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Students who leave the gates of a school treasure in their hearts not textbooks and exams, but life values and a moral compass that points north. To shape students who are grounded, balanced, courageous, independent, and have a strong sense of morality and duty, the school itself must imbibe these values at its core. There is no one better than New Pratham Public School when it comes to installing philanthropic values and morals. Established in the year 18th of April 2010, founded and managed by the Sree Venkateshwara Group of Companies, New Pratham Public School is a prime institution providing state of the art learning facilities with a commitment towards excellence in the field of education. Also, progressing on the path of nurturing the talents of students and moulding them to develop dynamic personalities with a number of well organized and systematically planned programmes and projects which are implemented effectively, New Pratham Public School is today’s Co-education English medium school, that preaches progressiveness.

Dedicated to all round development of the child in an atmosphere of love, respect and affection for all, New Pratham Public School Located at Pai Layout, K.R Puram – Bengaluru aims at providing quality education at affordable fees with a concept of  NO DONATION. New Pratham Public School boasts of imparting unique facilities for its students like Children Gymnasium, Cricket Bowling Machine, Indoor Sports activity, Mini Pool, A/C Class Room etc, while endeavouring to instill self discipline in the children and develop self-confidence in them, in turn, helping them to be true citizens of our country. The pattern of  education of the school is child and activity-oriented, where the school is guided by the motto – ‘The Path of Knowledge’ inspires the students as they enter the threshold which is planned and laid to bring out their best endeavour as they nurture the child’s talent for a smooth and pleasant path in the journey to success. 

The New Pratham Public School provides the best teaching facilities along with the best infrastructure such as Computer lab, Library, Smart Boards, Science Lab, Art and craft, Yoga, Karate, Indoor Sports Activity Centre, Children Gym, International Cricket Bowling Machine and Mini Pool have been incorporated. NPPS conducts co-curricular activities weekly and  also provides a safe, clean, hygienic atmosphere to foster perfect health and the modern classes are well-equipped with AC facilities. 

A Blend of Academics and Co-curriculars 

New Pratham Public School gives importance to improve communication skills and aptly moulds young minds for their bright future. Along with that, assessment of skill, talent and ability of each and every child is periodically done. Ample score is entrusted to physical, mental, moral & sociological development of a child which leads to integrated personality setting the hallmark. New Pratham School is a prime institution providing  state of the art learning facilities with a commitment towards excellence in the field of education. NPPS nurtures the talents of the students and moulds them to develop a dynamic personality with a number of well-organized and systematically planned programmes and projects which are implemented effectively in this Co-education english medium progressive school. 

CBSE based New Pratham Public School focuses on not only the academic performance of a student but also  the mental health of the students. The school provides an open access to the counselors for discussing anything sort of issues in their life may be related to academics or any personal issue. The counselors and the vice-principal are always ready to help the students through any stress in their lives. The pandemic has taken a huge toll on everyone’s mental health but the childrens are the most affected ones, spending their colorful childhood inside four-walls is a huge shift in their lifestyle too. Therefore, NPPS completely understands this and provides a helping hand to the students to express any difficulty that they are facing.  

The classes at New Pratham Public School post covid were functioned completely online, but now a combination of online and offline classes have been conducted. “We have gotten into agreement wherein the books are merged into an app, everything has been given to the child in the form of an app, it makes it easy for teachers and parents to keep a track of screen time of the students”, stated Dr. S G Prakash Rao Sathe, the Chairman of New Pratham Public School on the functioning of the classes post covid. Talking to us and our fellow readers on how to run an effective gen-z school of today, the Chairman and the Managing Trustee – P Neetha Sathe, took us on a virtual tour of the school and explained in detail the whole working ethos present on campus. 

Adding to the above statement made by the Chairman, Dr. Neetha Sathe stated – ”We have made all the children perform on Independence day, pushing towards equal participation of the child, where all of us are doing our maximum so that every child doesn’t miss on academic growth as well the co-curriculum activities as a part of their overall growth”. Also, through the conversation we learnt that the school organizes creative co-curriculum activities for the students such as color day, vegetable day, fruit day, rainbow day etc, along with organizing the Annual Day and the Science Project Day known as  “Pratham Talent Utsav” wherein the child gets exposed to the other subjects and gets the vast knowledge of it. 

All in all, always focusing on providing more practical knowledge over textbook knowledge, and believing the child actually gets the hold of it, the advanced science labs in the school gives the students real time experience around the materials to perform experiments. The yoga and physical activities sessions are conducted online, where the students are informed prior to the session so that they can join the class in comfortable clothes and perform such activities. Additionally,  the technology initiatives enable all the teachers to utilize technology to connect with students easily during the pandemic. Each teacher maintains their assignments, notes created in Application format launched by the school that can be easily accessed by parents and students. Two Applications are maintained by the school exclusively, an hybrid approach of Online & Offline Classes are enabled, where the parents can track their child performance , along with a tap on their day to day activity with a 360° approach towards developing the child, even through these tough times, continuing on the path of relentless learning. 

Dr. S G Prakash Rao Sathe – Chairman, New Pratham Public School

A philanthropist who is known for his explicit work towards promoting a better society, Dr. Sathe is a man of diverse talent whose vision is the reason behind the successful approach towards the SVGC. He is the force behind a successful business empire, and has been honored with several national level awards, including – THE BHARAT RATNA AWARD, the Doctorate Award, apart from proudly recognized for the best and highest sellers of fuel for the last 20 years. He was also Awarded, the Times Best RESTAURATEUR AWARD, he strives to be that man who believes in encouraging and giving opportunity to each and every child as every child is exceptional. 

Dr. Neetha Sathe – Managing Trustee, New Pratham Public School

Dr. Neetha Sathe is a young educationalist and energetic entrepreneur who seeks to foster young talent and natural women empowerment. Dr. Neetha Sathe inspires her students to be nothing but the best and motivates them to develop holistically, to boost their career to be future leaders, in an environment where learning is fun. She has been awarded the Doctorate Award by Rajamatha her Excellency Pramodini Devi. She was also conferred with the honor of THE TIMES OF 40 UNDER 40 ACHIEVERS AWARD BY SHRI. ANUPAM KHER. She is a patron who believes in cultivating a competitive spirit in her teachers and students to choose a path and move in the right direction to achieve success.

New Pratham Public School