Little Kingdom School


Every child is different in his or her own way, which is indeed the most beautiful aspect about them. Embracing the deepest nuances of this theory, Tirupur-based Little Kingdom School ensures that every child’s innate talent is brought out by its team of dedicated teachers from time to time. The biggest strength of the school is that most of the students and teachers have been travelling for years together, thereby learning, and helping each other grow. Especially, the teachers at this school know their students very well as they have been with them for a period of 2.5 to 17+ years. In fact, the biggest encouragement a student can get during schooling is to know what his/her innate strength is and that’s what Little Kingdom School has mastered in! 

Little Kingdom School silhouettes as the first CBSE school in Tirupur that has started catering to the toddlers in the year 1999. As years went by, the school upgraded to a Senior Secondary School with classes from Playgroup to XII standard. Situated in a calm and serene environment conducive for learning, the school is run by Deepam Trust – a group of eminent educationalists who churn their ideas and methodologies to ignite the learning temper in the students. All the members of the trust are either retired headmasters or teachers who have given yeomen service to the society. 

The school has witnessed many district toppers in class XII for many consecutive years. What makes the class XII unique is the subject combinations offered so that the students can experience a lot of new subjects during their school career itself. One of those subjects is Finance Markets Management where students learn about stock exchange, bonds and also trade using virtual money. Since Tirupur is a business hub and most of the students end up into business, this early initiation gives them lots of confidence to take their parents’ business legacies to greater heights.

Teaching Par Excellence

One of the best teaching strategies followed at Little Kingdom School is flipped classroom wherein students are made to go through the content before the teacher takes the lesson. This method helps the teacher to be more focused and prepare more notes as the student has already read the content and shares with the class. A few other methods include hybrid method (online & offline) during the pandemic, Socrates method for the lower & middle schools which involves teaching the student “The art of questioning”, art integrated learning for the middle & secondary schools wherein Maths is integrated with Social, Science with English, and Social with Language, and hands-on learning for Science & Maths.

During the passing out ceremony every year, the teacher of each grade passes the inputs of each and every child to the next grade’s teacher and in the process, the new teacher is well-versed about the students she is about to handle for the next one year. As this continues for nearly 14 years, the student is groomed into a wonderful human being who knows his/her strengths and gets into the best of courses.

To bring in the leadership quality among students, Youth Parliament sessions in collaboration with the Ministry of Parliamentary affairs are organized. The students fight for the rights of the states assigned to them and in the process, read a lot, gain knowledge of the problems in each state, and also come up with beautiful solutions. This process indeed helps them in standing up for their rights and also becoming a morally upright citizen.

Students are also regularly taken to field trips including sugarcane fields, newspaper printing press, historic monuments, where they can practically explore various processes learnt in the books. They participate in the science exhibitions conducted by the CBSE and inter-school competitions, learn lots of calculations by visiting companies and markets, and learn the art of accounting which involves owning a piggy bank to make them save money at a young age. 

Parents – The Backbones!

Parents stand out as the biggest source of strength for the students at the school, who are active participants in their learning process. During the pandemic, the management had frequent talks with the parents to know about their difficulties and also the learning process of their children. Besides, the management makes it a point to meet the parents of all classes at least 3 times a year to answer their queries and take their complaints as suggestions to give them the best solutions. Lots of parenting tips are given to the parents while they stay thankful for the recommendations given by the management. 

In addition, the school sends a questionnaire to the parents every year asking about the learning process, cleanliness, safety, and security of the child. Once feedback is received, the school sits as a team and finds out the loopholes if any and rectifies them immediately. This helped the school to instil positivity in parents as they feel heard in the system.

No wonder, Little Kingdom School was bestowed with multiple awards such as “Best School from Podhigai Channel”, “Best School from Raj TV”, “Academic Excellence from Coimbatore”, “Dynamic School from Education Today”, “Best CBSE School city-wise from Education Today”, and many others. Currently, Little Kingdom School has implemented a well-designed NEP 2020 plan across its curriculum. Its future plans include becoming a part of exchange programmes within the country and also abroad and reaching out to schools in Northeast and the Northern parts of India. Besides starting musical classes for students from III to X, the school is planning to start flute classes for all students as music brings in lots of positivity, calmness, and a clear mind.