all fronts, the group is a staunch believer that – each student comes with god gifted power, and all are unique in their own way. Acting as literal cherries on the cake, which is the Ebenezer Group – the teachers, help the environment get converted into a haven of opportunities, where students willingly participate, thus, resulting in strong teacher-student relationships. Also, having the most sporty individuals as the esteemed onboard faculty, the teachers are assigned with student responsibility roles along with important institutional tasks, that help the students and the teachers better their capabilities, in turn, becoming more responsible towards their work. Furthermore, with more than 5000+ students and 1000+ teaching & non-teaching staff, the Ebenezer Group has proved all its critics wrong, as the whole empire of Ebenezer has developed into a large educational campus with 15+ institutions catering to diverse fields of education such as management, pharmacy, nursing, paramedics, and education in nearly two decades.

All thanks to the highly skilled and experienced teaching faculty present at all the institutions of the group, industry-level guidance along with experimental and experiential learning are imparted to all the students, dedicating a strong system of assistance catering to everyone’s distinctive needs. Irrespective of the background one comes from or the times of crisis the world is facing, students at Ebenezer are never deprived of academic assistance, also, always taking care of their emotional health, especially during these times of high uncertainty and turmoil, revolving around the lives of many students. Additionally, in order to inculcate a value of adaptability and persistence in students, mentoring sessions and practical training have become a norm at the group, constantly, helping students become employable individuals, in this ever-so-competitive world, we are currently a part of.

Holistic development – one student at a time

Being a place that hosts courses and programs across all the major fields/streams of education, the Ebenezer Group has always tried its best, to add a tinge of uniqueness to every program hosted by them. From converting a plain B.Com course to a course added with the awesomeness of Transport & Logistics to transforming a regular BCA course into an industry-relevant program combined with subjects like DBMS, Data Structures and so on, students have always relished the possibilities of learning from the best, using high-end equipment which gives them a unique insight into the real-world. Apart from this, the Ebenezer Group also gives students a push to attend workshops and visit industrial sites on a regular basis, which helps them understand their subjects better, staying on-track with a well-disciplined curriculum curated on the campus, which is designed to stay in-line with the industry standards and demands.

“A Campus Placement may be able to place you once, but efficient training will ensure that you’re placed in a rewarding career throughout your lifetime”, quoted – Mr. Sanjeev, enunciating about the mantra of the group regarding the importance of converting students into employable individuals. He added to this above statement, by saying – “We believe placement training is as important as the university classes and that is why we made placement training a part of our daily timetable”. Working together towards a common goal of a successful future, students are trained to be adaptable to hurdles and obstacles that may come their way, not just in defense, but in turning crisis scenarios into effective solutions and opportunities, that come out of the most difficult situations.

All in all, the pandemic having wrecked immense chaos to the educational system worldwide, the Ebenezer Group learned from the situation and improvised and adapted to new ways of teaching-learning. Moreover, by motivating the teaching faculty to improvise their teaching methods and make learning effective, the institution has taken steps to curb mental health issues that have been caused as a result of the pandemic, through activities, webinars, and counseling sessions involving students and teachers. Lastly, with regards to future admissions and education, the Ebenezer Group has taken necessary precautions and seems totally motivated to adapt to the new normal, striving effortlessly on the motto of – The need of the present age is not just academics but holistic development.

Mr. Sanjeev Chincholi – Chairman

Son of Mr. J. T Chincholi, and a person with a very strong academic background, he completed his B. Pharm from C. N. K. Reddy College of Pharmacy and went on to pursue his M.Pharm from Dr. M. G. R. University – Bangalore. To further his dream of shaping young minds through quality education, in the year 2002, he founded the Srinivasa College of Pharmacy and Indra Priyadharshini College of Nursing, which endowed sharp business acumen, and a balanced outlook.

“Saturate your mind with success and success will automatically come to you”

His current possession of the chairmanship of four major groups of educational institutions, namely, Bangalore Group of Institutions, Sarojini Group of Institutions, Diana Group of Institutions, and Ebenezer Group of Institutions, and his future endeavors which include the Multi-specialty Hospital and Bangalore College of Ayurvedic Science is the best example for his above-quoted statement.