Insights Academy- Consolidating a Versatile Method of Teaching


While the K12 schools have been moving toward digital teaching and learning for many years, COVID-19 has undoubtedly accelerated the progress. The rapid move to remote online learning at the onset of the pandemic is an experience that most school and district administrations would not want to relive. However, the results will have a lasting positive impact on their teachers, students and parents, making  digital instructions to be considered quite helpful  for K-12 schools. Despite the overwhelming consequences of the pandemic, this global crisis was viewed as an extraordinary time for learning by Insight Academy. The school perceived it more as an opportunity than a problem. Being a pre-school, digital learning was not an unexplored arena. Hence, the school focused on making the online learning experiences more engaging and exciting for the students.

Insight Academy was formed by a group of visionary educationalists with the intention of making a difference to society. Established on August 15, 2007, with the noble idea of providing “Quality Education for All” , the school has stuck to its motive. With the vision to provide quality education for all manifested itself into reality in the premises of Insight Academy. The school aims to direct the development of education to realize the immense nation building aptitudes and attitudes by utilizing the potential of aptly trained teachers. Insight Academy believes education is not just a classroom affair, but it spreads over in myriad directions to provide learning in a child-friendly environment with no stress on confined syllabi or the examination.
The school functions on the objectives to instill a strong academic base in a secular, cross-cultural and a diversified environment, provide quality education that prepares the student for life, ensuring the holistic development, provide students with a positive, stimulating environment that encourages the fulfilment of individual potential & growth of self-esteem in academic, social, and personal areas. Insights Academy stands tall away from the hustle and bustle, wedged between the peaceful neighbourhood of ISRO Layout and the lush green mango grooves of South Bangalore making it the perfect place to learn amidst serenity and absolute peace.

Learning Environment for Young Minds
Insight Academy has a team of experts that ensures education here is not limited to the 3 R’s – reading , writing and arithmetic, but also involves the all round development of a student’s personality and character in terms of body, mind and spirit. The teachers receive training on topics including pedagogical approaches and evidence-based teaching strategies to promote pupil learning. Education at Insight Academy is all about channelizing ‘Good Learning’ not only in academics but also in the social, emotional, cognitive and physical developmental domains. The school’s academic environment is constructed such that children are able to develop their knowledge and interest in the areas of their intelligence through conscious appreciation of their individual strength.

Students at Insight Academy are expected to be independent thinkers, aware of their individual intelligence, develop first class critical reading, writing and analysis skills, be self-motivated and self-driven through a genuine love of the subject and not only by external rewards. The school ensures students to be aware of their peers’ weaknesses and strengths and be able to develop an understanding for them. Humility and understanding of each other’s cultural backgrounds and religions is a crucial aspect of academic and wider life at Insight academy. On building the confidence among the students Ms. May Ruth D’Souza, Principal states- “We make sure that every child walks out of the school in confidence and we don’t believe in selection. Along with that, the bonding between the student and teacher is very important to us, every individual child is provided with utmost attention and care at Insights Academy”.

Moving Forward With a Vision
In addition to the academics, the school provides swimming classes, football, basketball and many other aquatic sports too. The school holds a record of students getting selected for International and National level games. Insight Academy gives equal amounts of importance to the sports as well as the academics keeping in mind the holistic approach of child development. “We believe that sports play a very important role in attracting the child towards the school, we provide unique sports and games for their development outside the classroom”. States Ms. May Ruth D’Souza, Principal on providing extra co-curricular activities to the students.
Insight Academy boasts about the IT enabled infrastructure for the convenience of the students in the school. However, the teachers have been fully trained to conduct online classes even from their home with the internet connectivity. The teachers receive really good appreciation from the parents for functioning so well amidst the pandemic. Before the introduction of NEP 2020, the school proudly claimed to follow the similar guidelines as NEP. The teachers at Insights Academy are facilitated with updated training programs and webinars from time to time in order to parallely grow along with the students in the profession.