KiiT International School – Providing Well-Rounded Education


2021 has provided a window of opportunities to go through transformational changes in the schooling system. It has also reinforced the truth that the role of a ‘teacher’ is crucial for the system to succeed. Embracing technology, schools have been using strategies to help children become independent learners, with teachers graduating to the role of facilitators rather than instruction givers. Thereby, operating on the lines of driving innovation-filled teaching/learning to new heights, Kalinga International School (KIS) has gradually become that school, which combines classroom-based and online learning to provide a continuum of educational experiences that help define a learning path for students.

Based out of Aya Nagar – Delhi, the school is preparing towards the future, focusing on theoretical knowledge supported by practical implementation to develop competencies within every child. Also, promoting learning beyond classrooms and through laboratory experiments, study tours, small projects and assignments, the IB pedagogy followed at KIS revolves around the ‘inquiry-action-reflection’ and the same by inspiring students to become self-disciplined, who are active thinkers & risk takers.

The school provides a good IT-infrastructure for the students, with easy access to an e-library, where they can read different journals and books. Integrated digitized tools like Olabs, Augmented reality, Simulations, App based educational quizzes (Kahoot), Digital Storytelling interface (Story bird) are available too, along with a LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM through which a regular track is kept on home assignment, assessment & class attendance. KiiT International School is featured on the cover of the Magazine – The Academic Insights, in their latest edition – Outstanding Schools of the Year 2021. Admissions are now open for the school.

A Journey of Chasing Excellence
A school that focuses on dedicated learning for all, KIS redefines educational excellence, via epitomizing a reflective journey within each child that helps them to work hard to keep pushing boundaries to realize their potential. By creating diverse yet interconnected experiences for children where knowledge creation occurs at the intersection of these experiences, every activity in school life plays a significant role in the holistic development, whereas, the co-curricular activities help in enhancing the learning process.

“Co-curricular (cultural) activities are important for every student to participate in and are designed and balanced with the academic curriculum, so that all the students get the learning experience beyond the subject”, shares Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, the Chairperson of the school. Adding to her above statement, Dr. Mona List stated – “Apart from the cultural activities and classes, various programs in the digital mode have been organized to enhance the holistic development of students, such as, observation of important days, celebration of different festivals, school programs and storytelling sessions through puppetry”. Taking us on a virtual tour of the school, the chairperson helped us and our fellow readers get a real gist of what Kalinga International School really stands for, and answered all the questions addressed to her.

Through the conversation we also learnt that the hurdles which came along with the COVID-pandemic were effortlessly overcome by moving to the online platforms, where the whole team worked together as one big unit. Teachers adopted video mode for teaching, and online classes were organized on zoom and skype, linking it to Managebac, an IB School learning platform, along with keeping recordings ready for the students. Kalinga also tries its best to take all its stakeholders along with it on the journey towards educational excellence. And the fact that the institution’s orientation meetings with the parents precisely address the need for nurturing through creating an appropriate environment at home, motivating all the parents to play a vital role in the development of their respective wards, while also ensuring all the school operations are transparent and open to parents, is an open example of how to run a today’s school, in these times of high uncertainty.

Furthermore, emphasising on the equity in education as the foundational building block of KIS, every teacher at the school is treated as an equal and specific job roles and responsibilities are assigned based on their areas of expertise. Be it the curriculum, pedagogy development or knowledge imparting sessions, all the programs hosted by KIS are a thorough combination of emerging research in psychology, neuroscience, and latest tech, where the teachers function as the flag bearers of excellence. Teachers are also encouraged to take ownership of their development and training, while undergoing scientific assessments to understand their strengths while experienced leadership coaches provide the orientation, to each one of them, to interpret their respective results. All in all, it is evident that the overall intuitive yet inclusive environment existing across the campus of Kalinga International School has been creating leaders yesterday, and will continue on this pursuit tomorrow, ready to guide students, towards a successful future.

Dr. Mona Lisa Bal – Chairperson
An empowering leader, a zealous educationist with rich academic and administrative experience offering an illustrious career in educational research, Dr. Mona Lisa Bal was recently conferred with the Mahatma Gandhi leadership award from the NRI welfare society in the House of Commons of Parliament in London. She was honored with the prestigious “Emerging Leader” award at Leadership Excellence Award 2019, Thailand, an initiative by Meccademia Education Group. She has graduated in Political Science with honors from Calcutta University and Postgraduate from Utkal University. She also did her Doctorate in “Effective Learning in a Joyful Environment”, culminating into publication of a pioneering book “Transformation in the Pedagogy of Education in India”. She intends to take her passion in primary education forward by making an insightful foray into the Higher Education Sector where she has already contributed twenty-nine articles in internationally reputed educational journals like IOSR, IJARSE, British Journal of Education & World Journal of Educational Research.