Greenwood High


In the dynamic landscape of education in Bangalore, a city that thrives on a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, certain institutions stand out as pioneers in delivering a comprehensive and globally oriented learning experience. One such beacon is Greenwood High International School. Recognized for its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and holistic development, Greenwood High has carved a niche for itself among the elite ranks of international schools in India.

Notably, Greenwood High has earned acclaim beyond its local reputation. In a testament to its exceptional contributions to education, the school has been shortlisted for the prestigious title of Outstanding International School of the Year 2023. This accolade not only underscores the institution’s dedication to excellence but also positions it at the forefront of educational institutions making a remarkable impact on the national stage.

Led by Chairman Mr. Bijay Agarwal since 2004, Greenwood High provides world-class education, fostering free-thinking, socially responsible students. Managing Trustee Mrs. Niru Agarwal, an educationist and visionary leader, sets benchmarks in education. Contributing to the institution’s success are Managing Director Mr. Manas Mehrotra, with a passion for unique educational approaches, and former banker Mr. Jagannath, lending financial acumen. Ms. Adrija Agarwal, the youngest trustee brings a fresh perspective. Recent trustee addition is Mr. Pradyumna Kumar Mishra, who is associated with Salarpuria Sattva Group. Together, this dynamic leadership propels Greenwood High’s reputation for excellence.

Nurturing Excellence through Knowledge-Centric Education

Greenwood High International School distinguishes itself through a commitment to its motto, “rooted in knowledge.” In a contemporary context where academic rigor and a genuine thirst for profound knowledge are increasingly scarce, the school embodies its guiding principle by placing knowledge at the core of its actions. Each initiative, execution, and propagation undertaken by Greenwood High stems from thorough research spanning traditional and contemporary knowledge bases, as well as diverse perspectives. The school’s exceptional outcomes, including the attainment of world toppers in the IGCSE and IBDP programs, underscore the breadth of knowledge areas explored by its students. Notably, the institution stands out for its environmental initiatives within its expansive green campus, as well as the remarkable achievements of students in sports and arts, facilitated by state-of-the-art facilities.

The strength and success of these initiatives find substantial support from an engaged and educated parent community that appreciates the purpose, rigor, and diversity inherent in Greenwood High’s approach. At the academic forefront, a key strategy involves breaking down learning, activities, and assessments into manageable tasks before presenting the larger picture, fostering a culture of continuous learning. Students are encouraged to set their own academic goals, with teachers wholeheartedly supporting them in achieving these objectives both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The school places a strong emphasis on constant monitoring and providing additional attention to students falling below their self-set goals, ensuring personalized support. Another notable aspect is the active involvement of senior students, who share their experiences and mentor junior students, contributing to the collective pursuit of higher educational standards each year. Most of the school’s initiatives are student-driven, with supervision and guidance from teachers, facilitating experiential learning in leadership and organization. This approach allows students to learn from their mistakes, reflect upon them, and achieve success beyond their imagination, especially at inter school events that draw participation from over a thousand students.

Redefining Global Excellence

Greenwood High International School is known for its IB Diploma and the IGCSE program, placing a relentless focus on academic excellence across all stages of education. The school has crafted an independent international curriculum for primary and middle school, integrating best practices worldwide in skills, approaches, concepts, interdisciplinarity, assessments, and applications. Embracing this global curriculum, students hailing from diverse corners of the world find a seamless transition, maintaining academic rigor even as they move on to schools worldwide. The teaching and learning contexts, enriched with case studies, literature, examples, and methods from different parts of the globe, contribute to this global adaptability.

Greenwood High’s commitment to excellence is further evident in the continuous professional development of its teachers, engaging in weekly sessions that focus on diverse and effective teaching methodologies to sustain student interest. The principle of autonomy with accountability granted to each department empowers experts to design and implement a curriculum tailored to unique student needs, garnering accolades in the field of education for its quality and methodology.

In addition to core science and humanities subjects, Greenwood High offers a diverse array of subjects encompassing arts, music, theater, design, and the environment. This comprehensive approach fosters an extensive range of co-curricular activities, giving students a broader purpose in connecting theoretical studies with practical applications and the joy of learning. The school encourages students to initiate extracurricular activities aligned with their interests, with robust support from teachers.

Noteworthy initiatives, such as the Future Medical Professionals Club, collaborate with alumni, parents, and experts to provide a balanced and well-rounded educational experience. Greenwood High’s students, inspired by these opportunities, design community service and learning initiatives that reflect their enriched experiences, solidifying the school’s reputation for holistic education.

Empowering Futures

Greenwood High continues its commitment to excellence by extending its international curriculum to the Bannerghatta Campus in South Bangalore, thereby providing a platform for numerous aspirants seeking rigorous and diverse quality education. The school’s dedication is evident in its existing offering of a broad spectrum of languages and subjects, offering students ample opportunities to tailor their education to their aspirations and choices. Emphasizing holistic development, Greenwood High remains steadfast in delivering quality physical and emotional health programs and support systems, ensuring that students are not only well-prepared to collaborate with others but also thrive in competitive scenarios.

In nurturing a sense of global citizenship, the school has motivated numerous students to embark on impactful community projects at local, national, and international levels, giving back to the world that has supported them. Recent success stories highlight the remarkable achievements of students like Shloka Ashok, a recipient of the globally prestigious Diana Award for her outstanding contributions to social action and humanitarian efforts. Prajwal Reddy’s creation of a Kannada learning App, lauded by the Government of Karnataka, and Riana Kapoor’s invitation to present her social initiative on women’s empowerment at the United Nations are shining examples of the school’s commitment to fostering innovative minds.