IIHMR Bangalore – Pioneering a New-age of Educational Excellence


As future business leaders it’s your responsibility to make sure lessons have been learned and your cluster is crisis-proof. Also, considering the current situation, it looks like the ongoing turbulence is not going away anytime soon, and the need for capable shoulders is at an all-time high. As generalists you are needed to prove that you can support people more effectively and do a better job as business experts, whenever needed. Focusing on constructive outcomes, and helping people understand your decisions and letting them know why things were done as they were, managers of tomorrow have to acknowledge that high levels of uncertainty are revolving around us, and thus, as a team it’s always necessary to outperform on all fronts. Thereby, addressing today’s issues thoroughly and proving itself as an example institute which gives back to society – managers the world needs right now, IIHMR Bangalore continues on its legacy of over a decade, imparting quality Health and Hospital Management education to the masses.

Operating as a premier Institute for Hospital and Health management education in South India, IIHMR was previously known as the Indian Institute of Health Management Research. A haven for training and research activities, the campus is situated in Silicon Valley at Electronic City Phase -1 surrounded by organizations like Wipro, HP, Infosys, and many others leading IT and allied companies, which help students get a real world view of the world they are trying to get in. Founded under the vast umbrella of IIHMR Group of Institutions, IIHMR Bangalore offers an AICTE approved 2-year full-time PGDM program, which combines subjects of Hospital, Health & Technology management. The course which is designed and updated regularly by industry experts is aimed towards meeting the industry needs and demands and converting students into Healthcare Industry professionals.

Short term training programs are also available at IIHMR, such as – effective hospital management, healthcare leadership and much-customized training for hospital and healthcare organizations, which is curated especially for working professionals, who want to improve their existing skill sets. Additionally, being among the 1st educational institute in India to be accredited by NABET as Hospital and healthcare consultant organization for NABH standards, IIHMR, Bangalore as a leader and consultant in hospital and health management; is now helping fellow hospitals and healthcare organizations to get NABH certification of QCI (Quality Council of India).

Towards being future-ready
A haven for multidisciplinary activities and engagement, students find role models in their very own teachers at IIHMR Bangalore. Endorsing teaching, which is interactive, supportive, challenging through and through, the pedagogy taught on the campus, is well in sync with the 21st century needs and demands. Moving away from the primitive lecture-based classrooms, interaction is the key to learning at the esteemed institute, which fosters diversity and multiculturalism. Furthermore, addressing all of today’s issues and thereby, training students to overcome problems in public health, digital health, pharma management and so on, the industry-oriented programs at IIHMR Bangalore are for the future-ready individuals, pushing each student to carve their niches in the various areas of Public Health & Hospital Management.

Also, while seeking a professional career, it is pretty evident that – having links to professional associations and the industry, can give you a head start concerning resource availability and land you a job. Thus, IIHMR Bangalore has crafted itself into a hub which has the best of industry connections. Facilitating all the students with enough knowledge about their future careers, positions and trends in the healthcare management and administration sectors, top industry experts regularly visit the institute imparting the much-needed advice as the most apt career guides.

Progressing each day with dedicated efforts of improving the existing standards of health through better management of healthcare and related programs, the institute seeks to accomplish this through management research, training, consultation, and institutional networking. Moreover, adapting a total global perspective, IIHMR Bangalore goes beyond its consistent efforts, collaborating with renowned National and International Healthcare Organizations and Academic Institutions, signing consistent MOUs with many of them.

An epitome of interdisciplinary research, at IIHMR Bangalore many ongoing research projects are slowly being turned into worthy concepts and commodities. From getting involved with India Health Systems Collaborative (IIHSC), to assess ASHA worker’s contribution in the current healthcare system in Karnataka to pairing with ICMR, New Delhi, to work towards improving the health care access and quality among scheduled tribes of Tumkur, Karnataka, and many more such initiatives, IIHMR Bangalore has turned itself into a research geek’s paradise. Along with having strong philanthropic goals to the ongoing research endeavors, the additional motives also guide students to realize the current times of turmoil and uncertainty, and motivate them to work rigorously bettering the society, one step at a time. Students also readily engage in activities such as health camps, low-cost nutrition food preparation workshops for women, competitions for children, and exposure visits for adolescents, realizing their duties as responsible citizens of India.

“This year we had to work double hard due to the pandemic, where we successfully organized virtual internships, near live-classroom experiences, and webinars of COVID-19 preparedness”, stated – Dr. Usha Manjunath, the director of the institute. Talking about how IIHMR Bangalore effortlessly overcame the pandemic and the challenges that came along with it, the institute boasts of providing new opportunities to its scholars, preaching sound technical knowledge and essential managerial skills. Adding to her above statement, and summing the whole virtual tour of IIHMR Bangalore, Dr. Usha stated – “Poised and adamant about our legacy, as one we envision towards becoming a leading healthcare management institution in the near future, working in the favor of the country, and making its mark as a credible source of contribution to rely on”.

Dr. Usha Manjunath
A serving Professor and Director at IIHMR Bangalore, Dr. Usha Manjunath’s education includes M.Sc. Speech & Hearing from AIISH, Mysore and M.Phil. (Hospital and Health System Management) and Ph.D. in Management from BITS, Pilani. She holds a certificate on ‘Strategic Leadership and Management in Healthcare’ 2012 by IIHMR, Delhi and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is trained in Implementation of NABH Standards for Hospitals in June 2019 by NABH/Quality Council of India. Also, she has a unique experience in allied health/disability, communication, entrepreneurship, general and health system management research/academics. Thereby, carrying forward her 13 years of credible experience as a Speech and Audiology professional with a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in Speech Pathology, she has worked in various organizations including NGOs, Schools and Hospitals in India and USA, and looks forward to continue on the same path.